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Enterprise operation and maintenance job interview: Linux server how to prevent the Trojan?

Enterprise operation and maintenance job interview: How to prevent the Linux server in the Trojan? (A) to answer the strategy to business interviews there are many competitors, so pay attention to the dimensions and height of the answer, we must immediately spike competitors, get high-paying offer. (B) Answer Tactics Trojans are often malicious Linux Under the way through the Web to upload the directory to upload Trojans to the Linux server, according to the malicious Web site to start -> Linux -> HTTP Services -> Middleware Services -> Program Code ...

Android 3 multi-view Linux kernel Tablet PC

Android is a Linux kernel based software platform and operating system that was developed early by Google and then developed by the Open Cell Phone Consortium open handset Alliance. It uses the Software heap layer (software stack, also known as software Overlay) architecture, mainly divided into three parts. The low-level is based on the Linux kernel, providing only basic functionality, while other applications are developed by the companies themselves, and Java is part of the programming process. In addition, to promote this technology, Google and the other dozens of ...

Implementation of Linux VPS server performance monitoring with SNMP and monitoring treasure

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall in our Management Server WINDOSW system is more intuitive, how much CPU use, How much bandwidth is used in memory, and so on, as long as the Task manager at Remote Desktop is clear. But in the Linux environment is not so easy, especially the server or VPS running a large site, if not and ...

Android Startup process In-depth analysis

The article by Bole Online-the top of the Sea of clouds translated from Kpbird. Welcome to the Android team. Please refer to the request at the end of the article. What happens when you press the power button on the Android device? What is the startup process for Android? What is the Linux kernel? What is the difference between the Linux kernel of the desktop system and the Linux kernel of the Android system? What is a bootstrap loader? What is Zygote? What is X86 and arm Linux? What is...

"Password Gate" event for China cloud computing security sounded the alarm

A few days ago, China's Internet outbreak has been the most widespread, the largest and most harmful leakage incidents, the cumulative leak user password up to 230 million. It is also predicted that because users may use the same registration name, mailbox, password in other sites that are not compromised, the disclosure will indirectly affect the information security of a total of 500 million accounts. Such a serious password leak has once again put the Internet security issue on the cusp. Since China's current Internet applications are used to communicate or publish information, users are still relatively little stored in private data from operators. However, with the widespread popularity of cloud computing, the number ...

Ctrip practice case sharing: using HTML5 to monitor site performance

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall text/Shingdong, Liu, Xie School HTML5 Technology brings many new elements to the web, not only makes the website become more and more beautiful, the interactive experience is getting closer to perfect, even more makes many once impossible function can realize.   This article aims at the new characteristic which the HTML5 brings in the website performance monitoring, shares with everybody Ctrip traveling network in this direction the practical experience. Site performance monitoring of the status of the Web site performance is increasingly popular concern, because it directly ...

Construction of enterprise security building open source SIEM platform (on)

Preface The construction of enterprise security building Open source SIEM platform, SIEM (security information and event management), as the name suggests is for security information and event management system, for most businesses is not cheap security system, this article combined with the author's experience describes how to use Open source software to build enterprise SIEM system, data depth analysis in the next chapter. The development of SIEM compared Gartner global SIEM rankings in 2009 and 2016, we can clearly see that ...

10 key elements in establishing an efficient IDC data center

With the advent of new technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization, the evolution of data centers may turn itself into a very different environment. However, any data center that operates smoothly and successfully always requires some basic elements.   Whether the scale of the data center is like a vertical wardrobe or a plane, or even rumors that Google is building a yacht-type data center, these elements are critical. 1, environmental control standardization, predictable environment is the cornerstone of any High-quality data center. It's not just about getting the equipment to cool down and maintaining the right humidity (according to Wikipedia, recommend ...)

IBM SmartCloud Monitoring Creator Insight overview

This article will be from IBM ">smartcloud monitoring creator Insight Product Overview and framework, Prerequisites, Smai product installation and SSL configuration, product login, Demo examples, and several other aspects of IBM SmartCloud monitoring Applicati ...

The integration of heterogeneous resources management to interpret the wave of clouds OS3.0

"Tenkine Server channel November 13 message" Cloud OS V3.0 is a wave based on China's first independent cloud operating system clouds OS V1.0, V2.0 version of the important upgrade products, is an open architecture, modular, standardized cloud data center resource management platform, the data center to achieve the integration of heterogeneous resources,   Management and rapid service delivery is the "central nervous system" of the cloud data center. The Cloud OS V3.0 includes two modules of ICM and server virtualization, including the Cloud-based Data center management platform. ICM is a cloud data center integrated management platform, cloud resource management ...

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