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Web Analytics Hacks Select series JavaScript Document Object model

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall This article extracts from the website Analysis master Eric T.peterson "web site measurement Hacks" –hack#30 "HACK the JavaScript Document objec T Model "web analytics solutions are generally tagged to understand how they use JavaScript documents to ...

JavaScript slides into the couplet ad code

<! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http:// "> <html xmlns=" ...

JavaScript compatible IE,FF settings home, add favorite code

If you want to be compatible with multiple browsers to determine the user's browser type, if it is Firefox or ie6,7,8, so that they can not be judged by the difference between the operation. <html xmlns= "" > <head runat= "Server" > <title> Untitled page </title>

Zblog tags and notes collection finishing

Intermediary trading SEO diagnostic Taobao customer hosting technology lobby Many people use zblog encountered many problems, I hope a lot of expansion. For those who modify and enrich the zblog program, its variables are required. It has a very large variable system, if one by one to find, exhausted individuals. I now give these posts out, I hope for everyone useful. <Zblog tags and notes>: This want to modify the length of the recently published piece of display words, looking for a long time did not find where to modify, where these labels is still useful, the first paste ...

Collection principle of website Data collector

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall website collector: is one kind can quickly collect and publish the on-line information the procedure, generally divides into two main functions: the information collects and the processing function, the information release function. As a quick to increase the content of the program, the collector has been the majority of personal webmaster attention. On the one hand, we try to prevent others to collect their own website, on the other hand also want to use collectors to collect the site to enrich their site content. When the collector came into being, we had no way of knowing it.

One-page collection of query the most convenient way: bookmarklet

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Query single page collection general method is in search engine inside query page URL. Recently found that Baidu's collection behavior is very strange, sometimes included in the index after the deletion, so very frequently query some of the pages of the collection situation, I am tired of finding, so decided to make a bookmarklet, specifically with ...

After the first stop, automatically prompts the collection of code

Intermediary trading SEO diagnosis Taobao customer hosting technology hall every day a lot of novice Internet, many people do not know how to collect addresses. Only through the home page level one level link, this is a novice. But novice if found a good station, will often visit. Because he has not found better yet, naturally think your station is the best. How to make novice collect your station? Use good collection code is particularly important! At present, let the viewer collect your web site, there are several ways. 1, some people say that the link on the page, a little ...

Hadoop Series Six: Data Collection and Analysis System

Several articles in the series cover the deployment of Hadoop, distributed storage and computing systems, and Hadoop clusters, the Zookeeper cluster, and HBase distributed deployments. When the number of Hadoop clusters reaches 1000+, the cluster's own information will increase dramatically. Apache developed an open source data collection and analysis system, Chhuwa, to process Hadoop cluster data. Chukwa has several very attractive features: it has a clear architecture and is easy to deploy; it has a wide range of data types to be collected and is scalable; and ...

Points for attention in the process of new station collection

Often some friends complained that the site has done so long, how Baidu or not included, why other people's station can be normal collection, and you do not include it? You have to start from their own, looking for reasons, if you do a good site, no reason Baidu search engine does not include you, Below Seoer cherish margin with you to talk about how to let Baidu quickly indexed site and notice: First, site before the revision of the site before the site is included in the structure, title, meta tags, etc., the site is included in the process, is the Baidu search engine audit period, the following changes will occur:

Notes for new station collection

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall often some friends complain, the website has done so long, how to Baidu or not to include it, why other people's station can be collected normally, and you do not collect? You have to start from their own, looking for reasons, if you do a good site, no reason Baidu search engine does not include you, Below Seoer and everyone to talk about how to let Baidu quickly indexed site and notice: First, the content of the site is king, the basis of the site is based on the content. Website production should be appropriate to add some content, original for the best ...

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