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High performance gigabit Network to meet cloud computing application Dell FORCE10 S4810 test Report analysis

As cloud computing applications grow, more and more users are starting to deploy their million-gigabit networks. In order to help enterprises design, purchase private cloud, public "> Cloud data center structure, Lippis The Ixia Ethernet Data Center Switch Industry assessment was conducted by the FORCE10 and IP network test solution provider, and Dell's S4810 Gigabit switch performed well in the tests. D ...

Mass data ordering on the Hadoop platform (2)

& ">nbsp; When using Hadoop for Graysort Benchmarking, Yahoo! 's researchers modified the map/reduce application above to accommodate the new rule, which is divided into 4 parts: Teragen is the map/reduce that produces the data ...

Learn the advantages of LabVIEW FPGA and software design RF instruments

An overview of the number of wireless devices, the diversity of communication standards, and the complexity of modulation schemes are increasing every year.    And with each generation of new technology, the use of traditional technology to test wireless equipment, the need for a large number of more sophisticated testing equipment, the cost is also increasing. The use of virtual (software) instrumentation combined with modular I/O is a way to minimize hardware costs and reduce test time. A new approach to software design instruments allows RF test engineers to reduce testing at multiple order of magnitude without the need for custom or special standard instruments.

Keynote network provides cloud service monitoring solutions

Since 2006, when Google first proposed the concept of "cloud computing", the major IT companies at home and abroad to participate in the various companies based on their own technology and products to launch their own cloud computing platform to provide a variety of cloud computing services. Over the past six years, cloud computing services have been accepted and adopted by more and more enterprises, and individual consumers are increasingly enjoying the fast and convenient of cloud computing. The biggest benefit of cloud computing services to businesses and end consumers is that users don't have to spend too much effort on infrastructure and technology architectures that they're not good at, so they can focus ...

HBase Increment (counter) Introduction and performance test

In ">hbase:the definitive Guide, Lars George introduced a new feature of HBase Counter Increment, which uses a column as a Counter, makes it easy to provide real-time statistical functionality for some online applications. PS: For example, post ...

How to obtain million TPS at 1.68 USD/h cost

The cloud infrastructure, such as Amazon EC2, has proven its value worldwide, and its ease of scaling, out-of-the-way, on-time billing, and so on, has freed developer creativity more thoroughly, but don't overlook the virtualized environment that was once considered a performance killer for applications and databases. Despite the performance aspect, cloud vendors have been looking for ways to improve, but as users of us, our own performance optimization tools are also essential. On the entity server, Aerospike has shown the peak of the million TPS, and now we are dedicated to improving the performance of cloud applications ...

Evaluation of four cloud Synchronization services, SkyDrive in the last

With the cloud computing services increasingly popular with internet users, gradually people's life and work has been based on the service to complete their task, the tariff calculation has become an essential degree. In this context, the quality of storage services and the connection speed of each major cloud becomes particularly important. In the light of the above, ReadWrite, a leading American blogger, and David Soberta, the former sales director of Apple, has tested some of the most popular cloud storage services available on the market. and made a corresponding report. ...

Intel Xeon Processor e5-2600 v2 core of modern data center

It companies around the world are working to virtualize and automate data centers in the hope of helping their business achieve higher value and lower costs, delivering new data-driven services faster and more efficiently. Intel (R) Xeon (TM) processor-based servers provide the foundation for this innovation. These servers account for the vast majority of all servers in the current virtualization center and cloud environment, and can support most of the most high-performance workstations. Performance improvement up to 35% Intel Xeon Processor e5-2600 ...

Design principle of reference design for Hadoop integrated machine

Hadoop is a highly scalable, large data application that can handle dozens of TB to hundreds of PB of data through fewer than thousands of interconnected servers. This reference design realizes a single cabinet of Hadoop cluster design, if users need more than one cabinet of Hadoop cluster, can expand the design of the number of servers and network bandwidth easy to achieve expansion. Hadoop solution The features of Hadoop design Hadoop is a low-cost and highly scalable large data place ...

InfiniBand to build the world's first CLOUDX architecture Cloud computing Experience Center

From VCD to DVD, from U disk to mobile phone, what hot to do what, this phenomenon is a lot of domestic small and medium-sized development of the portrayal. While in the transformation of Nanjing, the company's reverse thinking, to avoid the hot technology. When he chose InfiniBand, InfiniBand was too highbrow to be known. However, in the big data, cloud computing, green it has become an industry trend today, the unpopular technology has become hot. Although Mellanox in the IT market does not show water, but in high-performance Computing (HPC) field, this server with ...

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