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HTC Chacha (G16) is a phone with Tencent co-operation

[February 10 PChome notebook market in Kunming] HTC Chacha (G16) is a cooperation with Tencent a cell phone, so the machine is also known as "Tencent phone," which pre-loaded with many Tencent QQ, microblogging And other services, the lower right corner of the fuselage there is a "Tencent microblogging" shortcut keys, the main feature is the social services, and its unique candy bar full keyboard design is still very compelling, and now this phone in the "Yunnan Reputation German mobile phone network "at the promotional price of only 1150 yuan, compared to a small drop, and interested friends hurry! ...

Waitan Pictorial: The revelation of global electronic rubbish grave

Wen/Liu Xuyang photography/stanleygreene/noor in western developed countries, there is such a secret: when you send electronic waste to the recyclers rather than into the dustbin, soon, about 80% of the e-waste will be loaded into container ships, shipped to Nigeria, India, In Pakistan and China, the landfills, which have been shrouded in poisonous smoke, are perennial. Stanley Grigny, an American photographer from the Yukin Smith of humanitarian photography, visited these unknown electronic rubbish graves for 3 years, using the lens to tell the electron ...

Deutsche Telekom has announced a deal with Peer-to-peer share rental start-up Airbnb

Absrtact: Deutsche Telekom has recently announced that it has reached a deal with the Peer-to-peer share rental start-up Airbnb, which will be pre-loaded with Airbnb app in the former Android contract, which deals with Deutsche Telekom's 13-nation market in Europe. This is Airbnb's first deal with operators, and Deutsche Telekom recently announced that it has reached a deal with peer-to-peer share rental start-ups Airbnb, which will be pre-installed with Airbnb apps in the former Android contract, which involves Deutsche Telekom's 13-nation market in Europe ...

Two products of the operating system of the Lianzhong

Recently, Yi Lian public (300096, share bar) of the operating system (COS) of the two products: YLZ-COS-HD and YLZ-COS-DT has been the first through the Department of Human Resources and Social Security Information Center and the People's Bank of China, to achieve compliance with the "Social Security (personal) card norms", " Social Security card loaded financial functions of the general norms of the requirements of the proof. The certificate is valid until June 30, 2013.

Australia gifted milk Powder Angel Mother Holland Trip

Australia gifted milk Powder recently organized by the Australian Haipnoke Dutch Study Group has been loaded, O excellent "Love Angel" mother with the micro-wish of netizens, the wings of Love to the Netherlands to achieve the most beautiful dream has been completed. It is reported that the Australian excellent milk powder organization of Australia gifted Haipnoke Dutch study tour group has ended, this period lucky Angel Mama Mom, Green full lotus Pond on November 20 officially set out. After a few days of long journey, O excellent Angel mother completed the Australian gifted Mothers heavy wishes, to each Australian gifted mother showed a true wonderful Australia Holland ...

Two JS picture preload progress bar (MooTools)

To provide two pictures preload progress bar effect code, can be loaded on the site picture is slow to provide, so you can increase the user experience Oh, we use a JS and MooTools instance code. <script> var l=0; var IMGs; var sum=0; function Chk () {document.getElementById ("AA"). innertext= "&qu ...

Inter-China group signed 3.039 billion munitions contract

NetEase Finance March 11 News group 11th Evening announcement, the subsidiary and the People's Liberation Army logistics and the Armed Police Force Logistics unit was loaded product production contract, the total contract value of 3.039 billion yuan, accounting for the company's 2009 annual operating income of 27.56%. Inter-China Group also announced that the wholly-owned subsidiary of the 3523 Special Equipment Co., Ltd. and Liaoning province Tieling Liaoning Special purpose vehicle production base of the management Committee signed an investment cooperation agreement, to be in Liaoning Special vehicle production base to purchase 2000 acres of land, investment and construction of special vehicles and protection ...

JS delay loading and dynamic loading JS code

Web page effects delay loading and dynamic loading JS code <div id= "adloading" > Loading please later ....</div> <div id= "Ggad1" style= "Display:none" > Content loaded successfully, please take your time to see. </div> <script Langu ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_actionwaitforframe

Swf_actionwaitforframe (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_actionwaitforframe---&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/ 37954.html ">nbsp; Skips action syntax if the frame is not loaded: void swf_actionwaitforframe (int frame ...)

Branch force far up behind: Ni-MH battery Three years is still 0 orders

Branch force far up behind: Ni-MH battery card in the order, the new energy strategy is still in the swing of the car with more than a nickel-hydrogen battery subsidy of 3000 yuan per unit, while the car loaded BYD lithium battery each subsidy of about 50,000 yuan 2009 0 orders. 2010 0 Orders.  Two years passed, the spring of 2011, Branch force is still not able to wait until the NI-MH power battery orders. "We are still testing the depot and haven't got the order yet, we haven't started mass production. The year of 2010 has not been profitable. March 24, 2011, the branch of the Secretary for the secret office so response to the financial weekly, saying with 2 ...

JavaScript ad deferred load code or page content loading

JavaScript Tutorial ad delay loading code or page content loaded after loading JS call content <!doctype HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "http:// Www.w3.org/tr/xhtml1/dtd/xhtml1-transitional.dtd "> <html xm ...

PHP options and Information function library: extension_loaded

extension_loaded (PHP3 >= 3.0.10, PHP4 >= 4.0b4) extension_loaded---&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/ Aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; Determine if the expansion module is loaded with syntax: BOOL extension_loaded (String nam ...)

Two heavily loaded through the equity incentive Program 124 people benefit

NetEase Finance May 17 News According to two heavy load announced that the company's board of directors through the draft equity incentive plan, according to the draft, including company executives, special professionals and other 124 employees will get 7.96 million stock options. The plan of the first stock options incentive program to give incentive to 7.96 million stock options, corresponding to the number of shares of 7.96 million shares, accounting for the current 1.69 billion shares of 0.47% of the total equity. Each stock option has the right to purchase a stock of two heavy stocks with 10.34 yuan/share of the right price and the right condition when satisfying the right of line.

Run your own CGI program in the Nginx fastcgi way

The biggest advantage of fastcgi is that it is highly efficient, because once the program is loaded into memory, it stays on for a long time, and does not load up on the memory for every execution, like a normal program. Because for the large number of visits, the actual implementation of relatively simple procedures, it is best to write a fastcgi way, can significantly improve the concurrency processing capacity. Because Nginx does not own fastcgi tool, we need LIGHTTPD spawn-fcgi old version spawn-fcgi in Lighttpd, the new version can be installed independently. Old version ...

The first good Chen cursor heap 43.16 million money mountain relief is not afraid to be accused of the show

The figure is Chen and the money raised. will give red envelopes to the country's 80,000 special hardship households, according to the new social power hundred dollar bills to 100,000 yuan into a bundle, base on 13 floors like "Qian Shan", 4 "shield guards" armed guards, yesterday morning in the industrial and Commercial Bank of China Jiangsu Branch Hall, the Chinese "first good" Chen said: this cash,  IS from China 127 entrepreneurs and individuals there to organize donations, a total of 43.16 million yuan, want to in the Spring Festival before the money loaded into 80,000 red envelopes, sent to Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other special hardship households in the hands. In the past, the public has been highlighted by personal donation ...

How to remove RPM-E packets in Linux

How to remove RPM-E packets in Linux, we can use the force Uninstall Method 1, if the package deleted before the package directory Rpm-e--noscripts Example: [Root@localhost/]# rpm-e--noscripts VSFTPD 2, if a package in the system is loaded two times (due to some exceptions) Rpm-e multi-installed-pkgs–allmatches example: [Ro ...

Two heavy stock equity incentive plan released

May 13 suspension of the two heavy Pack (601268) launched the first stock option incentive plan, to be awarded 124 incentive target 7.96 million stock options, the right price of 10.34 yuan. The 7.96 million stock options correspond to 7.96 million shares, accounting for 0.47% of the current company's total equity.  Incentive plan for the stock source of two heavily loaded to the target of the targeted two-pack shares. The target includes the company's directors, senior managers and the core technical (management) personnel that the company deems should be encouraged, but excluding supervisors, independent directors and the company ...

Relational 1.1 Publish Read file Correlation tool

Relational is an interface used to read the relationships loaded in a file, write relational algebra queries, and view their results. The software is for educational purposes because it determines the assessment based on whether the query is correct or not. For developers, it provides a Python module of relational algebra that can be used in other projects. Relational 1.1 This version includes a relational editor and no longer requires external editing. It uses regular expressions to suppress invalid property names and to provide users with more feedback about incorrect relationships. Support for PY ...

Marvell Zhang Hui: Cell phone chips are hard to turn into oligarch markets

Beijing time January 10 Evening news, Marvell Greater China Business general Manager Zhang Hui today in 2013, the gap between the U.S. consumer Electronics Show, mobile phone chip market is difficult to become an oligopoly, in the future this area will be a lot of companies appear. Marvell is an integrated chip solutions manufacturer, loaded with its chip products covering mobile phones, TV set-top boxes, smart home and so on. Marvell Greater China business general manager Zhang Hui in 2013 U.S. consumer Electronics exhibition Gap, Zhang Hui to the media, said this year's smartphone accounted for the entire handset market share ...

Filebot TV Renamer 2.0 The Rename tool that publishes TV programs and animations

Filebot TV rehttp://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/11696.html ">namer is a large-scale renaming tool for television programs and animations that can be renamed on a large scale, Subtitles can be downloaded from a variety of sources or just simple file verification. Filebot TV Renamer version 2.0 adds a command-line interface, manually enter the title of the movie/series, and the character set is automatically detected when the text is loaded ...

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