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php to determine whether the file or directory exists

php tutorials to determine the existence of the file or directory method is very simple php file or directory to determine whether there is a function that comes with file_exists file exists to determine whether the directory exists we use is_dir ok. * / $ file = "data.txt"; $ dir = ""; if (file_exists ($ file)) {& nb

Is_file () and Is_dir () Traverse Directory instance

tasks: Traverse a directory and distinguish between the files and subdirectory folders displayed: 1, Directory Inc has the following: subdirectory 0 subdirectory a footer.html header.html mysqli_connect.php Style.css 2, now PHP to traverse the INC directory, and only display files, do not display directories 0 and a, the code is as follows: $dir = {GetProperty (Co ...

PHP Unlimited level Create directory several functions

PHP Unlimited level Create directory several functions function mkdirs ($dir) {if (!is_dir ($dir)) {if (!mkdirs (DirName ($dir))) {return false;}  if (!mkdir ($dir, 0777)) {return false;} &nbs ...

PHP reads the contents of the file and saves it to the database

The function of this program is to read the directory TXT file, and then save to the data oh, it is so simple, let's take a look at how I have TXT file content saved to the MySQL data table. <?php include ('.. /boke/inc/re_conn.php '); Checkdir (' file/'); function Checkdir ($dir _path)//Traverse directory {if Is_dir ($dir _pat ...

Three ways to delete directory files in PHP

1, pass the law: the use of recursive layers of delete. The following is a reference: deleteDir ($ dir) {if (rmdir ($ dir) == false && is_dir ($ dir)) {if ($ dp = opendir ($ dir)) {while ($ file = readdir $ dp))! = false) {if ...

php traverses all the directories and files in a folder

We often encounter this problem in the interview: PHP Traverse all the files and subfolders under a folder. There are many solutions to this problem. But the general idea is the same. Recursive. $ path = './filepath'; function getfiles ($ path) {...

PHP Copy all files in directory and directory

function copy ($from, $to) {if ($this->abspath ($to) = = "/") $to = $this->basedir; if ($this->dirname ($from) = = $this->dirname ($to)) $to = $this->dirname ...

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