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The coolest 30 JavaScript libraries in 2014

& http: // "> Using JavaScript libraries makes development easier, and most JavaScript libraries provide great functionality, Choosing a star framework when choosing a project for a project is of course great, but some libraries are too big. When you want to find a solution for a specific task ...

JavaScript: Detailed BASE64 encoding and decoding

Base64 is one of the most commonly used encodings, such as the development of passing parameters, the <img/> tags in modern browsers to render pictures directly through Base64 strings, and for messages and so on.  The BASE64 encoding is defined in RFC2045, which is defined as: Base64 content transfer encoding is designed to describe the 8-bit byte of any sequence as a form that is not easily recognized directly by the person. We know that any data is stored in binary form on the computer. One byte is 8 bits, one character is stored in the computer ...

Talk about how to develop JavaScript efficiently

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall One, simplifies the code to use the shorter writing, not only may reduce the input character number, but also may reduce the file big Small。   Most of the code that uses simple coding, the efficiency of implementation is slightly improved. 1.1 Simplifying common object definitions: using var obj = {}; Instead of Var ...

Three tips for search engines to identify JavaScript, Flash, and pictures

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall A5 Friends everyone good, science and technology blog The most technology and happy to meet you again." I believe that all stationmaster encounters the same trouble: use Flash, JavaScript script, picture as website navigation design, want to take this to beautify own website, in order to achieve better user experience, increase website loyalty ...

Javascript VirtualKeyboard 3.7.1 Publishing Virtual keyboard program

Javascript VirtualKeyboard is a virtual keyboard that allows you to use any existing keyboard layout without having to be installed on your local PC. This tool is designed for applications embedded in a visual HTML editor, Web mail system, chat room, forum, or any other application that requires "> user input." Javascript Virtualkey ...

Jsvortex 0.4.2 publishes beep projects written in JavaScript

Jsvortex is a beep project written in ">javascript. It is designed to run under a Web browser, and it doesn't take much effort to turn it into an equally effective beep. Jsvortex 0.4.2 Update Description: * [fix] Updated t ...

JavaScript compatible IE,FF settings home, add favorite code

If you want to be compatible with multiple browsers to determine the user's browser type, if it is Firefox or ie6,7,8, so that they can not be judged by the difference between the operation. <html xmlns= "" > <head runat= "Server" > <title> Untitled page </title>

Double eleven Singles Day hands-on technology used these tricks

From the beginning of the Buy+ concept exposure to the "Creation Festival" in July, everyone's attention to Buy+ and "God of God" has been around for a long time. During the Double 11 singles day period, the VR shopping scenes of the 7 major scenes in 3 countries are more.

Weex dynamic program and double eleven practice

This article first introduced Weex's overall architecture, and then focused on sharing. Weex's practice at the Double Eleven conference, and finally talked about Weex's business support, including AliWeex.

WordPress tips: Double-click the white space to return to the top

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology lobby back to the draft reason: The article readability is not high because the WordPress theme now used has A double click on the blank part of the page to return to the top of the function, so have been accustomed to after reading the article double-click the blog Empty ...

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