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Key management strategy in hybrid cloud

Key management strategy in mixed cloud Robert W. Griffin 1 Cloud Key Management Problem 2 Key management model in private, public, and mixed cloud 3 Key Management protocol for Cloud 4 key management strategy in mixed cloud

Crossings Manager 0.7.5 releases the SSH Tunnel management program

Crossings Manager is a management program for Linux common SSH tunnels. It supports SSHV1 and SSHv2 tunnels and can be configured for key management in your ssh-agent. Crossings Manager 0.7.5 This release adds improved harmonization and switching support for the Gtk.builder UI specification. Software information: Http://www.sub ...

Privacy protection mechanism of public cloud storage based on chaotic sequence

Public cloud storage privacy protection mechanism based on chaotic sequence Yewei Li Guiyang to realize the data privacy protection and key management in public cloud storage with low overhead, a public cloud storage privacy protection mechanism based on logistic chaotic sequence is proposed. According to the storage characteristics of the data in the cloud, a combination of one-dimensional, two-dimensional logistic chaotic system and data segmentation technology is used to provide different levels of intensity privacy protection through different key generation methods. Experimental results show that this method can effectively reduce the difficulty of key management while protecting the privacy of outsourced data. Based on chaotic sequence ...

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