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How the Ubuntu system closes the terminal's Ctrl+alt+del key combination

How does the Ubuntu system close the terminal's Ctrl+alt+del key combination? sudo cp/etc/inittab/etc/inittab_backupsudo gedit/etc/inittab search for this line of text ... ca:1 Aggregation/19060.html ">2345:ctrlaltdel:/sbin/sh ...

Two skills sharing in Linux systems

Here are two of the two tips that are often used in Linux systems: 1. Abort a running program if a command lasts a long time, so that it cannot do anything else, you can use CTRL + C to force it to abort. 2, CTRL out of the accident, sometimes you will press CTRL this key combination, the shell is frozen. Try using the CTRL key combination to see if you can return to normal.

Win10 screenshot How to intercept right button menu

In the WIN10 has a better screenshot tool, but still can not capture the menu, some can intercept the third party menu software is not available for the Win10 x64 system version, but QQ five input method has fast and convenient interception menu function. First, to ensure that the WIN10 system installed QQ Five input method and available: Before intercepting the menu, hold down the ALT key combination on the keyboard and keep it in place: Then pop the menu you need to intercept or right-click the menu, alt the key combination to keep it: Click on the area and then press the keyboard. ...

Win10 method of Changing window position using shortcut keys

Win10 use shortcut keys to change the position of the window: press and hold the keyboard win+ up the key, you can enlarge the window. 02, we can see the window has been enlarged. As shown in the picture, 03, hold down the keyboard win+ down the key combination, you can enlarge the window. As shown in the figure 04, we can see that the window has shrunk. As shown in the figure 05, press and hold the keyboard win+ to the left key, you can enlarge the window. As shown in the figure 06, we can see the window on the left. As shown in the picture, 07, hold down the keyboard win+ to the right combination of keys, you can put the window ...

Remove OneDrive from the left-hand column of the Win10 File Explorer

If you do not want to use OneDrive cloud services (after all, the domestic cloud service is not bad), every time you open the Windows 10? File explorer, the? OneDrive? Button in the left column may be a little off the hook. May consider to delete this link button. Note that instead of stopping the OneDrive® cloud service, just delete that link button. Meet OneDrive in Windows 10 File Explorer. Click on the start taskbar "file ...

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