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How to use big SQL to access large data

In the process of popularization and use of large data technology, a big challenge is how to use standard SQL widely used by enterprise users to access large data based on Hadoop platform, and use enterprise's original application to access large data. Now, with large data technology, usually using Hive, Pig and Java programs to access large data, only to support a subset of standard SQL, users need to learn new programming languages, rewrite the original application of the enterprise, in order to solve the above problems, IBM launched the big SQL, it uses standard SQL ...

Recent advances in SQL on Hadoop and 7 related technology sharing

The greatest fascination with large data is the new business value that comes from technical analysis and excavation. SQL on Hadoop is a critical direction. CSDN Cloud specifically invited Liang to write this article, to the 7 of the latest technology to do in-depth elaboration. The article is longer, but I believe there must be a harvest. December 5, 2013-6th, "application-driven architecture and technology" as the theme of the seventh session of China Large Data technology conference (DA data Marvell Conference 2013,BDTC 2013) before the meeting, ...

The main technology used in counting SQL on Hadoop

Taking into account the wide extent and maturity of the system use, in specific examples will generally take hive and impala as an example, of course, in the investigation process will also involve some other systems, such as Spark Sql,presto,tajo.   For commercial products such as HAWQ and Apache drill, the maturity is not very high open source solution is not too much to understand. System Architecture Runtime Framework V.s. MPP in the SQL on Hadoop system, there are ...

Actual combat for Wang Liang solution sql-on-hadoop Difficult diseases

March 13, 2014, CSDN online training in the first phase of the "use of Sql-on-hadoop to build Internet Data Warehouse and Business intelligence System" successfully concluded, the trainer is from the United States network of Liang,   In the training, Liang shares the current business needs and solutions of data warehousing and business intelligence systems in the Internet domain, Sql-on-hadoop product principles, usage scenarios, architectures, advantages and disadvantages, and performance optimization. CSDN Online training is designed for the vast number of technical practitioners ready online real-time interactive technology training, inviting ...

Share Redis Use the full Raiders: How to jump out of the SQL this pit

With the proliferation of data volume, Mysql+memcache has not met the needs of large-scale Internet applications, many organizations have chosen Redis as its architectural complement, however, redis the use of the threshold is not low, such as not supporting SQL, here for everyone to share the Redis use of the full raiders. Redis, one of the most closely watched NoSQL databases, has been used by many well-known internet companies, such as Sina Weibo, Pinterest and Viacom. However, being born with no support for SQL makes him look difficult ...

mysql delete duplicate records sql statement and query duplicate records

Method 1 delete yourtable where [id] not in (select max ([id]) from yourtable group by (name + value) b on = where ...

The limitations of SQL transforming relational database to NoSQL

NoSQL systems generally advertise a feature that is good performance and then why? relational database has developed for so many years, various optimization work has been done very deep, nosql system is generally absorbing relational database technology, and then, in the end what is the constraints on the performance of relational database? We look at this problem from the perspective of "> System design." 1, index support. Relational data ...

SQL Server Basics Tutorial: Select Learning

1.SELECT statement Select data from database Select ' column name ' from ' Table name ' select List_name from table_name ' table name ' Selection ' column name ' data SQL SELECT * FROM table_name ' table name ' Selection all data 2.SELECT plus WHERE statement SELECT ' column name ' from ' Table name ' WHERE ' condition ' 3.SELECT plus ...

Several types of SQL connections: internal, leftist, right, full, cross connection

& ">nbsp;     SQL connections can be divided into internal, external, and cross joins. Database data: Book table ...

Double 11 Data Operation Platform Order Feed Data Torrent Real-Time Analysis Solution

In 2017, the double eleven refreshed the record again. The transaction created a peak of 325,000 pens/second and a peak payment of 256,000 pens/second. Such transactions and payment records will form a real-time order feed data stream, which will be imported into the active service system of the data operation platform.

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