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Tangshan Port: Rapid throughput growth towards modern port

The new shares Tangshan port in the market after the first day below the price of the pain, the plate was once quickly pulled up, driving Yingkou port, Lianyungang and other port stocks gradually strengthened.  This is mainly by July China's main coastal port container throughput growth of 22% data to boost. Tangshan Port provides the main services are port handling, transportation, storage warehousing and other logistics business, the company since its establishment formed a steel, iron ore, coal three major cargo-oriented transport structure. The operating place of the company's port handling business is Tangshan Port Jingtang District, located in Tangshan Port economic development zone. 2009 three large goods species accounted for ...

Jiangsu Coastal Development and upgrading of port and new energy

Yesterday, Premier Wen Jiabao presided over the State Council executive meeting to discuss and adopt the principle of "Jiangsu Coastal Zone Development Plan", which marks the beginning of the 90 's Jiangsu coastal development strategy finally rose to the national strategic level. The meeting stressed that speeding up the development of coastal areas in Jiangsu should co-ordinate the development of urban and rural areas, land and sea, economy and society, adhere to scientific layout, reasonable division of labor, protect the environment and open cooperation. We should give full play to the comparative advantages, accelerate the construction of the Oriental bridgehead of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge and promote the rational exploitation and utilization of tidal flat resources in China.

Zhoushan Bridge diverted Ningbo Port cargo throughput growth slowdown

At the end of last year the official opening of the Zhoushan Sea-crossing bridge, but just from the financial crisis gradually recovered from the Ningbo port (601018.  SH) The increase in cargo throughput slowed down, as the roller-mounted buses that had been taking the waterway had mostly shifted to more recent roads.  "First financial daily" Yesterday from the Ningbo PMB learned that, since the December 2009 Zhoushan Sea-crossing bridge was opened to traffic, has been about 77% of the rolling passenger transport to the road, resulting in Ningbo port cargo throughput growth will be significantly slowed this year. data show that connecting Ningbo and Zhoushan Zhoushan Sea-crossing bridge ...

Did your server open the IIS80 port?

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall I am the webmaster of Chinese Medicine net, do portal website has two years, Also in A5 and share a lot of local portal experience, today continue to A5 this platform to share experience with you. This site I did from 2009, used 3 times server, but only the third time using the server to open the IIS80 port and see the meaning ...

From the Yongcheng information port to see the development of the first track of the local classification info station

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall This period we interview is the stationmaster of Yongcheng Harbor.   This interview, Yongcheng Port webmaster to share their own some of the operation of local portal site strategy, as well as he went through some detours, encountered some difficulties, summed up some of the experience, hoping to give other owners to take some advice. Moderator: Before the interview, I would like to make a statement to all the local portals webmaster, this is our site Webmaster interview column, for not only with our KINGCMS Local Portal program ...

The new deal in Chongqing FTA: Setting up electronic port to introduce IT industry

4th morning, Chongqing Local shares by the positive impetus, a sharp rise, up to close, Chongqing Luqiao, Dumas shares, Chongqing Port Nine, Chongqing development four shares trading. On the news, Wang Jiquang, deputy director of the Chongqing Port Administration office, said in an interview with China Securities News reporter 2nd evening that the Chongqing municipal government had just convened a standing meeting to finalize the overall program of China (Chongqing) free Trade Test Park. The scheme involves several regional carriers of the FTA, regional and port combination, industry orientation, system innovation and policy support, etc., which is expected to be opened at the second meeting of the NPC 12.

FortiOS 6.0 Getting Started: Port forwarding

In this recipe, you configure port forwarding to open specific ports and allow connections from the Internet to reach a server located behind the FortiGate.

Xiamen Port low open more than 3% affected by medium-term profit warning

The earlier disclosure of the 08 fiscal year, but attracted by the dividend rate of the Xiamen Port Harbor this morning significantly lower open 3.29% to 1.47 Hong Kong dollars, 1.5 million shares, by the medium-term profit warning hit. The company announced that due to the global financial crisis and the macro-economic environment in the mainland, the weak import and export trade volume, resulting in a decline in port throughput, the revenue and profit margins of its business.  It is expected to have a sharp decline in the net profit for 09 over the first half of the 08 yuan of 197.1 million yuan. Only market comments that Xiamen port or not a significant decline in the domestic port overall throughput weakness has been ...

Blue Port Wang Feng entrepreneurship ushered in the first big test: Today Open Testing

June 25 Morning News, known as the third generation of network gaming enterprises in the Blue Harbor online today officially announced that its large historical theme online Games "won" Today will be open test. "The top" is the Blue Harbor online to obtain IDG VC million U.S. dollars to obtain the right to the agency's first product, its former "ask" has nearly 1 million online players, two products are developed by the development of commercial buildings Mengibit. For "to the top", Kyrgyzstan inherited the "ask" the traditional round of play, and in many aspects have gone beyond the original works of innovation, including the world view of "winning" from Up and down 5 ...

Batch: Talking about the website optimization Way of 1998 port

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall 2009 soon reached the end of the internet so far the strong development, it is unimaginable. In the network so developed today, the impact of search engines, of course, is essential. Now ...

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