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The success of Linux comes from the community, not the superior technology

2013, in all respects, is a Linux year. Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, announced that Linux has spread to every corner of the computing.   Zemlin says Linux is almost ubiquitous from smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics and cars to open clouds and high-performance computers, as well as gaming platforms. How does Linux spread to every corner of the technology world? After all, Linux does not really realize its original commitment to become a replacement for http://...

Linux Server Common error code problem solving method

& ">nbsp; Red Hat is the world's largest open source technology manufacturer, its products Red Hat Linux is also the world's most widely used Linux. Red Hat Company is headquartered in North Carolina State, USA.   22 divisions worldwide. For Red Hat, the open source code is no longer ...

Linux Mint User's Guide: Installing

You can download the Linux ">mint operating system for free." It is an ISO file that requires you to burn yourself to a blank DVD. This livedvd can be started and offers a fully functional operating system that you can try without affecting your PC. In layman's terms, when you burn a Linux mint to a DVD and put it in your computer's optical drive, you ...

How to configure Server for NFS under Linux

The network filesystem (nfs,network file system) is a mechanism by which partitions (directories) on a remote host are mounted over the network to the local system, which enables users to share partitions (directories) on the remote host, as if they were operating on the local system, by supporting the network file system. . In the development of embedded Linux, developers need to do all the software development on the Linux server, cross compile, the general FTP way to download the executable file to the embedded system operation, but this way not only effective ...

11 Linux commands that few people know but are useful

The Linux command line attracts most Linux enthusiasts. A normal Linux user typically has about 50-60 commands to handle daily tasks. Linux commands and their transformations are the most valuable treasures for Linux users, Shell scripting programmers, and administrators.  Few Linux commands are known, but they are handy and useful, whether you're a novice or an advanced user. Little people know about Linux commands the purpose of this article is to introduce some of the less-known Linux commands that are sure to efficiently ...

The three major Linux distributors will be showdown in the Cloud OS market

Linux operating system distributor SuSE says it is making some progress among cloud service providers as an optional platform for users to provide open source software operating systems.   But at least one analyst says the market is still split between the three SuSE, Red hat and Canonical's Ubuntu distributors. SuSE, released this week, shows that it works with 20 cloud service providers to provide Linux operating systems to 15,000 companies. Its main cloud service provider customer list includes Amazon we ...

Advanced Linux Routing and Traffic Control: Introduction to Iproute2

Hopefully this document will help and inspire you to better understand the linxs2.2/2.4 route. What most users do not know is that the tools you use can actually do quite a lot of work. Route and Ifconfig, for example, actually secretly invoke the very powerful Iproute 2 underlying basic functionality. What Linux can do for you a small list: • Control the bandwidth of a particular computer • Control the bandwidth to a particular computer • Help you to share bandwidth equitably • Protect your network from Dos attacks • Protect I ...

Cloud computing with Linux and Apache Hadoop

Companies such as IBM®, Google, VMWare and Amazon have started offering cloud computing products and strategies. This article explains how to build a MapReduce framework using Apache Hadoop to build a Hadoop cluster and how to create a sample MapReduce application that runs on Hadoop. Also discusses how to set time/disk-consuming ...

Open source code and Linux application in cloud computing

Cloud computing and storage transform physical resources, such as processors and storage, into scalable, shareable resources on the Internet (computing and storage as services). While virtualization is not a new concept, the sharing of physical systems through server virtualization does make resources much more scalable and much more efficient. Cloud computing enables users to access large scale computing and storage resources, and they do not have to know the location of those resources and how they are configured. As you would expect, Linuxreg;

Linux Minimum installation and network basic configuration

"Mission Analysis and Requirements"  This task is the foundation of the whole training project, because of the deployment of a variety of service systems, the installation of the system will be a number of repeated training  proficient in the process of system development and installation  proficient in the Linux service to start and turn off the Startup setting method  Master The view of service status and common configuration files. Hardware and Software Environment " uses virtual machines to combine with real host environments  Install red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5.0 on the hard drive in VMware virtual machine systems ...

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