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200多万个 login password found on Pony Botnet controller server

Pony Botnet Controller is a zombie network controller, the main purpose is to steal the major web site user login information.   SpiderLabs first discovered the botnet on June 30 this year, SpiderLabs only found 650,000 stolen passwords, including about 90,000 Facebook passwords, 25,000 yahoo passwords, and 20,000 Google passwords. With the spiderlabs of the Zombie Network controller's source code, it has been further studied and found that the zombie network ...

Win10 power-on login password on/off

Each person needs to be different, some friends feel the boot password is very troublesome, want to remove, but because win10 than before the system is still different, small weave a little experience, share the Win10 shortcut win+x appear system menu, select Command Prompt can also win+r long journey command Prompt In the command prompt, enter Netplwiz Click to confirm access to the user account interface, you can choose to open or close the open, the start interface is required password login shutdown, will be directly into the system

Shanghai Guang Tong officially shut down "Legendary 3" server

January 27 Afternoon News, Shanda officially won the "Legendary 3" operation right after last month, China Network announced the official closure of the legendary 3 server and issued a statement. About closing the Legend 3 server. Dear Players: Korea Wemade Company authorized our company to operate the legendary 3 contract expired on March 22, 2009. Since the line, it's every time the growth of the majority of players and staff of the painstaking efforts. My company and Wemade have been cooperating for many years, Wemade company in the contract expires on the eve also promised a natural renewal, ...

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