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Bluelog 1.0.1 release Bluetooth device scanning and recording software

Bluelog 1.0.1 This release fixes the Linux 3.0.x version of the error to prevent problems with the Bluetooth scan. When a 3.0.x > system failure occurs, a descriptive error message appears bluelog. Bluelog is a Linux Bluetooth device scanning and recording software designed to take into account the speed factor. It can be used as a website survey tool, practical ...

Ardour 2.8.12 Release multi-track/multichannel recording tool

Ardour is a professional multi-track/multichannel recording tool and Daw for Linux, using ALSA-supported audio interfaces. It supports 32-bit sampling, 24+ channel to 96kHz, complete MMC control, non-destructive, Non-linear editor and Ladspa plugin. Ardour 2.8.12 Many features of this release have been enhanced and some bugs have been fixed. Download Address: Http://

Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 User manual: File system

The file system is the method and data structure that the operating system saves the file information on the hard disk or partition, that is, how the file is organized on the hard disk or partition. Typically, it is also used as a hard disk or partition that represents the file information that is saved. File system type supported by 8.5.1 system One of the important features of Linux systems is supporting multiple file systems. In this way, it is more flexible and can exchange data with many other kinds of operating systems, where Yun is commonly used in the following ways: Ext3:ext2 upgrade, Red Flag Linux http://ww ...

Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 user manual: Multimedia applications

7.3.1 Cd&dvd burning CD-ROM as a large capacity, Low-cost "> Data backup and Archiving methods have been widely popular, It can be used to back up useful data, make audio CDs, or release media that are made into products. Burning discs in a previous Linux environment, usually on a command-line basis, is more complicated than burning discs under the command line. Red Flag ...

How does Linux control volume under characters?

Today we are going to implement how to control the volume under the characters in Linux? We can use Aumix to set the signal strength of each sound device and the device that specifies playback and recording. Aumix 2.9 In the gtk++ interface Simplified Chinese screenshot Simplified Chinese Help Information aumix "> official website: http://jpj ....

4MLinux 3.1-media-edition release Mini Linux distribution

4MLinux 3.1-media-edition This is an updated version of 4mlinux-3.0-media-edition, 4mlinux-3.1 as the core Aggregation/10478.html "> System use. This version includes playback (MPlayer 1.0rc4,xine 1.1.20,timidity++ 2.13.3,mikm ...

DEDECMS System it Plato lectures content

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall DEDECMS system it Plato's lecture content dedecms System application skill, by our Dedecms the developer to lecture, the master lectures really very good, hoped some friends and has seen the all to see, I put the IT Plato lectures content, the purpose of convenience we have not seen the webmaster, I hope everyone likes! Thank you! If convenient, all the QQ Group window open for full screen, that originally I today is to comprehensively tell Dede some intermediate application ...

Linux Command Encyclopedia system settings: Aumix

Function Description: Set up sound device. Syntax: aumix& >nbsp; [ -123BCILMOPRSTVWWX] [(+ +) Strength] [PqR] [-DFHILQS] Supplemental NOTE: Set the signal strength of each sound device and specify the device for playback and recording. Parameters: [ -123bcilmopr ...

5 Outstanding Open source audio editor Tools

A reliable audio editor doesn't seem to go into the first few of the tools you have, but it's a tool that can be a big help to your business. Why do you say that? With an audio editor, you can add audio to your corporate Web site, create and edit podcasts, help sell your services or products, record and submit audio for broadcast commercials, and more. But "> Open source community now offers ...

Corporate video Conferencing There's a "free lunch."

When it comes to video conferencing, back in the 10, it's one of the most extravagant investments in the business, and the high cost of use is a way of burning money for businesses. Video conferencing system just entered the Chinese market, because of the large investment in technology research and development, harsh application conditions, poor compatibility performance, hardware and software requirements of many reasons for its price has been high.   Even today, the video conferencing system is often a port of tens of thousands of prices are not the average enterprise can afford. However, 10 years later, we see that with the rapid growth of mobile internet, not only all kinds of new mobile ...

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