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Spicy mom Micro Bo Tan kitchen PM2.5 shocked netizens

Often cook cooking people know, stir fry when not use lampblack opportunity to cause the kitchen PM2.5 exceeded, but do not know the use of Lampblack machine will exceed the standard. March 18, Netizen "East root mother" Micro Bo Sun PM2.5 The value of cooking, even if the hood, fried celery PM2.5 also reached 387, make cola chicken wings is reached 498, the equivalent of outdoor air six degree of heavy pollution. "East Root Mother" will this news release, not only in the Internet set off a wave of PM2.5 kitchen, also to the hood industry mention wake up. Netizen "Dong Root Mother" Surname Chen, is a ...

20th World Disabled Day, Zhejiang Enterprises to send love with action

Zhejiang online Hangzhou December 3 (correspondent Zhu Ying) today is the 20th International Day of disabled Persons. In order to give thanks and repay the society, Zhejiang Tak Lok Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Disabled People's Federation, Zhejiang Province Disability Foundation, Shengzhou Disabled People's Association held a love handicap donation activities in the provincial Disabled rehabilitation Center. Zhejiang Tak Lok Electric Co., Ltd. to the provincial Federation of Disabled Persons, the provincial Disabled Welfare Foundation donated 100,000 yuan worth of 100 lampblack machine, and by the provincial Disabled Welfare Foundation distributed to all over the province of disabled apartments, rehabilitation centers and related handicap institutions. To thank the society ...

The children's staff elected kitchen electric Haier for users to create "perfect family"

"Sadie Network News" October 24, "The new renovated kitchen best not to have a little fume, otherwise, not only will damage the wall, but also bad for the children!" Recently, reporters in the street randomly interviewed Miss Zhao and her children June June. Miss Zhao learned from the mouth, June June every day from kindergarten home in addition to help Miss Zhao do some zecai live, but also especially like to watch mother cooking. "I didn't dare let him in the kitchen before," he said. Now, moved a new home to buy a set of Haier kitchen electricity, immediately feel the kitchen is clean and taste, also dared to let the children come in kitchen. "Children to the mother as a staff, buy ...

The World Cooks Day, the suning helps the guest to repay the personal "Chef" in your Mind

Abstract: The chef industry has been ancient, they are the heritage of Chinese food. They choose to cook delicious delicacies from tens of thousands of different ingredients every day. Ancient cloud: "People eat for the day", in order to let more people know and understand this profession, the World Chef Federation in October 2004 announced the October 20 of each year to locate the world's Chef day, and as a tribute to the people all over the world to bring "happiness" of the occupation. The chef industry is ancient, and they are the inheritors of Chinese food. They choose cooking from tens of thousands of ingredients every day ...

Does your kitchen give up smoking?

May 31 is the 27th World No Tobacco Day, and some of the issues related to quitting smoking have again aroused extensive discussion, especially on the Internet, "your kitchen has given up smoking?" "Weibo, not only became a hot topic, but also the kitchen fume to the focus of public opinion. In this respect, industry experts said, in addition to tobacco, second-hand smoke, kitchen fume is also smoke, daily life should be wary of the damage caused by soot. It is understood that the number of smokers in China is 320 million, the number of people exposed to second-hand smoke as high as 740 million, each year, more than 1 million deaths from smoking-related diseases. And in the second-hand smoke victim group ...

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