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Docker Best Practices! 2014 Container Technical Conference

2014 Container Technical Conference (Container conference 2014) will be held in Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park on October 18, 2014. As the hottest container technology at the moment, Docker will be one of the most distinctive themes of the conference. CSDN Cloud Computing channel has invited Docker official and Google Kubernetes core developers, they will come to China, and domestic users to share Docker technical details, discuss Docker future ...

Cloud storage standards who will follow the CDMI specification

The cloud storage Standard--CDMI specification, published by SNIa in April 2010, may have been a thrill for cloud-storage-related vendors, but how much does it do for the security and stability of cloud storage and the scalability of the current user's suspicions?     We don't know. Cloud storage was originally a concept that came out after cloud computing, but it didn't come up with a standard before cloud computing. This also fulfilled the phrase Bill Gates once said: "Cloud storage will be faster than cloud computing." Cloud ...

Some common problems in search engine optimization

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall 1, what is the directory submission? Everyone is familiar with the phone or directory Yellow pages. They contain a list of people or sorts of businesses in alphabetical order or by category.   Internet directories are basically the same, but they are known as web directories or online catalogs, and they are by category sites. In order for your site to be listed on these pages, you must first submit to the directory. If you do not submit your site directory differently, users will not be able to find your site unless they know what is due to an accident or input ...

10 steps to securing data center Virtualization

There are many benefits to virtual servers, but are their security issues completely compromised? How do I ensure security? There are 10 positive steps you can take. The major problem with data center virtualization in the 2007 is "How much money and time can this technology save?" "And by 2008, the question will become" How safe will we be to adopt this technology? "It's a very difficult question to answer." A large number of vendors and consultants desperately selling virtualized products and services disagree on the risks and how to prevent them. At the same time, some security researchers are also trumpeting the risks of the theory.

Ctrip practice case sharing: using HTML5 to monitor site performance

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall text/Shingdong, Liu, Xie School HTML5 Technology brings many new elements to the web, not only makes the website become more and more beautiful, the interactive experience is getting closer to perfect, even more makes many once impossible function can realize.   This article aims at the new characteristic which the HTML5 brings in the website performance monitoring, shares with everybody Ctrip traveling network in this direction the practical experience. Site performance monitoring of the status of the Web site performance is increasingly popular concern, because it directly ...

Access IBM cloud computing capabilities for enterprise Development and testing

Setting up and maintaining the IT infrastructure for application development and test requirements is challenging. Upfront capital expenditures and operating costs are high, but the infrastructure is often inefficient and it is difficult to share between projects. One of the factors contributing to the rising cost is the arduous task of acquiring, configuring and maintaining the software and hardware environment. Also, because most of these tasks need to be done manually, the risk of a test error increases due to improper configuration. Ultimately, depending on the local and global team of developers, you need to come up with a highly secure solution to support team-based application development and testing ...

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