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A dead man who makes you bleed to death. Six game controllers

The Web (compilation/Sky White) The long-awaited Kinect was finally released last week, before that, the famous game-testing website IGN said: "Kinect will sell well in casual gamers and families with children, and the core or traditional players may not be able to buy." Now, it seems, the truth seems to be true. Less than a week after the sale, players found that the goods were not as good as they thought. The first is a physical problem, one player, after 2 hours of playing with Kinect, said: "I'm going to play this game ...

No 18 banned games for home mainframe? Nine game-wide knowledge

1th page: Cero is what 1, the beginning of the Japanese version of the game or cover often appear cero of the mark, what is this? The full name of the Computer entertainment Rating from Cero is Computer entertainment Rating from, a non-profit corporate body in Japan, Be responsible for grading audit of game software. Cero will be based on the ethical performance of the work (violence, pornography, crime, etc.).

Why does the game come with a sense of emptiness

I believe many people have had a similar experience: in a period of time addicted to a game, and after the game feel empty. What the hell is this about? The high vote under the title answers that the reason for this state is that the game "is useless for most ordinary people", is it really? Li Ji of the University of Southern California reading the game design Professional from the perspective of Game design analysis of this matter. "Useless," is not the root cause of emptiness. You see a movie, read a novel, what "use"? At least a bad movie, you will never feel useful, but also not feel empty. You go to play.

For entrepreneurs, the results of the establishment of the enterprise is extremely cruel, not life is dead

For entrepreneurs, the results of the establishment of the enterprise is extremely cruel, not life is dead. Someone found "very wet snow and very long slopes", will "snowball" roll bigger, and even landed on Nasdaq, from success to success, but also someone to stumble, several times, but difficult to escape the "dead also suddenly" doom, back to the exit after a sigh, and people never give up, firm ideals, and finally comeback. Whether from success to success or by the success of the foreshadowing, there is a truth bumps not broken: the larger the enterprise, the more difficult the entrepreneur, someone hard to carry on the death knock continue to move forward, some people simply sell the enterprise to cash, there is a person, always in ...

An interview with the Tanabata festival: "Dream of the Fairy" game fun gradually lost the overflow

In the southern China Telecom one area of the sword AO Sky server, there is a player his grade from the open area to now has been ranked first, and he is the region's most powerful gang leader.  His name is called the Tanabata Festival. Today, let NetEase game channel reporter to lead us to understand him, a taste of his demeanor.  Please see "Dream of the Fairy" war correspondent someone sent back the report. The members of the Xian Temple bless NetEase game channel more better to do the characters of the festival of the Character Map NetEase game channel: As the Sword of the highest level of the firmament, the strength of the most powerful gangs, I believe there must be a lot of people interested in you, ...

The player has spent 300,000 on the equipment and now the game "journey" claims to be green.

Game player ブ Yang of this set of equipment cost 300,000 yuan game "wind and cloud-male bully World" posters in internet cafes every night there are a lot of people playing games this newspaper photos Guohongfei photographed on Thursday, Zhuji Mr. Chen into 85100000: We play games with 10 people, is the Grand network acquired, called " The wind and the clouds-male bully the world, we are RMB players, the beginning is free, but there is really no free lunch, the more free activities the more ways to circle your money. And then we got into it all at once, a bottomless pit, a set of buckles. Swim ...

"Surround the nerve cat" set a new record, one night into the game nouveau riche

2 people, 1.5 days of time, within 3 days to visit the amount of billion ... This is the new record of the social game, "surround the nerve cat". And this section by the professional people think very "simple" works, behind the trader is two 85, technician Qinchuan and artist Loujochen.   But the pair were only a small staff member in Nanjing, a "Mud Geek network technology company," and the game was not even approved by the company. From last year's crazy guess figure, magic Map, and then to this year's face Meng, neuro-cat ... With the help of the micro-trust Circle "show face, bask in the score", in a night they become social ...

The horror game "psychic killer" players praise the content of their own stories

Recent night horror games frequently, from the "Silent Ridge: Origin", to the "Days: Thousand Chaos," from "split cell 5" to the "Soul Killer: Alan Wake Up", each will deal with the dark fear.  For this first-person-oriented game, what are the content and elements that are worth the attention of the player? Background: 9 reasons: Exquisite "Soul Killer" also known as Alan WAKE up by the remedy design, Microsoft Microsoft Company issued a masterpiece of horror. "Psychic Killer" tells a bizarre and full ...

It's all weird. Home Machine External Media enumerate host platform block PC game 12 sins

Sometimes PC games are very clumsy compared to host games. But the PC game is far from disappearing, only part of it is the host platform constraints. There is no doubt that the host platform dominates the entire industry, while also using their model to fan the entire gaming world. And then what?  Small knitting here for everyone to bring the summary of foreign media, these are from the impact of the host platform, the injury PC game detailed examples. Deferred and rough porting let's talk about one of the most obvious examples: a rough transplant, which can produce any form, even if today's developers can be familiar with platforms ...

"Endless Sword" skill full solution and Game upgrade experience

Skills of the full solution "Endless sword" this game is to open up a screen-type role playing the first game, even if run away from this, the game is the screen also let us understand that the original mobile phone game can be made like this. Although the game is old, but the classic must have to play pointed out, small series will bring you This "endless sword" of the customs strategy, hope can also be helpful to the vast number of gamers, ADO us this dear. About the story background: According to my personal understanding and assumption, this story is a quest for democracy and freedom of the Knight to challenge the legend of the king, the knight all the way through finally kill to God here ...

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