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Pf-kernel 3.1.2-PF publishes a branch of the Linux kernel

Pf-kernel 3.1.2-PF This version of the kernel has been updated to 3.1.2. Pf-kernel is a branch of the Linux kernel. It provides practical functionality to incorporate BFS Scheduler and TuxOnIce into the mainline. Software information: Address:

4MLinux 3.3-core releases a small Linux distribution

4MLinux is a small Linux distribution with major features including system maintenance (using it as a system repair tool), multimedia playback (e.g., playing DVD video), Web servers (using the inetd daemon), and game console features. 4MLinux 3.3-core This version is a core system for the 4MLinux 3.3 series (4.7 MB size). The system includes: Linux 3.3.1,glibc 2.13,busybox 1.19.4. All 4M ...

Description of the organization structure of Linux files and folders

Linux differs from Windows in file structure, and Linux files and folders are organized into an inverted tree structure. and separated by/(slash). We can use the LL command or the LS command to view the Linux file structure under the root directory, as shown in the following example: [root@localhost/]# ll total dosage 102 dr-xr-xr-x. 2 root root 4096 December 20:51 bin dr-xr-xr-x ....

How do I view the volume label information for a partition on a Linux system?

How do I view the volume label information for a partition on a Linux system? We can do this through the E2label command: Usage: E2label device [New Volume Label] Example: E2LABEL/DEV/HDXN where x=a,b,c,d ...; n=1,2,3 ... [root@localhost ~]# e2label/dev/sda1 Local Disk

How to use md5sum files in Linux

How do I use md5sum files in Linux? md5sum isofile > Hashfilemd5sum file and hashfile file content comparison, verify that the hash value is consistent md5sum–c Hashfile

Graphical Linux commands: Creating users with Useradd or AddUser commands

Create a user with the "Useradd" or "adduser" command using the shell command "Useradd" and "AddUser" are the same.   We'll use the Useradd command to demonstrate how to create a new user. The use of this is the case. Because a user in a Linux system must belong to a group, if you create a new user without specifying a group command, you create a group with exactly the same name as the user and put the new user in. If you specify a group when you create a new user, the user ...

How do Linux systems properly partition?

A hard disk has up to four primary partitions, or three primary partitions + one extended partition (contains n logical partitions). Linux can be installed in primary or logical partitions. In general, only the points/and swap two areas is sufficient, in addition, it is recommended to filesystem separate partitions, after reloading will not have to reset a lot of things. Swap is the swap partition, if the memory <=256, please set to 512MB in the partition, memory >=512MB to a 512MB is enough (if you want to sleep, I am afraid, or >= memory comparison insurance). ...

Man-pages 3.40 Publishing Linux man page project

Man-pages is a collection of hand albums that provide Linux-covered programming APIs, file formats, and protocols. Includes the following man pages: The system call file provided by the 1:linux kernel. 2: library function files provided by standard C library (especially Glibc,gnu C library). 3: Various devices, most of which are file details of the/dev device. 4: File description of various file formats, including proc (5), File/proc file system. 5: Overview, General and Miscellaneous. Man-pages 3.40 This version is updated ...

How to use wine in Linux

For those who want to run Windows programs on Linux, Wine is a good solution. Recently, in the process of using Wine, I learned two skills to use, now introduced to the use of Wine friends to share. Setting the background when you use the Desktop Emulation feature (which can be turned on by the WINECFG configuration program, enabling the Graphics→emulate a vistual desktop option), you can use the following tips to set ...

Qcomicbook 0.8.1 publishes Linux read comics software

Qcomicbook 0.8.1 This version removes the scrolling area widget around a thin border. It fixes compilation errors caused by systems such as ">ubuntu" that conflict from Libpoppler to Page.h. Qcomicbook is a Linux look comics software, view the comic book viewer, support Open (RAR, cbr, Zi ...)

Forget MySQL's root password reset method under Linux and Windows servers

Article to introduce about the forgotten MySQL root password reset method, also introduced in different operating systems, the following describes the Linux and Windows solutions, there is a need for friends to understand. If you forget the MySQL root password, you can reset it in the following ways: Linux action method in my.cnf [mysqld] field add: Code as follows Skip-grant-tables ...

Linux accounts for 76% of customers in the cloud

The latest report from the Linux Foundation shows that in 2013, the utilization rate of Linux in mission-critical deployment and cloud areas will continue to grow. Research from the Linux Foundation shows that in the future Linux has the dominance of its traditional competitors Unix and Windows. According to the report, the introduction of Windows 8 has had a positive effect on Linux. About 39% of respondents said they will use more Linux as a response to Windows 8. Another good news is that more people have been from Win ...

Pf-kernel 3.0.7-PF publishes a branch of the Linux kernel

Pf-kernel 3.0.7-PF This version of the repair core enables the CFS CPU scheduler. Pf-kernel is a branch of the Linux kernel. It provides practical functionality to incorporate BFS Scheduler and TuxOnIce into the mainline. Download Address:

How to Safely remove Linux for dual systems

How to Safely remove Linux for dual systems? Some friends just contact Linux, for the convenience of learning, installed a dual system, so that Windows and Linux share, how to safely remove the Linux system? Let's take a look at how to do this: step 1:dos using FDISK or booting into the Recovery Console with a WIN2000/XP CD, use the command fixmbr Step 2: Format the Linux partition as a Windows partition

How a Linux system looks for a file in a multilevel directory

How does a Linux system look for a file in a multilevel directory? There are times when we need to find a file in a Linux system, but it may be in the Linux system multilevel directory, where we should look for it, here are three ways for you to refer to: 1 find/dir- Aggregation/11696.html ">name filename.ext2 du-a | G ...

How do I switch to the X desktop in Linux?

How do I switch to the X desktop in Linux? If you are logged in as a graphical login to Linux, then click on the login interface of the session (Task) that you can choose GNOME and KDE. If you are logged in as text, perform Switchdesk gnome or Switchdesk KDE and then startx into GNOME or KDE. (or vi ~/.xinitrc, add or modify to exec gnome-session or exec startk ...)

Advanced Linux Routing and traffic control: multicast routing

Multicast-howto is already very old (relatively), and inaccurate and even mistaken for 21136.html "> Reader. Before you start multicast routing, you need to reconfigure your Linux kernel to support the type of multicast routing you want to implement. This step requires you to decide what type of multicast route to use. There are basically four kinds: DVMRP (multicast version of the RIP Unicast Protocol), MOSPF (similarly, just OSPF), PIM ("Pr ...").

GeForce driver optimized for Linux can double frame rate

October 31, 2012-Santa Clara-nvidia® (nvidia) in California, USA is delighted with the release of the latest nvidia®geforce® driver R310. This driver enables users who play games on the Linux operating system to achieve double performance (1) and significantly shorten game loading time. The new geforce®r310 driver is nvidia® (nvidia ...

Valve founder Newell: Linux is the best gaming platform in the future

Newell, Valve co-founder and managing director of Game maker Gabe Newell, said in Monday that Linux is the best gaming platform for the future, despite the current low market share, according to the Beijing time of September 17 Evening News.    Insiders say Newell's predictions seem implausible, as he admits that Linux plays less than 1% of the market, regardless of the criteria, such as number of players, game time and revenue. ...

Pf-kernel 3.0.4-PF releases the Linux kernel fork

Pf-kernel is a fork in the Linux kernel. It provides practical functionality to incorporate BFS Scheduler and TuxOnIce into the mainline. Pf-kernel 3.0.4-PF version BFQ I/O Scheduler has been updated to V3. Software information: Address:

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