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Java Development 2.0: Implementing REST through CouchDB and Groovy restclient

In the past few years, the innovative development of the open source world has elevated the productivity of Java™ developers to one level. Free tools, frameworks and solutions make up for once-scarce vacancies. The Apache CouchDB, which some people think is a WEB 2.0 database, is very promising. It's not difficult to master CouchDB, it's as simple as using a Web browser. This issue of Java open ...

Windows Eclipse Debugging Hadoop Walkthrough

1 download Eclipse Standard 4.3.2 64-bit 2) download the corresponding Eclipse plug-in for the Hadoop version My Hadoop is 1.0.4, so download Hadoop-eclipse-plugin-1.0.4.jar download address: Http:// ...

Top 10 data mining tools most needed for big data

The following small series summarizes 10 best data mining tools for everyone, which can help you analyze big data from various angles and make correct business decisions through data.

The first cloud program in combat

Copyright Notice: Original works, allow reprint, reprint, please be sure to hyperlink form to indicate the original source of the article, author information and this statement. Otherwise, legal liability will be held. First of all, the Templars are delighted to receive the attention and support of the cloud Computing series, which has been in preparation for several months, and finally released the first one today (because the article is too long, it is two pieces, and this is an article). In these months through constant making ...

The framework and characteristics of IBM SPSS analytical Decision Management cluster environment

This article describes in detail how to deploy and configure ibm®spss®collaboration and deployment Services in a clustered environment. Ibm®spss®collaboration and Deployment Services Repository can be deployed not only on a stand-alone environment, but also on the cluster's application server, where the same is deployed on each application server in a clustered environment.

ActiveMQ v5.5.0 Release strong open source message bus

ActiveMQ is the ">apache, the most popular, powerful open source message bus." ActiveMQ is a JMS provider implementation that fully supports the JMS1.1 and Java EE 1.4 specifications, although the JMS specification has been around for a long time, but JMS still plays a special role in today's Java EE applications. Act ...

Build highly available MongoDB clusters

MongoDB company formerly known as 10gen, founded in 2007, in 2013 received a sum of 231 million U.S. dollars in financing, the company's market value has been increased to 1 billion U.S. dollar level, this height is well-known open source company Red Hat (founded in 1993) 20 's struggle results. High-performance, easy to expand has been the foothold of the MongoDB, while the specification of documents and interfaces to make it more popular with users, this point from the analysis of the results of Db-engines's score is not difficult to see-just 1 years, MongoDB finished the 7th ...

Want to promote their own website, 10 excellent website design experience

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall a well-designed web page should be read by an Internet-enabled multimedia computer or a browser installed on a low-end computer that still uses a slow modem connection.   However, many new Web site designers are not very knowledgeable about how to keep these HTML files in good compatibility. Of course, there are too many uncertainties affecting the final presentation of the page. First of all, the computer's display has different resolution and display quality, second, running a variety of operating systems, ...

Analyze the large data processing function of Microsoft Hadooponazure

In large data technology, Apache Hadoop and MapReduce are the most user-focused. But it's not easy to manage a Hadoop Distributed file system, or to write MapReduce tasks in Java.      Then Apache hive may help you solve the problem. The Hive Data Warehouse tool is also a project of the Apache Foundation, one of the key components of the Hadoop ecosystem, which provides contextual query statements, i.e. hive queries ...

Microsoft CodePlex Platform Open Source project TOP10

CodePlex is a Microsoft-created open source Web site where all of the programs released in this site can be downloaded from the source code, which has now become a peripheral component of Microsoft software or an extended distribution pipeline. September 10, 2009, the CodePlex Open Source Foundation (CodePlex Foundation), which uses the forum format, allows the open source community and the software development community to work together to promote the common goal of participating in the open source community project. Outside the existing open source organization ...

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