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Security Alliance to open free certification small and medium web site support program

According to the official information released by the Security Alliance, the Security Alliance, the largest third-party trusted website certification agency in China, has recently launched the "Small and Medium-Sized Web Site Support Program." Just as the leaked information circulated on the Internet before, the Security Alliance is indeed the "personal website verification" is located in the free area. According to statistics, there are currently more than 2.6 million small and medium websites in China, and most of these websites have security problems and operational problems. Therefore, the security alliance will provide free verification of personal websites to small and medium websites, Long solution to the problem of insufficient working capital and the website is not trusted ...

Shun Fung fast operation "Shun Fung sharing" synchronous on-line mobile Client

April 15 News, it is understood that shun Fong has begun low-key operation of idle goods sharing platform "Shun Fung sharing", and synchronized on-line mobile client. According to Shun Fung Sharing insider introduction, Shun Fung sharing on October 22, 2013 officially on the line, located in the "exchange of goods and things platform" to encourage users to share idle items.   Shun Fung to share the specific operating process is that users share their own idle items, and set the number of users can apply, others apply for transfer, ultimately by the owner decided to transfer the goods to whom. Shun Fung stressed that shun Fung sharing is a ...

Huawei sets up regional training center in Cairo

C114 Beijing Time November 2 Morning News (SHANGMU) According to foreign media reports, Huawei 1st announced the opening of a new regional training center in Egypt. The new centre is located in Egypt's primary technical community and Business Park, the Cairo Wisdom Village (Smart Sanlitun Cairo), which replaces the former centre in Nasser.  The new training Center is a testament to Huawei's commitment to developing Middle East and African telecoms, and to meeting growing local training needs. The center has acquired a new training facility worth 20 million dollars to enable it to expand WCDMA, G ...

EA's new mystery gaming project for the first time exposed

Although the current sci-fi game "Star Wars: The Old Republic" (Star Wars:the) is the first focus of EA gaming company to develop the online games, but according to internal sources, the EA Company's Republic in the California Reed Redwood's Game studio is developing another mystery online.  And the game studio has just released a new online games website personnel recruitment notices. Reid Redwood Recruitment Notice: "We are currently for an outstanding online games to recruit online production experts, work location in EA Company located in Lei ...

Ada not afraid of property prices to buy 7 million new house to meet her daughter (figure)

A big belly Ada, after watching the new house by sitting in the back seat of the three aunt accompanied home, asked when to join, ADA only smiled and said good-bye, did not respond to ADA and husband jointly purchased a new home located in Kam Embroidery Garden Independent House, surrounded by a quiet environment, suitable for a family of people living Ada and sang will move a new house, to meet her daughter Yang Yi accompany Ada to see the house after home Sina Entertainment news March 9, according to Hong Kong media reported that the due date in May, Ada (ADA), the sale of the Green garden to the secretary for Security, Mr Ambrose Lee, late last year, she was not afraid of new heights, the cost of $7 million.

Russia crater is now trillions of carat diamonds up to 10 times times the previous global reserves

Russia has unveiled a diamond mine discovered in the 1970s, the Daily Mail of London reported September 17. The mine, which is located in a crater more than 100 kilometers in diameter in eastern Siberia, is estimated to be more than trillion-carat in size, meeting the global gem market's demand for 3,000 years. The scientists say the crater, known as the "Popigai", has a history of more than 35 million years, and its diamond stocks are estimated to be 10 times times the size of diamond reserves in other parts of the world. Russia has been concealing the discovery to prevent the price of diamonds from crushing ...

$210 million compensation for separation of shares

This is the separation of shares (600614. SH) today announced that the company has Jiading Malu Steel Road, No. 2nd Land and plant located in the S6 Highway area, will face relocation.  The company may obtain the relocation compensation 210 million yuan, after deducting each tax, the company profit may increase 136 million yuan. December 10, the company and Shanghai Jiading Malu People's government signed the "Relocation compensation agreement."

Beijing property market Dongchenci on price is expected to return six months ago

Following the increase in the two-pack down payment ratio and 1.1 times times the policy, the State Council again out of the heavy, demanding housing prices too high, the price of the region, the bank can suspend the issuance of three and more housing loans, the containment of house prices really began to "bad governance." For Beijing, the same thing is located in the suburbs of Tongzhou and Fangshan have different reactions, the first few months led to the rise of the Tongzhou house prices began to lead the fall, not very high fangshan price fluctuations are not very large, a property market version of "East to West" is staged. So, what causes this to happen?    Where will the property market go? ...

Yuan 130 million yuan to buy 52% shares of mining companies

Yuan shares (600146) January 17 Night Notice that the board agreed to purchase Xinjiang Torrey County Gold mining company 52% stake, the acquisition price of 130 million yuan.  The announcement shows that the world Peak Gold mining Company is located in Torrey County, Xinjiang, with 10 mining rights, at the same time, has two flotation gold ore concentrator, one is the daily processing capacity of 500 tons, one for 50 tons. In addition, the company's board of directors agreed to 26 million yuan for the sale of Jiaxing China carbon fiber company 40% stake.

Purchase policy beat 51 property market seller to buyer market

Restriction policy beat 51 property market seller to Buyer's market--new disk deserted opening of the original houses deal plunged 90% of the last day of the Beijing government's sudden restrictions on the purchase policy let developers disorderly, originally scheduled to open the sun in the day of the year is not scheduled to debut, many new projects are also deserted opening  , commodity housing turnover also last year 51 showed a sharp decline of 35.4%, the real estate turnover is a slump of 95.4%. Shunyi District is located in the Four Seasons 51 open more than 200 sets of new houses, the opening day, the site of few buyers;

Japan Rakuten buys US biggest rebate website ebates

Absrtact: September 10, Japanese e-commerce giant Lotte Company reported to the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Tuesday, the company will be 1 billion U.S. dollars full cash acquisition of the largest rebate website Ebates.   The deal will allow Rakuten to reach 2.5 million new paid subscribers. September 10, Japanese e-commerce giant Lotte Company reported to the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Tuesday, the company will be 1 billion U.S. dollars full cash acquisition of the largest rebate website Ebates. The deal will allow Rakuten to reach 2.5 million new paid subscribers. The headquarter is located in ...

The Dragon Media Bookstore closes, makes her ugly.

Yesterday, in the domestic book Circle of well-known Dragon Media bookstore announced that the end of December this year will officially closed. In the recent period, the news of the closure of the physical bookstore has aroused readers ' attention again, and the network electricity trader has been regarded as one of the "killers" of the entity bookstore. Dragon Media Bookstore founder Xu Zhiming, but also the famous online bookstore "Fast Schoolbag" founder, he chose to abandon the physical bookstore, so that this is a sad event do not have some worth thinking about. The Dragon Media Bookstore was founded in 1995, its predecessor is located in the Xuanwu Gate outside the street Tatsu Qiao Zhi entrance "Beijing advertising people ...

TrueCar Company submits initial public offering application

April 4 News, according to foreign media reports, operating car parity website TrueCar.com TrueCar Company today to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted an initial public offering (IPO) application, to the highest financing of 125 million U.S. dollars. TrueCar is located in Santa Monica, Calif., Monica, founded in 2005 by CarsDirect.com founder Scott Pentel (Scott painter), who was the early gu of Tesla motor.

Server set up foreign dissemination of obscene articles illegal website was smashed

Xinhua Changsha, February 25 (Xinhua Souxiao) Hunan Province Changsha Public Security Bureau News Center 24th Bulletin, 23-Year-old Europe to its painstaking "top actress Network" Web server located in the outside, but they hide in the domestic secretly, using the network to disseminate obscene materials.  The case was recently detected by Changsha police. Changsha Public Security Bureau News Center, Europe has a network company in Shenzhen work, is a "network Tatsu people." December 2009, a suspected European through a website, application for free construction station space and domain name, their own code to write the site, the founder of the "top actress network", ...

"Battlefield 3" the first real video exposure battlefield located in Iraq

February 23, Dice released its main FPS game "Battlefield 3," the first actual game video. The video mainly describes the U.S. naval forces against hostile PLR forces, and the battlefield is set on the Iraqi border of Kurdistan.  The entire clip is short, including the logo, which is only 43 seconds long, and the screen looks very real, but it also means that you need to save to upgrade your PC ... More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

Zhang went to for new disc recording "Done Garden" recall Teresa Teng (figure)

Zhang to Teresa Teng Shanying said that Teresa Teng is her own forever example of the Rose and Lily Jane Zhang set foot on the piano, Sina Entertainment news new generation after Zhang recently to for the album recording, March 3, Jane Zhang specially to Jinbaoshan "done garden" for the Chinese heart Forever superstar Teresa Teng grave. March 3, Jane Zhang and Dungsango (Deng Changfu), located in Province Keelung Wanli Jinbaoshan Cemetery, Teresa Teng Memorial Park "done garden." Because of the rain, Jinbaoshan misty rain Picturesque, let Teresa Teng's graveyard more elegant ...

New Zealand love milk powder from New Zealand North Blue Zone

New Zealand milk powder from New Zealand North mentioned New Zealand, I believe that many people will immediately link with pure dairy products, New Zealand (new Zealand), also translated to NZ, located in the south-west of the Pacific, is an island country. The two largest islands in New Zealand are separated by the Cook Strait, covering an area of 268,000 square kilometres. The largest city in Wellington, the capital, is Oakland. New Zealand's economy is booming and it belongs to developed countries. 3rd United Nations Human Development Index. Buy dairy products, the world's best milk source or in New Zealand, so that the island countries have the world's most natural pasture, as well as cows ...

Horse racing industry half year performance in advance exceeding 100%

Every reporter Li Wenyi due to the increase in regional cement market demand, today, horse racing industry (600449, closing price of 28.87 Yuan) announced the first half of the performance forecast, the company January-June net profit will grow 100%~130% year-on-year, the same period last year, the company achieved net profit of 81.7046 million yuan. More than 100% per cent of performance growth appears to be "staggering" and, in fact, is not a surprise to the horse-racing industry. Located in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the horse racing industry, last year, 75% of the products are in the autonomous region sales, in early 2008, the company completed the two companies in the equity collection ...

China's second largest hydroelectric project has completed an investment of more than 20 billion yuan

Xinhua Yichang December 28, Xinhua reporter 28th from the Chinese Three Gorges Group company learned that up to now, China's second largest hydroelectric project-Xiluodu hydropower station has completed an investment of 20.88 billion yuan, the projects are progressing smoothly.  2010 will be the first peak year of the concrete pouring volume of Xiluodu dam. The Xiluodu hydropower station located in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River is one of the mega-projects in China after the Three Gorges project. The hydropower station will be installed in the left and right bank of 9 units capacity 770,000-kilowatt unit, more than the Three Gorges Project 700,000-kilowatt unit capacity. Project dynamic total investment of 67.48 billion yuan, in ...

How do data storage locations affect network latency in cloud computing?

Network latency has a significant impact on user satisfaction, and the physical distance between users and servers is the biggest factor in the latency problem.   Problems such as application and processing latency can always be solved by adding more computing resources, but long-distance data packets always take time (for example, from London to New York), which depends largely on the physical constants of the speed of light. Because most cloud computing providers are currently located in the United States, the problem of network latency in the American continent can be tolerated by users. But if your big one ...

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