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The change of DevOps system

Editor's note: The development and operation as a whole to look at the DevOps engineering thought gradually in the hearts of the community, this article explores the origins and development of DevOps, from the physical machine/stand-alone virtual machine deployment, to the deployment based on IaaS, and then last year, just the emergence of container based deployment. The writer, Jason, comes from a newly established Hangzhou Flying Cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd., its brand "Fit2cloud" (@fit2cloud) is a hybrid cloud management and DevOps tool built on IaaS for cloud infrastructure and applications ...

Large evaluation of DEVOPS tool model for cloud computing vendors

Software as a service (SaaS) is probably the most compelling and profitable of the three cloud computing business models, as it provides customers with the ability to replace the cost of most technical support types, and can be sold directly to consumers. But the success of SaaS is not smooth sailing. Without the use of DevOps tools and principles, the task of building and maintaining SaaS applications will quickly become an operational nightmare for cloud computing providers.   The biggest source of these problems is the automation of a lifecycle-wide process for services deployed in a cloud computing environment. Cloud computing ...

The security of container vs virtualization

Editor's note: When it comes to the safety of containers, most people say it's not safe enough to give up the high performance and convenience it brings. The author of this article thinks that Docker has already provided a safe mode, and can be used with all Linux security schemes such as SELinux, as, but many people do not use it well. By comparing bare-metal, VMS and container to buildings, apartments and private rooms, the authors illustrate the problem. Of course, from another perspective, the author only considers the problem of single tenant, the situation of the multi-tenant, C ...

Developers should focus on technology hotspots

"Editor's note" predicts the future is a very crazy thing, and now the development of enterprise technology is always beyond our imagination. Eric Knorr, InfoWorld's editor-in-chief, predicts that 9 of the big technologies will be in place in 2015 or in the coming years. He believes that open source is the first choice for enterprises to obtain competitive advantage, as a developer should pay attention to technical hotspots, and around the core technology to build a similar docker, Hadoop and other ecosystems. The following is: 1. The public cloud will be successful this year, IaaS and PAAs of the melt ...

Technological changes in the field of cloud computing

The essence of technology lies in the accumulation of accumulation. The virtualization, RESTFull API, and distributed concepts of the past have undergone earth-shaking changes over the past decade.

Walking in the Clouds: CoreOS Practice Guide (i)

"Editor's note" Docker and CoreOS are excellent "graduates" of the Silicon Valley incubator, and it is said that two bosses have a good personal relationship, Docker do container engines, CoreOS container management, cooperation is very happy, but with the release of Rocket gradually "parted". Although Docker and CoreOS are seeking "Jane", but Docker "Jane" is to strive to achieve the most convenient use of the user, CoreOS "Jane" is the pursuit of the ultimate lightweight, which will be the future of container technology, in fact, it is difficult ...

Top Ten most popular cloud computing skills inventory

Joe Roberts, once a SaaS product director, decided to change his job, and he decided he would continue to do so because of his extensive experience in the field of cloud computing. Roberts was previously a senior IT director and system engineer in charge of SaaS product development in the company, leaving last November. After that, he received a job offer from a number of companies, and Roberts eventually became a senior devo at Bit9 Company in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Cloud Management is well prepared

Once upon a time, you might just have to deal with one or two of strategic contractors, which may not be difficult.   And now, in the cloud world, you're going to face more than 10 or even more service providers, who may be SaaS (software as a service) provider or IAAS (infrastructure services) provider, what are you doing with so many service providers? Application workloads were previously transmitted through private connections within the datacenter, and now they are transmitted over the Internet. Servers and storage capacity were previously owned by the IT department, and now just by applying ...

New virtualization options for open source project docker,red hat

Red hat works with the open source project Docker container "> Technology Developer Team to provide a virtual Machine Manager technology (hypervisors   ) alternatives. Linux publisher Red Hat is working with virtual technology company DotCloud to develop a new open source container technology for the Fedora Community Linux project called Doc ...

CoreOS Practice Guide (III): System service Housekeeper SYSTEMD

"Editor's note" as an operating system, CoreOS uses a highly streamlined system kernel and peripheral customization to implement many of the functions that require complex human operations or Third-party software support at the operating system level, while excluding other software that is not core to the server system, such as GUI and package manager. Linfan, a software engineer from ThoughtWorks, will bring the "Walk Cloud: CoreOS Practice Guide" series to take you through the CoreOS essence and recommended practice. This article is based on the third article: System Services Housekeeper SYS ...

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