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Programming is not for everyone

A recent short film called "What Schools Don't teach" has aroused public concern. The central idea of the short film is "Everyone can program," and several prominent billionaires have been promoting the argument. (Incidentally, these rich people earn their money by hiring someone else to program, not by themselves.) A few days ago my brother came, he is a dream to get Rich Lord. He said to me: "I want to be like you, I want to program."   There is no doubt that he has seen the film. What I'm trying to say is that it's not a very reliable thing. Not everyone is fit to program (simple ...)

Why am I still programming in advanced age?

People will expect you to give up some of the real work, such as programming, as your age increases and your personal conditions are limited.   Move to a bigger task, such as managing a team or raising money. This is true in academia, where the "real professor" decides the details, leaving only the "things in the direction". In other words, the organization faces vertical collaboration: Top managers manage some (cheaper) employees in a parallel structure. In research institutions, senior scientists put forward ideas, and the task of junior scientists is to achieve these ideas. Over time, advanced science ...

The timing of job-hopping is the key to your career advancement

Absrtact: The timing of job-hopping is the key to your career improvement. You should consider job-hopping if you are faced with the following situations: unfair pay, being suppressed, not being taken seriously, not agreeing with the company's basic strategy or mode of operation, and being unable to move is the key to your career advancement. In general, you should consider job-hopping: unfair pay, suppressed, not appreciated, lack of recognition of the company's basic strategy or mode of operation, inability to change, poor relationship with supervisors or co-workers, inability to integrate into the public ...

Is seoer an awkward career?

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Seoer is the person who is engaged in SEO work, before many SEO practitioners like to use this name, It seems to sound more flavor, a joke just, before the author is so, in this industry has more than two years, gradually feel this career face bottlenecks. The old topic today I do not repeatedly long-winded, ...

The dignity and career prospects of web designers

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall many colleagues feel that the web designer is such a bleak prospect, the money is pessimistic. So it seems that the site designer, in everyone's mind has become a marginal career, think is a learned so-and-so software, have done graphic design can be competent for this position. In carrying this kind of social understanding at the same time, we still in not paragraph of stick to go on. Why so confused, why so cold. The first thing we can ask ourselves is, why is it that our marginal profession exists, and is our presence important?

Looking back on my hard online career

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall this year, I ran to Fushan to work in Fukuyama, my father and friend, for a living, because last year in Flextronics , know that I am not suitable for working life, more can not make money, because I used to spend money, in Flextronics a year, did not leave a penny, every month are borrowed money life, this year to work also verified my big hand ...

9 years experience sharing: SEO career several key bottlenecks

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall yesterday and a group of VP and Department director to communicate some about SEO development and bottleneck problems, have a lot of feelings, today sorted out to share to everyone.   In fact, the topic of SEO bottleneck is not a year or two years, a lot of old people more and more confused, 9 years journey all the way, hoping to give you some inspiration. First SEO this career development bottleneck is the most important reason is the objective environment has changed, the so-called objective environment is Baidu. Baidu each algorithm update will make up for the past ...

Data scientist: The sexiest career of the 21st century

In 2006 Jonathan Goldman went to the business social networking site, LinkedIn, when LinkedIn was just a start-up, with fewer than 8 million registered people, but many members invited their friends and classmates to join, so the number of registrations increased rapidly. But it is not easy for users to find users who are already registered on the site, and the ratio does not meet the expectations of managers. Obviously, some social experiences are missing. As a LinkedIn manager says, it's like, when you get to the conference reception, you find someone ...

10 of behaviors that hinder the development of a programmer's career

Absrtact: Aaron Stannard is the CEO of New Markedup, who recently spent a lot of time hiring, evaluating, and collaborating with many different programmers. In the process, he discovered and summed up the reasons why 10 of programmers were unaware of their potential, in an attempt to make Aaron Stannard the CEO of Markedup, who recently spent a lot of time hiring, evaluating and collaborating with many different programmers. In the process, he discovered and summed up the reasons why 10 of programmers were unaware of their potential ...

China store long web site long network career sharing

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Remember 4 years ago I do not know what is called website and Web page, but the computer hardware and system is very familiar with. Forum How to post don't know, one day a friend and I said to get a movie forum after the flow can make money, then listen to also can and friends to do together. Buy space to buy the domain name Everything is good, who knows no skill ...

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