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Roundtable Forum: The Nuggets of mobile gaming

Roundtable Forum: The Nuggets of mobile games and news and technology January 11, 2013, 2013 Global Mobile Games Annual Conference and Channel List Awards ceremony held in Beijing Jing Instrument Hotel. This conference revolves around "move, game, channel, rank" This series of keywords launches the discussion, and with "channel how to make money for the game enterprise?"   "As an important issue, we invite industry experts and professionals to discuss further." The forum is chaired by Shanghua Vice president of the Alliance, Houle game President Huang Jian, China Hand Travel Entertainment Group COO Liu Xiachou, Guangyu online Vice President Chen, the CEO King of the World ...

Website Design Front Introduction Series (i): the front-end various optimization

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall still has one hours to 2012, that can also have a bit of time to write a bit of spit things, hehe ... December 2011 is definitely my work since the maximum pressure of one months, has been busy to sleep less time, part-time reading less time, the body began to alarm, shoulder responsibility pressure I really breathless ...   As an ordinary north drift, in Beijing similar to me such a sea of humanity, especially in our industry. I love life very much, every minute is precious;

Prismatic: It takes only 10 seconds to learn to analyze users ' interests by machine

There are a few things to explain about prismatic first. Their entrepreneurial team is small, consisting of just 4 computer scientists, three of them young Stanford and Dr. Berkeley. They are using wisdom to solve the problem of information overload, but these PhDs also act as programmers: developing Web sites, iOS programs, large data, and background programs for machine learning needs. The bright spot of the prismatic system architecture is to solve the problem of social media streaming in real time with machine learning. Because of the trade secret reason, he did not disclose their machine ...

Development of performance testing tools for the intensive back-end bare cloud system

What is an intensive back-end bare cloud system? The back-end cloud is the one that has removed all the interfaces used for front-end access and deployment, leaving only the cloud of backend virtualization management platform systems. This is further known as the naked cloud because it does not have any front-end modules for visualizing the business. Compared to the cloud front-end system, the back-end bare cloud system is a compact, intensive kernel system responsible for cloud virtualization implementation. For the public cloud, there can be no front-end system, but there must be no back-end system, because the backend is a collection of public cloud system based on Http:// ...

What exactly did Docker affect?

"Editor's note" as the hottest technology in the 2014, Docker won the support of major manufacturers at home and abroad. In this paper, the Cloud stack technology VP Shi Haixu from the traditional virtualization, CaaS (container that is, service), iaas,paas,cmp, the traditional isv,devops of these angles, the impact of the Docker, the following is the original: docker,14 one of the hottest words, Has aroused thousands of attention. On the edge of the 2014, aside from the various technical content and links, we feel from a more macroscopic point of view and we share the doc ...

The price war highlights the difficulties of it technology and the escalation of power companies

To promote paralysis, the power of the Web site can not bear the pain of this round of "> Electric business War of the smoke has not dispersed, people seem to be entangled in the power of the company has really made concessions."   However, for the electrical appliance companies, although the competition is fierce, but at one point there has been a lot of growth, that is the amount of user visits. It is understood that in the electric business World War, the flow of the Beijing-east is 3 times times the usual, suning easy to buy for peacetime ...

Excellent Project recommendation: The first half of 2013, domestic outstanding start-up Enterprise Summary

This article summed up the first half of 2013 years on the line or relatively high domestic outstanding start-up companies, content from the Tianya Sea Pavilion on the weekly Web2.0share weekly selection of domestic start-ups: Voice360 is through the phone horn to send audio signals (with 10K of silent Signal), And then use the microphone to receive decoding to achieve close range of data exchange of the Trans-era technology, voice360 SDK, can quickly integrate acoustic communication functions, to achieve close range of data exchange, authentication, file sharing. Link: htt ...

Some principles of software design

In the past, we have introduced some principles of software development, such as the 10 commandments of high quality code and the UNIX design principles described in the UNIX legend (next article). I believe that you can learn from middle school some knowledge of design principles, as I said in the "How Do I Recruit procedures", a good programmer usually consists of its operational skills, knowledge level, experience level and ability four aspects. Here I would like to talk about some of the principles of design, I think these things belong to the long-term experience summed up knowledge. These principles should be understood by every programmer. But...

Hadoop Series Six: Data Collection and Analysis System

Several articles in the series cover the deployment of Hadoop, distributed storage and computing systems, and Hadoop clusters, the Zookeeper cluster, and HBase distributed deployments. When the number of Hadoop clusters reaches 1000+, the cluster's own information will increase dramatically. Apache developed an open source data collection and analysis system, Chhuwa, to process Hadoop cluster data. Chukwa has several very attractive features: it has a clear architecture and is easy to deploy; it has a wide range of data types to be collected and is scalable; and ...

Connecting to the Cloud, part 3rd: Cloud Governance and security-securing Hybridcloud applications

This article is the 3rd and final part of a series of articles on building mixed cloud applications, examining governance and security for cloud computing. This article expands the Hybridcloud application for part 2nd by examining how to add access control policies to the Amazon simple Queue Service (SQS). Learn more about how Hybridcloud applications authenticate themselves to cloud services ...

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