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Double Shilai Pro Tour operators launch promotional activities

Each year's double 11 and the double 12 are the electric dealer promotion, the citizen net buys the crazy time. Even online travel dealers have come to join the fun. Reporter recently learned that well-known tourism web site with the first launch theme for "10 days 10 nights, not crazy not live" double 12 promotional activities. Reporters noted that the same route network for March 28, 2014 from Shanghai, "song-Victoria Cruise" (Shanghai-Jeju Island-Fukuoka 4 nights 5th Tour) to introduce a discount of 1212 yuan (December 1-December 12 booking and use of the Construction Bank net full payment can enjoy this discount). Head of the same journey net Holiday project ...

Does "Ye" make mobile phone reliable?

Today, I see a news that Fan Bingbing also plans to make smartphones, and named Funphone. The nose has eyes, it seems not groundless. In recent years, the number of stars to do mobile phones, Han Geng, Cui Jian, Wang Zijian, Lin, Jay Chou, Feng, sister Furong, Luo and so are all together to join the fun. As if the mobile phone is really like clothing brand, can easily transplant, depending on the star's own charm and fan culture, it can really achieve success. Some people will feel that the reliable, after all, whether Apple or millet, in fact, have tasted the sweetness of the fan economy. And fans to the stars ...

Smart home is far from the mainstream market

Although the smart home for the mainstream market is still very remote, but the trend and technology development has become our focus. There are a number of well-known companies such as Nest in the smart home field, but the creative results of many small companies are equally impressive.   Recently, Gigaom on the inventory of 3 unique smart home start-up companies. and smart hand ring, smart home is now into the product homogeneity of the rut, talk about smart home will talk about smart light bulbs, switches, remote control, routing, is obviously the way to join the fun. Truly innovative products should be broken ...

2013 popular Movies--people who see these things, are you really watching movies?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > "The West Swim down the Devil" "Beijing meets Seattle" Glorious list: All kinds of comedy wear help, listen to mcdull cheap explanation bar, finally "Titanic" also to join the fun. Sometimes I really think that people who see these things are really watching movies ... 2013 popular movie-Dressing lens

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