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7 things learned in the venture industry

Summary: Partner of Andreessen Horowitz. 5 months ago, Sam left the VC industry and joined the photo-sharing website Imgur as product director. Here are 7 things the author has learned in the VC industry to share with you. 1/The winner always has some aspect that looks wrong to Andreessen Horowitz's partner. 5 months ago, Sam left the VC industry and joined the photo-sharing website Imgur as product director. Here are 7 things that the author has learned in the VC industry.

Caen Contee learned to cook from his mother.

Caen Contee learned to cook from his mother. When he was only 7 years old, in his Brazilian home, he began to watch his mother Cook every day. "That time not only made me interested in cooking, it was an investment for me," Contee said. "Today Contee has become the co-founder and CEO of Culination, a new culinary site that incorporates recipes and video cooking wizards that are provided by gourmet experts." Contee said: "Traditional cooking nets ...

A16z's original partner sums up 7 things he has learned in the venture industry

Summary: Partner of Andreessen Horowitz. 5 months ago, Sam left the VC industry and joined the photo-sharing website Imgur as product director. Here are 7 things the author has learned in the VC industry to share with you. 1/The winner always has some aspect that looks wrong to Andreessen Horowitz's partner. 5 months ago, Sam left the VC industry and joined the photo-sharing website Imgur as product director. Here are 7 things the author has learned in the VC industry to share with you. ...

Guo may suspend pen for the future: Make money and have ideal

Small four: People can not spend a lifetime of gorgeous 45 degrees (design lines) yesterday, Huaxi City newspaper reporter from the Yangtze River Literature and Art press, learned from the TV reality show "We Date" of the same name of the film will be released nationwide Valentine's Day, and the film's original novel and screenwriter by Guo and his several writers collectively. This is Guo signed the first time after the signing of the writer's identity into the film and television circle. Yesterday afternoon, Huaxi City newspaper reporter telephone interview to Guo, he said this time as a film writer, is with Rondani friendship cooperation, his current energy will also be placed in writing and company management. Guo Jing ...

Mudd without fear Auganine angry split fear clap explosion scene (figure)

Mudd and Auganine Sina Entertainment news Beijing Time February 1, according to media reports in Hong Kong, Mudd and Auganine yesterday for the wireless play "Flying Tigers" play a fight, and Auganine learned before "The sage split gua" This kung Fu, Mudd said that they do not worry about being chopped, but the most worried about is the arms explosion scene. Ask Mudd if he's worried about hitting him? Mudd smiled and said: "Don't worry, I have learned Kung Fu, and the scene has martial arts guidance to teach me." "And Mudd to play criminals's Huang today, that every actor in the show is also very strong, he will be a muscle ...

Ardos "Disfigured" will go to South Korea plastic expert consultation said will leave Scar

Ardos "Disfigured" (reporter Shoupeng) ardos performance accident injury, confirmed that the wound will leave scars.  Recently, singer Ardos in the Lunar festival musical "man Son" performance unexpected eyebrow bone injury, a few hours before going to hospital treatment.  Yesterday, the reporter learned from ardos close friends, because Ardos wound position is more special, that night had four hospitals, the injury only get preliminary treatment, because of rust infection for several hours, Ardos has missed the best treatment time. The friend said, after a number of plastic surgery expert consultation, ardos wounds will definitely leave scars, "disfigured" has become ...

Guo was hired as a visiting professor at the Academy of Drama to recruit 15 budding students (FIG)

Guo is a professor, it's not a blow. (Beijing Opera Art Vocational College Office for illustration) "Guo was a professor!" "Huaxi Metropolitan newspaper reporter from Beijing learned:" The controversial hot personage, Guo, yesterday afternoon from the Beijing Opera Art Vocational College received a visiting Professor appointment. It is reported that at the scene, Guo's Beijing Cloud and the Beijing Opera Art Vocational College jointly organized the "Crosstalk Koep class" Cooperation signing ceremony, also held.  The West China Metropolitan newspaper correspondent interviewed both Guo and his college side. School: Under pressure to invite "Professor Guo" Beijing opera Art Vocational College for publicity ...

Bruce Lee Kung Fu "double cutting stick" Germany Cologne Film Festival won the prize

Reporter learned that the fifth annual German Cologne International Film Festival in Germany September 18 19 o'clock in the evening local time to hold the award ceremony, as so far the film festival only shortlisted action film, "double Cutting stick" conquered the judges and the European audience, the highest award "Organizing Committee Award."   Chinese Kung fu films have once again been supported and praised in Europe, the film director, starring Chen Tianxing in the award ceremony of the Chinese Kung Fu performance caused a scene sensation, became the festival's one of the highlights, "double-cut stick" also in the European audience request repeated four times, and selected as the closing ceremony film. Director Chen Tianxing (right) in Germany ...

Fan Bingbing late-night hot pot satisfy mature male willing driver pick-up

Fan Network entertainment news Fan Bingbing Stunning debut in Cannes, red blanket queen beauty if fairy, but the fact that the fairy sister also eat the world fireworks, on the eve of the film festival to Cannes, reporters caught "Ye" in the Hot pot shop, a satisfy, and a ripe man responsible for transfer. (text/0 degrees) fan Network joint Popular studio exclusive report, reproduced please indicate the source fan network. [Page] the night before 10 o'clock, the reporter learned that fan bingbing and friends in the capital Xinyuan near a Macao hotpot restaurant to eat, bitter and so on, only to see a pedestrian Chayu after filed. That night, Fan Bingbing a white t ...

The last wave of booking peak before the Spring Festival outbound tour

In recent years, the Spring Festival outbound travel rapid growth, "to foreign New Year" has become a city middle class in a fashion, the annual spring Festival two weeks before the outbound product booking also became particularly prosperous. Reporter has learned from the same network, the Spring Festival outbound travel routes Best booking time is 20 days in advance, now is less than 20 days away from the Spring Festival, Europe, Southeast Asia and other popular destinations before and after the New Year's Eve set off the number of tour, many lines only leave the Spring Festival after the regiment. The same way network holiday division, Ms. Wang told reporters, right now is the 2014 Spring Festival outbound tour of the last wave of booking peak ...

Zhang Zhenyue: My girlfriend should have the spirit of adventure (figure)

Zhang Zhenyue in the longitudinal line with three eldest brother after a year of crazy days, Zhang Zhenyue back to their music and life. He first went to the Yilan home retreat surfing, and then with a good friend hot dog made a new song "Output." October 22, he will be in the North Exhibition theater to sing, the cooperation object from the longitudinal line of three eldest brother into a hot dog, Zhang Zhenyue obviously relaxed a lot. Talking about the longitudinal line, Aye described it as "the sponge is squeezed dry water" one year, repeated commuting let four of people burnout. Although the value has been promoted, learned a lot of things, "but I have not had time to eliminate ..."

Youbin "Master" burden Lu Xing blasting Material Master is a chef (figure)

Sina Entertainment News following the Red classic creation "Never Dies of the airwaves", Dezong media again launched a large-scale emotional inspirational TV series "Master." The play in addition to Youbin, Summer Rain, Jean Gaowa and other front-line stars starring, but also invited the Lu Xing, Shanna, Guoguming, Han Hong and other senior actors to join, to super luxury lineup together to create "master."  A few days ago, Sina reporter went to Dalian exclusive Research class, learned many "master" behind the interesting story. Youbin is a big son of food is very keen to be praised as the worker version of "Liang Jian" "Master" through a unique perspective tells the Lee Young ...

Guangdong plans to build 1 to 2 large industrial transfer Park

A few days ago, Guangdong Province held the "double transfer" working conference issued "on the strengthening of human resources training and allocation of a number of views" (draft) and "on the construction of industrial transfer park to accelerate the pace of industrial transfer" (draft), "Guangdong Province Industrial Transfer Regional layout Master plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning") was first presented at the meeting.  According to these policies, 32 provincial transfer Garden industries will be adjusted appropriately, and 1-2 large-scale industrial transfer industrial parks will be planned and constructed. Reporter learned that the province has now identified 32 industrial transfer Industry Park, divided ...

Policy marginal: I'm afraid the price is rising again.

Mr. Huang, 76 years old, is grey-haired.  After consulting, he learned that they still need to wait six months to achieve in the application area account for 5 years of conditions, face dew disappointment. Mr. Huang and his wife used to live with his son, son sold after two people have no "home" suffering, through generous friends help account can fall in Xuhui, but so far only 4.5. The husband and wife uttered, life savings are only enough to buy a small affordable. He enclosed a letter in the application that said, "We are old and sick, my wife is a cancer patient, and I have more elderly illnesses, and I am also suffering from anxiety, glaucoma, and my right eye remnants."

Qin Gang: China and India have no obligation to undertake binding emission reduction targets

December 3, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang asked reporters at a regular press conference.  Sino-New Society, Liu, Beijing December 3 (Xinhua) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said 3rd at a regular press conference that China and India are developing countries and have no obligation to undertake binding emission reduction targets. A reporter asked a question, China recently announced the number of energy-saving emission reduction. According to Indian media reports, India has learned that China's goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, the country's energy conservation and emission reduction pressure is very high.  What is China's comment on this? Qin said a few days ago, the Chinese government announced the control of greenhouse gas emissions of the line ...

Million Yuan Clivia one day sell 20 pots high-end lunar fair flower not worry sell

The last season 27 to go to the market to slaughter chickens, and this year's lunar flowers become an indispensable people to buy one of the necessities. Reporter from the capital of major flower market learned that this year, about 10 million pots of various varieties of lunar flower supply market.  Every now and then hundreds of flowers in the twinkling of an eye, tens of thousands of Clivia even a day to sell 20 pots. High-priced gift potted plant in short supply "cucumbers are 3 pieces a catty, spring festival to buy a few potted plants is not what." "In the century, the flower market of the Austrian bridge, the Citizen Sun Aunt carefully selected the festival home in the pendulum flower, a basin fan butterfly orchid, a pot of luxurious cymbidium, also ...

Land ministry plans to tighten Villa policy

Commercial news in the Forbidden Place seven years later, the Villa project does not decline to increase the situation let the regulatory authorities determined to introduce comprehensive definition and regulatory measures. Recently, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Ministry of Intensive Research in the national land, the overall situation of the land, a villa, large-type project for land use of the survey is also in sync, "the next step will be specific to the villa to make a definition, the new Villa definition is expected to be in addition to the previous height, the volume rate of two restrictions, including the type , area and so on, "the Department's Land use division, a person in charge, said," Do not rule out the line, overlap and other items are included in the "...

Jilin Water Conservancy investment will increase one times

Changchun, February 10 (Xinhua Liu) reporter from the recently convened Jilin Rural working Conference learned: Jilin will continue to increase investment in water conservancy construction. Jilin Province Water Conservancy Department director Suden said, Jilin Province strives for the next 10 years annual average investment is 1 time times higher than 2010.  Jilin Province will take Water conservancy as the focus area of public finance, and the total amount and increase of water conservancy investment at all levels should be improved obviously. In 2010, the grain yield of Jilin province accounted for nearly 1/4 of the national grain increment, but the serious lag of water conservancy construction still restricts the construction of modern agriculture in Jilin Province, especially ...

Differential mortgage rules are expected this week

⊙ reporter Tang True dragon shi Beibei "the State Council on resolutely curb the price of some cities in the rapid rise of the Notice" ("New Country 10") after the release of commercial banks quickly responded. Many reporters learned that the major commercial banks in 19th have held a head office meeting to study and formulate relevant rules.  This week will be the implementation of detailed rules, the various types of housing demand for the implementation of differential policy. Agricultural Bank of China made clear that the headquarters rules will be issued tomorrow, some branches such as Beijing Branch has begun to implement the "new Country 10" in the relevant provisions;

Deep development Restart 6.5 billion mixed debt issue chairman to ask for release

This thought that after the peace reorganization can release the capital regulation the deep development, because the ping an bank and the deep Development Merger's delay demo cannot replenish the capital, is falling into a new predicament. Following the announcement of refinancing by 3 banks such as Minsheng Bank, this week the market has also developed a plan to issue a mixed debt of not more than $6.5 billion. South reporters from the deep development concerned learned that the issue of the mixed debt scheme was already in 2009, only because of the occurrence of a major asset restructuring with Ping An bank, the temporary suspension of the debt issuance programme, mainly in view of the merger of Ping An bank and the deep development of the approved ...

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