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Community electricity quotient contains two layers of meaning, namely Community electronic commerce and community-electronic commerce

The Community electricity quotient contains two layers meaning, namely community electronic commerce and community electronic commerce. Community e-commerce is based on the community on the basis of E-commerce, and the community of E-commerce, is around the platform of E-commerce How to study the E-commerce to do the community. From the mainstream direction, internet business in the future two development direction, one is community, one is large-scale. The community is vertical and the scale is horizontal. and the community electric quotient of these two characteristics (traditional electric trader only solves the scale problem), the electronic commerce solves the area limit the scale question to represent is the line (...)

New Station Webmaster Memo: The 18 layers of purgatory to be surmounted

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall it, the IPO, the Internet upstart, these words look so wonderful, how to make people yearning?" The future is bright. , the road is very bumpy, ask yourself, are we ready? Look at the 18 layers of purgatory we're going through.   In purgatory with me, to the future webmaster some inspiration. First level Purgatory: Station name and Domain ...

The future development direction of internet company: IoT and large data artificial intelligence processing

Absrtact: "Editor's note" Zhou the future direction of internet companies observed abroad: IoT and large data AI processing. He stressed that he must work closely with Internet hardware companies in the future. It is worth mentioning that Zhou in the speech also clear "editor's note" Zhou said he observed abroad in the future development of the Internet company direction: IoT and large data artificial intelligence processing. He stressed that he must work closely with Internet hardware companies in the future.   It is worth mentioning that Zhou in the speech also clarified himself and Lei is actually a good friend. Qihoo 3 ...

A brief discussion on the driving factors of the development of industry Internet

Over the past 20 years, the Internet has rapidly penetrated into all areas of people's lives, greatly affecting people's habits of life and consumption. With the development of technology and a series of dazzling model innovation and merger and acquisition integration, Internet enterprises have established a huge ecological system in the consumer market. The rapid development of Internet in the field of consumption, let people see the Internet in the industrial manufacturing, industrial cooperation and other enterprise-level applications of the huge space and the possibility of a new concept has come into being-industrial Internet. First, the industrial Internet awareness with the advent of the industrial Internet era, internet owners ...

The industry insider of internet pornography

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host technology Hall to eliminate the harm of internet pornography, since April this year, the National Ten ministries have launched a six-year campaign to crack down on internet pornography. "News survey" also went to Hebei, Shenzhen, Shanghai for investigation. The public security organ arrests the Action Network sex Organization chart Lu Shijing Chinese Youth Association vice President February 2007, a Netizen's report let this "Portrait 99" the website to enter Handan police's vision, first contact such case, a series of questions put in the net ...

China's "Newsweek": China to build a network of security on the Internet

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall a row of computer a word to spread out, screen on both the open Web page, there are commonly used chat tools QQ or MSN, computer before the people to fly-this familiar scene looks like a common Internet café identical, but the internet is not ordinary netizens.   They are Sina's community management staff, while in the Forum patrol, while the hands and feet quickly delete some of the posts. Sina, perhaps China's largest and most active speech position. In its more than 100 BBS and more than 100 ...

Mobile dealers: From the bright future there are layers of glass

In college life years ago, some professional students were often described as flies in canned jars: The future is bright and the road is not. Vertical electric and mobile operators look like two poor bugs in this beautiful bottle, the onlookers marvel at their untapped potential, while the bottles are still struggling for survival. The constant trial and error of the mobile operator regardless of the electric business platform, the vertical electric operator or the platform of small and medium-sized sellers, seems to have reached a consensus: the Mobile Electric Chamber is the future, but also they are not fully aware of the future of the mobile electrical business how to go. Jingdong Mall ...

Excellent view Yu: The value of UC reflects the future of mobile internet

Gossip "Heroine" in the Suzhou Street in the 16 floor of the office, UC excellent as chairman and chief Executive Officer Yu face "entrepreneurial State" magazine once again said: "A year since my attitude has been very clear, UC is not for sale." "This is the Beijing office of UC with more than 100 employees."      UC1500 employees, mostly in Guangzhou, far away from Beijing.      Interview that day is catching up with "38" Women's days, UC from outside to find a photographer, to the female staff to shoot artsy. Baidu's takeover of UC has been rumored for a long time. Media ...

Three squirrel This brand name, I feel that has transitioned to the idea of having the Internet as the starting point

1. Brand three squirrel This brand name, I think has transitioned to have the Internet as the starting point of the idea. Internet This sales behavior and sales methods, a certain brand has changed, but also requires the brand has memory and interactivity. In the internet age, there are too many contact information every day, flash past, can't remember. And the Internet mainstream group is 85, very young. So the Internet brand, better memory, and fun.   The two together, we think of animals, this is the origin of the names of three squirrels. At the beginning ...

China Vice president and the chief CTO of Le Ju Internet and electric business group

A curly hair was enough to make Trichenrong noticeable, and his beard, "deliberately left to fit his hair", made him look more maverick.   Of course, this does not mean that he is difficult to contact. He might be able to introduce himself: "I may not be the same as the traditional CTO, they may wear a pair of glasses, they do not wear me, these are created by the habitat."   "White v-collar T-shirt outside the black plaid coat, stylish dress, fluffy hairstyle, indeed, this is not the traditional CTO image, and he is not in the traditional industry." Trichenrong's title is easy ...

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