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Youku newcomer award list released

Recently, "> Youku Newcomer Award list the first batch of heavy baked .Youku plus UGC, re-launch of the original plan to support the determination of the affair revealed. As soon as you are passionate about video creation and similar to Youku Plan, the next second stage belongs to you. Uphold the principle of "fairness and justice" , ...

PDD was one of China's strongest on the list, playing very domineering

In the upcoming Demacia Cup, see other teams have to make up, the old team IG finally can not sit still,"> They recruited the former South Korean team Mook Comet professional player Bang Yongxiu as a starter list, while PDD will be a substitute, as the reason for being a substitute is rumored to be that PDD may have had some health problems recently.   PDD was one of the strongest in China, playing ...

Sympa 6.1.6 Publish mailing list software

Sympa is an extensible and Advanced 17813.html "> Customizable mailing list software." It can handle large mailing lists above 780,000 users and provides a complete Web interface for users and administrators. In the case of authorization, Sympa can customize web and mail templates, have dynamic mailing list capabilities, and support the use of multiple mailing list backend (including ldap,sql files, lists, or other). Sympa is the only mailing list software currently available to support S/MIME and Dkim, and ...

Louis Vuitton ranks top of BrandZ global luxury brand value list

Beijing time May 9 Morning news, according to foreign reports, market research institutions Millward Brown Optimor today announced the 2011 BrandZ Global luxury brand value rankings, the French Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) in the sixth consecutive year topped the list.  The second to fourth places were the love Hermès (Hermes), Gucci and Chanel (Chanel). Louis Vuitton's brand value is as high as $24.3 billion, up 23% from 2010, the equivalent of love Hermès, Gucci and incense ...

Pup, Yi Two brand feather and cashmere two products at the same time on the black list

China Economic network Beijing January 25 News recently, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau released cashmere and woolen knitwear and down jacket two types of product quality inspection results, the passing rate of 90.6% and 57.5% respectively. China Economic Network reporter from the list of unqualified to see, Pup Fgfeel and Ife Yifini Two brands of two types of products have been detected unqualified, involving resistance to rubbing color fastness, the amount of velvet, cashmere content, fiber content and other items. Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau introduced that cashmere products and knitwear products A total of 160 batches, testing unqualified 15 batches, unqualified product discovery rate of 9.4% ...

The rich list of the gem has officially released 78 companies to create 313 rich

Gem Rich List on May 4 by "I Love the Stock network" and "Create a Rich Zhi" magazine published jointly, the rich list on the list of at least 100 million yuan.  As of May 4, the Gem 78 listed companies have created a total of 313个亿万 rich, the average of each listed company to create 4 million rich, holding a total market value of 168.6 billion yuan, of which, the green water Wenjianping the highest price, for 5.311 billion yuan, the average shareholding value of 539 million yuan. The top 10 are Wenjianping (bi-water source, 5.311 billion yuan), Chen Bong (Ai er Eye, 4.86 billion yuan), Liuzhenguo (green water, ...).

North Electric three try to put the list "Mo Beckham" failed to say that their normal play

Wangshasa played Mo yesterday, the Beijing Film Academy (Nortel) Performance College, the list of three Tests was officially announced, a total of 118 people to participate in the medical examination, and the final professional qualified list will be published on the North Electric website before March 10. "Static autumn" weeks and winter rain smoothly through three tries, yesterday, the winter rain dressed in a green coat appeared in the North Electric examination, looks in good mood. and "Wu bei" in the "martial arts" in "Mo Beckham" actor Wangshasa failed to pass three Tests. Last night, Chengdu Business newspaper reporter Telephone interview Wangshasa, she said, "I do not know why did not pass, do have a clear conscience is good ..."

Forbes Chinese web March 2 released 2015 Global Rich List

China Economic network Beijing March 3 News Forbes Chinese web March 2 released 2015 Global Rich List. Among them, the top three is Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Warren Buffett, the wealth of 79.2 billion U.S. dollars, 77.1 billion U.S. dollars and 72.7 billion dollars. It is noteworthy that in the mainland of China's rich rankings, Wang by virtue of 24.2 billion of dollars wealth, not only from the hands of Ma Yun-won the mainland's richest man, but also for the first time after the United States financial giant crocodile Soros, tied 29, creating a mainland China's richest in the global rich List ranked the most China...

"Lucky Dragon Baby" The March Award list has been released

Red child dragon "> Baby activities following the first month, the Lunar New Year February award list after the publicity, by many mothers and many families of interest." Before the arrival of heartily, the "Lucky Dragon Baby" Lunar March Award list has been released: This time, dragon Baby activities of the tour city selected in Tianjin, according to the lottery rules, there are three lucky Dragon baby will be in Tianjin, the other 7 Dragon baby will be in the national fan ...

"Pokemon Black and white" dominate Japan's annual bestseller list

According to overseas media reports, the Professional statistics agency media create recently announced the 2010 Japanese market game software best-selling list Top 30 rankings, including the "Nintendo Department" has inherited its own years of brush list tradition, swept the list of the top 10 in nine positions. The winner of the annual sales is the DS "Pokemon Black and White", the annual sales of nearly 4.5 million.  The first 10 games that have nothing to do with Nintendo are PS3 's "Final Fantasy 13". The specific 30 list ranked as: 1.DS "Pokemon Black and White": 4,494,106 2 ...

List of the third batch of restricted cities or recently released

Securities Times reporter Erlend reporter yesterday from the authorities learned that the Ministry of Housing and Construction has preliminarily drawn up the third batch of "Limit purchase order" City list, this list of Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Wuhan, Kunming, Jinan and other 5 two or three-line cities have issued a "limit purchase order" rules, the list of other cities are expected to be announced recently. The person revealed that in order to consolidate the 2010-year property market control results, the Ministry of Housing has been with a number of faster housing prices of the city government communication, proposed according to the State Council under the provisions of the restrictions on procurement. The third batch of restricted cities listed in this paper is mainly about the failure to implement the "Purchase restriction order".

Iredmail Grey List

Gray list, is effective to prevent "> spam means, the principle is when a new email address sent to come, will be rejected 2 times, and then the third time will receive. People who send spam generally, because the queue is too long, will not try to deliver. The gray list will cause the first send delay, but after the second time there will be no problem. If you want to stop the gray list edit/etc/postfix-p ...

Goldman Sachs moves Shanda game stock out of strongly recommended buying list

Beijing Time February 22 Evening News, according to foreign media reported today, Goldman Sachs Group analyst Kessie Chen Kathy Chen to move the shares of Shanda games out of the group's "strongly recommended buy" list.

Top Ten top executives worth 21.7 billion yuan to refresh the list

"After the listing of 28 gem listings, China's richest Forbes list will be rewritten."  "October 30, with the Gem 28 listed companies debut, Century Securities senior researcher Lu Lihua told reporters."  Reporter statistics found that 28 gem companies, the top ten shareholders corresponding to the top three of the market capitalisation, le Pu Medical, Shenzhou and Huayi Brothers, the first day of market value soared to 23.154 billion yuan, 8.297 billion yuan and 7.549 billion yuan. Comparing the closing price of the day, the top 28 listed companies are also fresh. Top Ten listings ...

2014 China's top 500 private enterprises survey ranking list

Absrtact: 1 26th, by the Chinese Private Enterprise Federation, China Statistical Association, China Institute of Management Science Research center of the Joint organization of the 2014 China Private 500 companies ranked list (hereinafter called the Research Table) completed. The results show that Suning October 26, by the Chinese Private Enterprises Association, China Statistical Association, China Institute of Management Science Research center of the Joint Organization of the "2014 China private 500 companies ranked list" (hereinafter referred to as "research list") completed. The research results show that suning appliance, Lenovo Holdings, Shandong Wei ...

"Forbes" virtual figure Fortune list Donald Duck richest

Donald Duck's uncle, Scottich Mack, became the "richest man" in the list of virtual figures in Forbes magazine. Forbes will not only launch the global wealth figures list each year, but will also launch a virtual figure wealth list.  These virtual characters are animation, film and television drama works in the character modeling. This year's virtual figure Wealth List has expelled 15 of the richest virtual figures, the total assets of the 15 virtual characters have 131.6 billion U.S. dollars, the average assets of 9.7 billion U.S. dollars. One of Disney's classic animated images of the old Mac duck to up to 44.1 billion ...

Envy hate to hate each Big game company Spring Festival Welfare list

At the end of each year, year-end benefits are the most discussed and concerned issues for every employee. And each company's year-end benefits are much different, which is often directly linked to the company's benefits. There are, of course, exceptions.  The following small compilation of the major game company's year-end benefits, which one let you envy hate it? Game company Spring Festival Benefits list:

South Korea's new online games list: Tera four champion Diablo 3 runner-up

December 20 The latest news, according to South Korea mud4u Web site for a week of online search volume shows that NHN's online book "TERA" still lead the waiting list. The list and the last Monday have not changed. Tera four consecutive titles.  Diablo 3 still ranked second. The cost of more than 40 billion won the "TERA" is a use of non-locking target combat mode to highlight the action of the MMORPG game. "TERA" in the third time this March game was pointed out that the weak sense of shock, the lack of fun and other issues have been improved, and in the last month's GS ...

The rising Sun masculine response ying "qualification theory" to say I do not know the music list

"The 11th Annual music Ying" conference held a day ago, the president of the second consecutive. When it comes to whether the peasant workers will be allowed to make a combination of the rising sun, Ying bluntly they are not. Some netizens think Ying speak "quite choking", yesterday the Rising sun masculine broker Dong responded, "Recently they did not have the internet to know the news, we do not know the music situation list is to do what." ”

Pollution-controlling small enterprises on the top of potential list

Forbes issued the potential list of Beijing enterprises 1/4 "Forbes" yesterday released the 2010 China Potential Enterprise list, a total of 200 fast growing SMEs on the list.  Yu-Star technology, SouFun, concentrating technology to win the top three, Beijing has become the most potential SMEs most of the region. This is the 6th time in the Chinese version of Forbes to conduct independent research on Chinese SMEs. The research object includes more than 8,000 small and medium-sized enterprises with sales volume between 5 million and 1 billion yuan. Forbes Chinese version of the 4 indicators of growth, return, profitability and scale to the candidate ...

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