Linux Server

Want to know linux server? we have a huge selection of linux server information on

Windows Azure Development Select MySQL or SQL Database

Windows ">azure currently does not directly provide MySQL database services, but there is a collaboration with CLEARDB to provide MySQL Database services, or use the Windows Azure virtual machine (Windows Server or Linux Server) service to establish your own MySQL service ...

Create a Redhat boot floppy disk for a rainy start

After deploying a Linux server, it's a good idea to create a floppy disk boot disk, because some large servers still have floppy drive, and can solve some complex problems by floppy drive if necessary. This Linux system also provides many ways to create floppy disk boot disks because the floppy disk boot disk works in the maintenance of Linux servers. If you create a floppy disk boot disk during setup, and so on. The most direct way for beginners is to create a floppy disk boot disk in a Windows environment, because most http://www ...

Windows Remote Desktop Connected to Linux Server (Ubuntu System)

Windows remote desktop connected to Linux server (ubuntu system), solve xrdp login interface port problem, and solve password failed.

How to Install Ubuntu Xrdp Server on (18.04 Version)

This tutorial shows how to install and configure Xrdp server on Ubuntu 18.04. First we need to determine the installation desktop environment for the Linux server.

Install xrdp on Ubuntu Server Using Graphical Interface (16.04 / 14.04)

There are only three easy steps to install xrdp on 16.04 and 14.04 versions of ubuntu server, as well as solutions to some problems that occur during installation.

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