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Load balancing technology in server cluster

&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; With the increase of traffic volume and the rapid growth of traffic volume and data flow, the processing capacity and computing strength of the existing network have been increased correspondingly, so that single server equipment cannot afford it at all. In this case, if you throw away the existing device to do a lot of hardware upgrades, this will cause the waste of existing resources, and if again ...

Four common methods to realize server load balancing

In order to improve the performance and workload of the server, enterprises usually use DNS server, network address translation technology to achieve multiple server load balancing, especially the current enterprise external Internet Web site, many are through several servers to complete the server access load balance. The current enterprise uses the so-called "load balancing server", in fact it is a control server of the application system, all users request first to this server, and then the server according to the actual processing server-like ...

Application analysis of dynamic Network Load Balancing cluster practice

Network Load Balancing allows you to propagate incoming requests to up to 32 servers that can use up to 32 servers to share external network request services. Network Load Balancing technology ensures that they can respond quickly even in heavy loads. Network Load Balancing must provide only one IP address (or domain name) externally.   If one or more servers in Network Load Balancing are unavailable, the service is not interrupted. Network Load Balancing is automatically detected when the server is unavailable, and can be quickly in the remaining ...

Implementation of Network Load Balancing distributed job scheduling system

1. In essence, Network Load Balancing is an implementation of distributed job scheduling system. As the controller of Network request allocation, the equalizer uses centralized or distributed policy to allocate network service requests according to the current processing capability of cluster nodes, and monitors the effective state of each node in the lifecycle of each service request. Generally speaking, the balancer has the following characteristics for the dispatch of the request: The Network Service request must be a manageable request allocation to the user is transparent best able to provide Http://www.aliyu ...

Intelligent DNS Dual-network analysis

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall What is intelligent DNS resolution: Intelligent DNS resolution is based on the current telecommunications and netcom interconnection issues launched A DNS solution. The implementation of the effect is: the same domain name such as www.meibu.com, Netcom's customer access will return a point to the Netcom server IP address, ...

Load balancing Technology: using 4 Web servers

&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; The concept of clustering is easily confused with concepts (SMP, NUMA, MPP, distributed processing), whose primary difference is in the level at which resources are shared and replicated.   They are arranged by SMP, NUMA, MPP, clustering, and distributed processing from the most compact to the most loosely aligned. Because of the current network of the core parts with ...

Chenhao: The performance technology of Web site caused by 12306.cn

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology hall with the advent of the 11 long holiday, everyone to the Ministry of Railways 12306 of the discussion again. This article (original) from 12306 website extension to the site performance of a lot of discussion, for entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts have a strong reference.   The author Chenhao (Weibo) has 14 years of experience in software development, 8 years of project and team management experience. 12306.cn website Hung, was scolded by the people all over the country. I've been here for two days.

ASUS Server to build professional dual-line router solution

We usually have more contact with "hard" routes in our daily lives.   The so-called hard routing is a special application of hardware devices, including processors, power supply, embedded software, to provide the configured router function.   "Soft" routing is relative to "hard" routing, refers to the use of professional servers, with the free Linux/unix platform or professional Windows platform set up. "Soft" Routing has many advantages: first, should ...

The skill of the webmaster to the Web page making optimization

Summary: Webmaster on the Web optimization skills, for a small number of HTTP requests, script style, reduce the page factor, design rich technology, SEO this is not all this is just part of a way to keep the page quickly corresponding, reduce the necessary request is also Guan webmaster to the Web page production optimization skills, For a small number of HTTP requests, scripting styles, reduced page factors, design-rich technology, SEO it's not all that's just part of it, a way to keep the page fast, and reduce the necessary request is also the key step, CSS file into a style may also ...

Definition and performance of network card aggregation

Hyper-V is the new concept of a recently virtualized network, with news that many of its most recent features affect network design. In previous articles, we briefly described some improvements in network virtualization and some improvements in virtual machine networks. This article introduces another network improvement: Network card Aggregation (NIC teaming), and a brief introduction to some of the new Hyper-V options for data center design. Network card aggregation is also called load balance failover (load balancing Fail over ...)

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