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Two domestic antivirus companies are launching a PR hand-to-hand

"X, blue screen!" This year's Dragon Boat Festival, many users may send a long-lost roar, when they hold the host to the computer city, the domestic two antivirus manufacturers are launching a PR hand-to-hand. Microsoft Official June 11, Microsoft released the number of KB2839229 WINDOWS6 month security patches, some users after the installation of a blue screen phenomenon, and the system is still blue after reboot, can not be used normally. June 12, a friend of Gold Mountain has been in Japan to apologize to the user, to admit Jinshan poison PA and Microsoft This patch conflict, the message to the domestic after the trigger ...

Snapchat will soon be extended to "burn after reading" news, video

Absrtact: Besides sending a photograph, what can be burnt after reading Snapchat? According to the WSJ informant, the company will soon be launching a service called Snapchat Discovery, which will be extended to videos, news and advertisements that burn after reading, and in recent weeks has been in addition to a number of advertisements, "Burn after reading" Snapchat what else can do? According to the WSJ informant, the company will soon be launching a service called "Snapchat Discovery", which will be extended to the video, the new ...

China Mobile takes the lead in launching second generation Cloud notebook products

The reporter learned that with the rise of personal cloud services, "cloud notes" has gradually become a popular concept of hot discussion. In order to enrich the customer's personal cloud service experience, China Mobile has recently upgraded its first cloud application "mobile sticky note" To "cloud Notes", which has become the pioneer of the industry's second generation cloud notebook products. According to the introduction, China Mobile's cloud note in the original mobile notes on the basis of a larger upgrade revision, in addition to the cloud note-like products in general, to be able to record words, pictures, voice, video, geographic location and other information, seamless synchronization across the terminal platform.

YouTube may soon launch a monthly subscription service

Absrtact: According to The Verge, YouTube is likely to launch a monthly subscription service for video subscriptions. By providing users with the best original video (including YouTube star Video) on demand, YouTube is hoping to increase revenue to give the verge the news that YouTube may be on the verge of launching a pay-per-view video subscription service. By providing users with the best original video (including YouTube star Video) on-demand service, yout ...

Russian electric business giant Ozon CEO: Russian electricity market will soon change

Tencent Science and Technology (Beckham) Beijing time February 19 News, the Russian e-commerce giant Ozon chief executive Maelli Gavite (Maelle Gavet) recently published an article said that the Russian e-commerce market is about to usher in "tipping point." Russia's growing Internet population and continued improvement in infrastructure have provided a prerequisite for the development of E-commerce. Although there are still some challenges, such as a wide range of logistics networks, and the popularity of online payments, Gavite firmly believe that the "sleeping giants" will be able to solve these problems. The following is Maelli &mi ...

New Space Race: This man is building the interstellar Internet

"Ilon MASC: Tesla, SpaceX and the pursuit of a dreamy future," Ashlee Vance, the author of the Ashley Wans, is a technical contributor to Bloomberg Businessweek, Businessweek reported January 26. A book (to be released by Harper Collins Press in May 2015). This is what he interviewed former Google executive Gregg Willer (Greg Wyler). Gregg Willer a friendly, sociable ...

Nokia is too early to launch a tablet computer

[Guide] Nokia has no reason to dabble in the tablet market when smartphones are not yet stable. Tencent Science and Technology Tan S August 19 compiled recent news that mobile phone giant Nokia will launch its own tablet computer this September, the famous Investment information website Seekingalpha today published an investor Jacob Bu Steinberg (Jacob Steinberg) commentary on the matter. Steinberg believes that it makes no sense for Nokia to dabble in the tablet market without a steady profit in the smartphone business ...

You need to be aware of 18 reasons why Internet startups fail

In my recent speech, someone once asked me, what mistakes will ultimately lead to the failure of entrepreneurship? When I stood there for a few seconds, I realized that it was a difficult question to answer. Because it's asking: How can a startup succeed. If you can avoid all the mistakes that will lead to failure, you are sure to succeed.   So this question is so big that it makes it difficult for me to answer clearly in such a short time. But then I realized that it might make sense to look at it from another perspective. Because if you have a list, in the clear ...

Poor travel: The new business value of traveling lifestyle from community to social

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Introduction: The poor travel ten years has experienced the Community content precipitation, the product behind the drive, is the poor tour entire community crowd's high quality sharing, as well as to the new business age community value reconsideration. 2004, Shao in Germany, because want to share their travel experience, set up a tourism forum "poor tour Europe", with the passage of time, the forum slowly developed accumulation, more and more, 2008, Shao back to Beijing, the original because of love to build ...

What mistakes lead to a startup failure

In a recent speech, I was asked what mistakes led to the failure of entrepreneurship. Standing there for a few seconds, I realized that it was a difficult question to answer. It's a question of how a start-up can succeed. If you can avoid all the mistakes that lead to failure, you will naturally succeed.   This question is too big to answer clearly in such a short time. Then I realized that it might make sense to look at it from another perspective. If you have a list that lists all the things you shouldn't do, just take the list and you'll have to ...

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