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Konsole a terminal simulator in a KDE4 environment

Konsole is the terminal simulator of K desktop environment. Konsole is a terminal simulator in KDE4 environment, which is equivalent to Windows Cmd.exe. Linux commands can be Google. Here is a description of KDE4-specific commands. Kde4-configkde4-config--version often look at the system QT kde4 version.

Graphical Linux commands: displaying monthly calendars and calendars with CAL commands

The CAL command is used to display a monthly calendar or almanac, so let's take a look at what is displayed directly in the terminal by typing the CAL command. With the left mouse button click "Start"--> "Application"--> "Attachment"--> "System Terminal", open the terminal. We enter a CAL in the terminal. It shows the calendar for the current month of the system. What if we want to show the system this year's Almanac? Let's try the CAL plus year number 2006 and see what it shows? Originally is this year's Almanac! Now there are no friends to ...

Graphical Linux commands: Displaying system processes with the top command

What is a process? Simply put, the system is running the program. What if we want to know which programs are running in the current system? It's easy to use the top command to get what you want. We enter in the terminal: top, see what is displayed? Wow, so many programs are running in the system (each line represents a program)?   What do the above columns mean? The pid:pid is the number that the system is assigned to per program, or process itself. Because the system has to track it after the program is started, why? Because at least we have to find it.

PHP performs the six commonly used functions of Linux commands

2, system function <? Php $ test = "ls / tmp / test"; $ last = system ($ test); print "last: & ...

PHP calls Linux command details

PHP invoke Linux Command details/* The function to invoke Linux commands in the PHP tutorial is string exec (String command, string [array], int [return_var]); such as exec ("VPOPMA ...")

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