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Two black hands behind the death of online games: hackers and servers

Recently, hear more play in doing a Chinese network game death file of the topic, I saw the content of the manuscript in advance, review the past development of Chinese online games 10 years of history, every year there are a lot of games out, and every year there are a lot of games completely disappear.  As a worker who has been in the game industry for many years, seeing this topic, I can't help thinking about the reasons why Chinese online games are so much dead, first of all, I think of the two behind them: black and hacker. Our story starts with a web game. As the first domestic Java engine based on the development of 2.5D graphics MMO ...

How consumers differentiate the structure of three types of servers

I believe you must have noticed that a variety of media on the tower, racks and blades of these three structures to divide the server, the shape of the server why there is such a division? The main reason is that the specific application environment is different, tower server as we usually use the same desktop, occupy a larger space, usually some small enterprises themselves to use their own maintenance, and the rack-like server as long as the desktop, can be a set on a fixed rack, so the name, It can be hosted by a professional server hosting provider, which only pays a certain escrow fee each year ...

Four insights on deploying FTP servers in the network

Deploying and maintaining an FTP server is a basic skill for network administrators. Although so, but every time the author for the enterprise deployment of FTP server application, there will always be a harvest. Because different business needs are different, they will put forward various kinds of demand. And the author every time to solve a user needs, there will always be a sense of achievement. This is not long ago I just wencheng an FTP server to build. This case is somewhat special, however, because its FTP server uses Linux as its operating system. For this sentiment is more. Feeling a: For users to assign a group of FTP servers used to place some ...

Three kinds of virtualization security problems in data center and its countermeasures

"Tenkine Server channel August 19 message" Consolidation of resources, cost control, dynamic configuration, and dynamic migration are driving most IT departments to experiment with some form of virtualization platform and drive virtualization technology to the data center.   The massive infrastructure driven by emerging technology trends such as cloud computing makes virtualization technology a prerequisite for cloud data centers. However, virtualization platforms are facing security issues, and the virtualization platform adds an additional layer of security requirements. Virtual machine migration to data centers requires a redesign of security plans and schemas, and potential problems that may arise include: ...

All kinds of "cloud-making movement"

Compared with a year ago, the number of companies in the cloud base in Beijing has grown by one-fold. At present, including operating systems, servers, storage and terminals and other industrial chain enterprises and various applications, including the relevant enterprises have reached 14. Beijing has been planning to advance its industrial development plan since 2013, and has already had the conditions to start ahead. Tian, chairman of the broadband capital, told the outside world. Located in the Beijing economic "> Technology Open ...

15 kinds of technologies that change the way developers work

In the past, assembly code written by developers was lightweight and fast. If you are lucky, they can hire someone to help you finish typing the code if you have a good budget. If you're in a bad mood, you can only do complex input work on your own. Now, developers work with team members on different continents, who use languages ​​in different character sets, and worse, some team members may use different versions of the compiler. Some code is new, some libraries are created from many years ago, the source code has been ...

Comprehensive analysis of energy management in cloud computing data center

The primary load in the data center is the server.   Server development today, adapt to a variety of different functions, different environments of the server constantly appear, classification standards are also diverse. The primary load for the server classification data center is the server.   Server development today, adapt to a variety of different functions, different environments of the server constantly appear, classification standards are also diverse. 1. Classification by application level as entry-level server, workgroup level server, departmental server and Enterprise Server four (1) entry-level ...

Chenhao: The performance technology of Web site caused by

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology hall with the advent of the 11 long holiday, everyone to the Ministry of Railways 12306 of the discussion again. This article (original) from 12306 website extension to the site performance of a lot of discussion, for entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts have a strong reference.   The author Chenhao (Weibo) has 14 years of experience in software development, 8 years of project and team management experience. website Hung, was scolded by the people all over the country. I've been here for two days.

"So many voices": WhatsApp worth 16 billion of Facebook

This issue of "so many Voices" will discuss 2 major topics: 1, the world's largest social network Facebook announced today that it has agreed to spend $16 billion in cash-plus shares to buy instant messaging applications Whatsapp;2, Intel launched the blockbuster Ivy Bridge-ex "program, named Xeon E7 V2. So many sound column links: guests point of view refining: than to eat your opponent? ...

Beware of the nine big lies of cloud computing!

As the cloud concept heats up, someone will tell you wherever you go, or sell you something that contains cloud computing. And if you want to know about cloud computing and whether it's going to help your business, there's only one layer to peel off the lie and find out what it is. The following 9 points are the lies we collected today about cloud computing. Lie 1: "Cloud" is only one. There are at least three forms of "cloud", each containing different benefits and risks. They are: 1 "infrastructure as a Service" (IaaS), this kind of cloud services to provide on-demand virtual server ...

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