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In-depth understanding of Linux memory mapping mechanism

I. Introduction We often see some similar in the program disassembled code 0 × 32118965 this address, the operating system called linear address, or virtual address. What is the use of virtual address? Virtual address is how to translate into physical memory address? This chapter will give a brief account of this. 1.1 Linux Memory Addressing Overview Modern operating systems are in 32-bit protected mode. Each process can generally address 4G of physical space. But our physical memory is generally hundreds of M, the process can get 4 ...

Development of performance testing tools for the intensive back-end bare cloud system

What is an intensive back-end bare cloud system? The back-end cloud is the one that has removed all the interfaces used for front-end access and deployment, leaving only the cloud of backend virtualization management platform systems. This is further known as the naked cloud because it does not have any front-end modules for visualizing the business. Compared to the cloud front-end system, the back-end bare cloud system is a compact, intensive kernel system responsible for cloud virtualization implementation. For the public cloud, there can be no front-end system, but there must be no back-end system, because the backend is a collection of public cloud system based on Http:// ...

Dim_stat v.9.0 Release performance analysis and monitoring tools

Dim_stat is a performance analysis and monitoring tool for Solaris and Linux systems (and all other Unix systems). Its main features are web-based interfaces, data stored in SQL databases, several data views, interactive (Java) or Static (PNG) charts, real-time monitoring, multi-host monitoring, announcement analysis, Statistics aggregation/13607.html "> Data integration, Automation ...

Use 31 free online tools to test your site's performance

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall website Code verification Tool 1. WDG HTML Validator is a good tool to find out where the syntax of the site is wrong and to mark it out, or you can choose to make a single page analysis of each individual page on the site. (strongly recommended) 2. The Markup Validation Service is code-tested for both HTML and XHTML, claiming to be the first (and most user) on the internet ...

Ctrip practice case sharing: using HTML5 to monitor site performance

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall text/Shingdong, Liu, Xie School HTML5 Technology brings many new elements to the web, not only makes the website become more and more beautiful, the interactive experience is getting closer to perfect, even more makes many once impossible function can realize.   This article aims at the new characteristic which the HTML5 brings in the website performance monitoring, shares with everybody Ctrip traveling network in this direction the practical experience. Site performance monitoring of the status of the Web site performance is increasingly popular concern, because it directly ...

VMD 1.9.1 publishes biological system visualization analysis tools

VMD is the visual molecular ">dynamics abbreviation, is a biological system of visual analysis tools, such as protein, nucleic acid, Lipid Double-layer components. VMD can be used to view generic molecules, read standard protein database (PDB) files, and display the included structure. VMD provides a variety of methods for rendering and coloring molecules, including: simple ...

Teach you how to use cloud management tools

Cloud management is increasingly well known and is becoming a hot topic for now, with every emerging company and established vendors providing some tools to manage the cloud environment. There are a wide variety of tasks, such as monitoring tools, configuration tools, and tools in between. On the market there are natural fog (vaporware), this kind of tools to dazzle people, want to quickly have a certain understanding and clear, it is not easy. If you deploy a cloud that is not a mission-critical environment, but rather a fairly static environment, you may not need to configure the system dynamically. In the ...

Explore video and image analysis, monitoring, and security in cloud expansion

The author describes how to use OpenCV and similar tools for digital video analysis and methods to extend such analysis using cluster and distributed system design. In previous installments, a coprocessor designed specifically for video analysis and new OPENVX hardware acceleration was discussed, which can be applied to the computer Vision (CV) sample provided in this article. This new data-centric CV and video analysis technology requires system designers to rethink application software and system design to meet demanding requirements such as large, public facilities and infrastructure, and a more entertaining ...

Hadoop virtualization performance comparison and tuning experience

Virtualization has injected unprecedented energy into Hadoop, from the point of view of IT production management as follows: • Hadoop and other applications consuming different types of resources together deploy shared data centers to increase overall resource utilization; • Flexible virtual machines Operations allow users to dynamically create and extend their own Hadoop clusters based on data center resources, as well as shrink the current cluster and free resources to support other applications if needed.

The hottest 11 open source security tools on GitHub

Malware analysis, penetration testing, and computer forensics - GitHub hosts a host of compelling security tools that address the real needs of computing environments of all sizes. As the cornerstone of open source development, "all holes are superficial" has become a well-known principle or even a credo. As widely known as Linus's law, the theory that open code can improve the efficiency of project vulnerability detection is also widely accepted by IT professionals when discussing the security benefits of the open source model. Now, with the popularity of GitHub ...

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