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New trends in mobile application design

Many excellent designs emerged in the 2011, with the updating of the operating system and the improvement of hardware performance, the user's demand for mobile applications is also rising, and the interface design is promoted to a new height.   Mobile application is no longer to move content from the Internet to mobile devices, but to solve the problem of the equipment itself, according to user needs from the visual feelings, style trends, operating methods, information architecture and content rendering in various aspects of mining design possibilities, to bring users a new experience. This article summarizes the hot products of the interface design, summed up the next year to focus on the design ...

Oppo launched beyond the N3, R5 reconstructed image Peak

October 29, 2014 Beijing AO Ya Exhibition Center, OPPO held a "one more step" new product launch, at the same time the introduction of N, r two major product series beyond the--oppo N3 and OPPO R5, and the first release of "OPPO Lifestyle", Mobile as the core of the Oppo product Eco-circle debut. Oppo deputy General Manager Wu in the press conference to explain this conference theme "One More Step": "in product design pursuit of the ultimate road, further; in the continuous creation of the real use ...

Online education market: Players, play, challenges and opportunities

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Guide: Online education in the 2013 suddenly hot, whether the traditional internet giants, or new entrepreneurs, or feel the Internet on the traditional industry impact of the offline traditional institutions have entered online education, divided the big cake.        So what players in this industry, and what play, and what opportunities and trends, Black Horse 5000 word text for your system summary and analysis. What is online education online-e-learnin ...

Brief description of the advantages and disadvantages of Poco

There are three main categories of photo-sharing products in China: The Shanzhai Flickr model, the forum model, and the Community plus space localization model. The latter's representative product of course is Poco, the latest Alexa ranking 1500+,uv than the second echelon of the color shadow Mowgli and the Hummingbird network add up to much higher. However, although it is significantly ahead of the industry, but also has not ruled the domestic photographic sharing market, so that a half red and not red products, first of all, from its target user group characteristics to talk about. The target users of Poco are basically photography enthusiasts. Original photography ...

What do you need to know about drones?

Absrtact: First, UAV is what UAV is the abbreviation of unmanned aircraft (unmanned aerial Vehicle), is the use of radio remote control equipment and a self-contained program controller of the aircraft, including unmanned helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, multi-rotor aircraft, unmanned one, UAV is what UAV is the abbreviation of unmanned aircraft (unmanned aerial Vehicle), is the use of radio remote control equipment and self-contained procedures for controlling the aircraft, including unmanned helicopter ...

All you need to know about drones is here.

Absrtact: First, UAV is what UAV is the abbreviation of unmanned aircraft (unmanned aerial Vehicle), is the use of radio remote control equipment and a self-contained program controller of the aircraft, including unmanned helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, multi-rotor aircraft, unmanned one, UAV is what Drones are the abbreviation for drones (unmanned aerial Vehicle), unmanned aircraft that use radio-controlled devices and self-contained program controls, including drone helicopters 、...

Website column planning and Market analysis

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall first chapter: the Highway network outline one, the development space: The Transportation engineering profession has trillions of annual purchase and the construction scale, but at any time the Chinese economy development, under the national macroscopic policy support, as well as the social capital unceasingly invests the growth, the traffic engineering profession is maintains the high increase Rising momentum, and in the fierce market competition, information services will be the industry competition an important code, as a professional traffic engineering services to provide the industry information Services Network is undoubtedly a gold mine on the Internet. ...

Taking stock of fast-growing cross-border electricity dealers

Domain Name City ( November 10 News, these days, if you do not in the micro-letter Circle Brush out one or two purchasing information, it can only say that you have not "internationalization."     Well, say "purchasing" is a bit low? What about the "sea Amoy"? What about the "cross-border electricity dealers"? It's a big moment. The figures show that the two-year Cross-border electricity dealers are developing rapidly. August 2014, the domestic authoritative advisory body issued "China's cross-border electrical Business Industry research Report 2014", the report ...

Huawei ripened B199 A young man's cell phone

January 14, Huawei Terminals and China Telecom jointly created the young mobile phone brand "ripened" the second generation of new products-Huawei ripened B199 shock listing. The product will be full focus photo, 5.5-inch high-definition screen, three-screen navigation and 3000mAh durability and metal ID features such as integration, aiming at the young group, intended to pass the "go, young" product positioning, will experience would be wonderful "ripened" spirit of real transmission, triggering the emotional resonance of the audience, ignite youthful enthusiasm. To see--the extraordinary life of the youth time, naturally inseparable from a personal phone to record. To this end, China ...

A brief analysis of construction of marriage industry website

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall is now the rapid development of the Internet era, any industry is inseparable from the development of the Internet, a good industry website, you can establish an effective link between customers, with the smallest input, in exchange for the greatest return. However, to do a good job in the industry site, not so simple, want to integrate a variety of industry resources to a website, not only to have a good website platform, but also have a good website brand, if both, do not worry about no merchants settled. So for marriage industry, how to do a good job in the industry ...

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