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Lua Cjson 1.0.4 Publish JSON parsing and coding tools

The LUA Cjson is a fast JSON parsing and coding tool for Lua. It features a faster 10 to 20 times times faster than the fastest LUA library, full support for JSON UTF-8, no dependencies except Lua/luajit, easy to install. The software has been tested by Linux, FreeBSD, OS X and Windows platforms, and users can use it with ease. Lua Cjson 1.0.4 This version fixes a comma decimal separator (cs_cz,de_de) language ...

Pkgtxt2db 0.1.4 Release Slackware utility

PKGTXT2DB is a utility that is applied to the Slackware and Slackware base operating systems. It converts PACKAGES.TXT to multiple database formats. The current version supports CSV and JSON. Pkgtxt2db 0.1.4 This version adds pkgdesc to CSV DB, adds separator to CSV (for MySQL input security), removes garbage from Slackware DB output, fixes a pkgdesc line Var, and adds/outputs an example ...

Pkgtxt2db o.1 Release Slackware utility

PKGTXT2DB is a utility that is applied to the Slackware and Slackware base operating systems. It can convert PACKAGES.TXT to various database formats. CSV and JSON are currently supported. PKGTXT2DB O.1 This version can be converted PACKAGES.TXT to CSV and JSON. You can get the following command: SVN co https://salix.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/salix ...

Nxlog 1.4.635 Release Log Management system

Nxlog is a modular, multi-threaded, high-performance Log management system that supports multiple platforms. It works like Syslog-ng and Rsyslog, but not limited to the use of unix/syslog. It collects logs from files in a variety of formats and receives logs through all of the supported platform's UDP, TCP, or TLS remote networks. Nxlog 1.4.635 This version can generate GRAYLOG2 gelf output. This release provides support for JSON and XML. With two new ...

Kamailio 3.2.0 Release SIP server

Kamailio 3.2.0 This is an important version that adds some new features such as asynchronous SIP request routing, SDP operations, distributed SIP Message Queuing, JSON support, redistribution to Redis and SQLite databases, partitioned user location services, and a SIP traffic capture service, OMA extends to presence and XCAP services, as well as complete CDR storage. Kamailio (formerly known as OpenSER) is a high-performance sip (RFC3261) server, with flexible architecture and multiple extension ...

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