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Internet advertising as the second largest media

Absrtact: 2011 Years of Hollywood blockbuster "Transformers 3", the most memorable is what? For many viewers, the answer is not Optimus Prime and the Decepticons of the battle scene, but rather shocking the Erie nutrition Shu milk lines implanted let me finish my Shuhua 2011 years of Hollywood blockbuster Transformers 3, the most memorable is what? For many viewers, the answer is not Optimus Prime and the Decepticons battle scene, but rather "shocking" Yili nutrition Shu Milk lines implanted "Let me finish ..."

Analysis of four trends in mobile internet image communities

Guide: By playing the label on the picture and bask in the mode of sharing the interaction, Nice has gathered a large number of young people in China, the proportion of overseas users has reached 11%. First, the Chinese version of the Instagram:nice from the young and the trend of the United States, for the picture "dozen labels" I black note: Instagram in China has a large number of "imitators", but the most successful is probably nice. In just six or seven months, successive successful completion of a, b two rounds of a total of 28 million U.S. dollars financing, set up less than a year of mobile-end start-up companies in Beijing praise Technology and its ...

Bright Wind Taiwan CEO Liu Chunyuan: Transforming and constructing four-body image interactive Platform

In order for the real world to become more accessible in the data world, Google, Apple, Facebook, Baidu and other domestic and foreign giants have to layout voice recognition, image recognition, augmented reality, virtual reality and other markets. Amazon recently launched Firefly, said to be able to scan the identification of 100 million objects. Chris, founder of Liang Liu Chunyuan, said Amazon had a layout for image recognition. Five years ago, when he was still in Silicon Valley, Amazon bought a visual product search company, Snaptell, to start a small attempt. Then he was close ...

Flickr: Yahoo black hole swallowed image community crown

Flickr's dead image of a Flickr user hanging out on the site Sina Tech Zheng from Silicon Valley this week's biggest tech news is Facebook's $1 billion trillion acquisition of photo-Instagram. The blockbuster news has sparked a global sensation, and Twitter and Sina Weibo are rife with discussions about the deal. Instagram is seen as a triumph of entrepreneurial miracles and picture socializing. In the hustle and bustle of the photo-studio, a once brilliant website is extremely lonely: Flickr. Once upon a time, F ...

The thinking of the Internet is first the product, and the traditional enterprise's thinking must have the performance and the image consideration.

At present, the more common explanations for O2O are as follows: two.   "Traditional e-commerce is to sell in kind, but O2O to sell is the service"!   Don't be ridiculous, buy is the first O2O practitioners, but sell or products, service in the end who is doing? In the final analysis, the entity business.   "From the perspective of import traffic, O2O is the future mobile Internet portal!" Don't tease, physical store, overcrowded peak season do not need traffic, waste is shameful.   Mature chain restaurant, which shop is not in front of the queue? Traffic? waste or shame! Must say: O ...

The principle of similar image search

Last month, Google officially put "similar image search" on the homepage. You can use a picture to search all the pictures on the internet similar to it. Click on the camera icon in the search box. A dialog box appears. You enter the Web site, or upload the image directly, Google will find its similar image. Here's a picture of American actress Alyson Hannigan. After uploading, Google returned the following results: Similar "similar image search engine" There are many, TinEye can even find photos ...

How the website should create the brand image so as to realize the traffic monopoly

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall brand strength, I believe we should all be familiar with." Nowadays, the competition of the Chinese stationmaster market is the competition of the brand.   "Baidu, you know," "on Sohu, Know the World" "gift to send the brain platinum" and so on a series of people can open mouth to the advertising word, is showing the building of a brand, for the site is how important. ...

On the Internet: Why do entrepreneurs choose the Internet?

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest cloud mainframe technology hall Bill Gates said: "Not all industries make the same amount of money." This shows that the direction of the choice of venture capital is so important, and the choice of entrepreneurial investment direction to be based on their own conditions to decide.   If you have a large capital accumulation, you can choose some capital-intensive industries such as real estate, and the capital of the big crocodiles fight the world; If your purse is not rich, and do not master a certain professional skills, then you can go to the Internet this gold mine, to achieve your dream. Internet entrepreneurship is a hot topic in the past few years ...

Focus on grass-roots Internet: changing the life-style

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Discuz (sing) was acquired by Tencent! Personal webmaster Xiao Li and friends discuss this matter, Discuz founder Dai is in the North three ring to participate in a conference on the Internet.        Dai a pair of casual dress, shorts, slippers plus the logo of the blue T-shirt, casually put sunglasses fling on the talk, the spirit of leisure. Dai created sing to be Tencent acquisition, is the grassroots Internet event "by large companies after acquisition is not the same." ...

The truth! They are the most paid Chinese companies on the mobile internet

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy cloud host technology Hall Tiger Sniff: In the past two years, Forbes Chinese version will be a "China's most profitable mobile interconnection company" ranking. The difference between this year and last year's selection is that last year's selection was limited to "revenues or flows over 50% companies from mobile Internet", and this year's scope changed to: All Companies ' mobile internet-related revenue (except hardware).   As a result, the traditional PC Internet companies that were excluded last year were able to participate in the selection of their mobile sector revenues. The selection ...

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