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Guangdong Linux Center released a new pivot server operating system

Recently, Guangdong Province, LINUX public service "> Technical Support Center (referred to as the Guangdong Provincial Center for Linux) for the Chinese government and enterprise users of the flagship product" new pivot server operating system V4.02 version officially released.It can meet the requirements of carrier-class operating system as the highlight of the high reliability, become the current many domestic government departments, enterprises and institutions for information security applications to consider, and choose to replace the country. ..

Cloud computing, big Data accelerates Linux to replace Unix

With the rapid development of cloud computing and large data industries, Linux has begun to replace Unix as the most favored operating system. In 2012, Gartner released a forecast that by 2017 65% of apps would migrate from UNIX to the x86 architecture (primarily to Linux). This August, Forrester Research also released a new study, 83% of respondents are currently running Linux on the server, and more than 40% of respondents are using Linux for major server operating systems or top-level services ...

Linux market revenue reaches 23 million dollars

According to IDC's latest report, "China's Linux market 2009-2013 forecast and Analysis," 2008 China's total Linux market revenue reached 23 million U.S. dollars, growth rate of 26%. With the maturity of the technology, for users, Linux as an operating system software, whether the performance or stability are improving.  Linux manufacturers have also spared no effort to promote the market, so that the Chinese market for Linux acceptance and deployment is increasing. 刘宁蔚, senior analyst at IDC's China Software and Services Research department, said: "200 ...

Wisdom of the Earth: Based on Linux, the use of "cloud computing" to build the entire social ERP

At the end of last year, Palmisano proposed IBM's new global Strategy: Smarter Planet, "the Earth of Wisdom". Recently, in the "open source China, open source World" summit forum and round Table, IBM Greater China Chief technology officer, China Research Institute Dean Li again to the wisdom of the Earth published his own views. Li that, with another more obvious explanation to explain "wisdom of the Earth", is to establish the whole society of ERP. ERP is Enterprise Resource calculates.

My Embedded Linux learning path

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall 03 I graduated from an ordinary university in Shaanxi electronic information Professional, At that time, I knew nothing about the Linux operating system, almost none of the Linux systems actually running, after graduating from university in Beijing a university for 2 years to read the software engineering master, perhaps the school and professional reasons, I have a strong interest in software development. 0.

One of the Linux tutorials

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall believe that a lot of beginners who want to learn Linux are worried about what to look at Linux learning Tutorials Good,   The following small series for everyone to collect and organize some of the more important tutorials for everyone to learn, if you want to learn more words, can go to wdlinux school to find more tutorials. 1, Linux system restart ...

Illustrated to teach you to install Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux is a special Linux distribution that can be automatically optimized and customized for any application and need.    Gentoo has excellent performance, highly configurable and best-in-class user and "> Development community." As a result of Portage technology, Gentoo Linux can serve as an ideal security server, development platform, professional level desktop ...

Linux Server System password recovery combat

& ">nbsp; Number 23rd received a customer call, the Linux server can not log on, because the server is placed in China Unicom's hosting room, so can not be processed on-site. After the network detection, the server could not ping, the server network segment gateway can ping. Started thinking that the server managed room network problem, causing the server can not access, ...

Vine Linux 6.3 Release, new features worth watching

Vine Linux 6.3 Release, this version code-named Malartic-lagraviere, noteworthy new features: Update the Software collection;  Update Linux kernel to 3.4.106 (latest LTS kernel 3.4.y); Bundle newer Software-firefox 33.0, Thunderb ...

Most of the world's fastest computer charts run Linux operating systems

The world's fastest computer ranking in half a year was released at the beginning of June. Not surprisingly, most of them run in a form of Linux operating system. The Linux Foundation's Amanda McPherson by citing a "> Any improvement to Linux by a supercomputer manufacturer is a phenomenon that is poured into the kernel (sic: that any impr ...).

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