Loss Of Vision In One Half Of The Visual Field

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The sensitive moment of the music vision

Tencent Science and Technology Fan Xiaodong November 10 reported that Beijing four ring outside Chaoyang Park Bridge to the east a kilometer, the 17-storey grey building, known as Hongcheng, is about to be renamed The Lego Mansion, which has seen a surge in the number of employees who have worked here over the past year as a result of the expansion of its business, and if it was not a few months before the construction of the replacement building logo was accidentally caught fire, They would have had their own positions of work earlier. For months, radio and television policy regulation and political background rumors put the company on the cusp, but to wear in the Lok View Building Compact office area, but will not feel with the recent outside public opinion ...

Leisurely vision net Li Zhu and he pursues the entrepreneurial dream

After graduating from college, in 20 years, Li Zhu completed 2 startups.  This small naughty, do not love the rules of the child, the brain is surprisingly easy to use, the results are always the first, but also successfully entered the computer department of Tsinghua University. Li Zhu, who has a refined face, has left a plump, almost standard template for his career, with programmers, general managers, CEOs, investors, directors, and CEOs. Every position, he also did not impatient, calm but not without losing strength. This point, from the Li Zhu currently in command of the leisurely Network (uusee.com) of the company's character on the ...

Identify key points in the process of satisfying user requirements product manager must read nine steps

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe Technology Hall This article is dedicated to the dream of changing the World Shu years later, when I faced those young product managers, I would think that I was engaged in a well-paid job. It was 2000, after I graduated from university in Beijing, an IT website to do search engine pm, at that time, I one months salary in the Asian Games village to buy a square meter house, ten years later, a friend recruitment pm, the monthly salary and I ten years ago, the difference is that the young PM with a year's salary in the Asian Games village to buy a ...

Video website profit model and marketing planning

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in with dozens of video website carries on the information network dissemination right transaction process, studies the video website content and the Profit Pattern Foundation, synthesizes own in the traditional media and the new media domain more than 10 years plan and the marketing experience, I found: Video site's profit model has long formed a variety of systems, but the road to profitability is difficult, except to rob users of the copyright or bandwidth costs too large factors, and then remove the content, user experience to get the long-term benefits of the stability factor, the main reason is marketing and policy ...

Do a flat design-interactive Chapter

Written in front of the words: (see the text, please jump directly to the dividing line) when the completion of the "Flat design-visual chapter" to the designers look for guidance. People spit: "Only the interaction flattened, vision is good to do flat ..." There are people say "if a product to the hope of the visual, want to rely on the visual performance of the flat product, is clearly not reliable ... It should be the flat of interactive experience, the flattening of information architecture. Before we get to the point, we'll look at a ...

The biggest thing is how to go down, thinking is our biggest thing

Jia Pengrei: I first survey the audience under the stage, the composition of our audience to see how much interest in the goods, there is no wine under the table? (two families). Do you have a sports category? (NO). Do you have 3C, digital appliances? (two digits). Traditional retail business?    (two digits). I would like to introduce to you, we are in front of four guests on the table, the old Guo Xian to do a self-introduction, mainly to introduce their own doing what, now in what, especially to emphasize that I need you to use a word ...

ChinaJoy TV Game Hot connect stick hand swim to become the new favorite

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall annual CHINAJOY (China International digital Interactive entertainment products and technology application exhibition, referred to as CJ) recently launched, as a game of gluttonous feast, ChinaJoy has been the game industry vane, for the market to indicate the development direction of the game. In the 2012 ChinaJoy, mobile game emerging, only a few months, the concept of hand-travel has become the most dazzling star in a-share market, ChinaJoy in 2013, the theme of the show directly "game play ...

Outside of Silicon Valley, there are 25 foreign startups worth paying attention to.

2014 has passed, and the 2014 inventory is far from over. We've been looking at Silicon Valley or the US, but not enough about the market. The 25 largest investment in science and technology in Europe and Africa in 2014 was sorted out, with a total of about 3.014 billion dollars. As an economy of more than 30,000 research firms and more than 110,000 innovative companies, German start-ups have the highest amount of funding. In addition, online ordering, electricity and mobile payments become the three most popular investment areas, and more than half of the company's financing amount of more than 100 million U.S.

Seven wolves in the Trap: "Family business" market test

The "men more than one side" business men's brand Seven wolves (002029, shares bar) (002029. SZ), in the industry before the winter "show" out of its fragile side. The company's annual report shows that in 2013 its revenue and profits were more than 20% year-on-year decline, the year net close up to 500. One side is the big airport of the star endorsement ads, one side is listed 10 years since the first performance decline, as the domestic men's industry "leader", the financial performance of the Seven Wolves why so drastic? A successful solution to this problem is even related to the industry as a whole. ...

Jiuxian Network Shang: The Dream of "the Earth" electric business

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall this Jiuxian net founder in builds "the Vertical + platform" the "Cross type" business model, will let him realize the tens of billions of sales dream? Shang's office is not small, antique, a water of dark red wooden furniture, standing in the doorway can see the deepest wall with a long, enshrined a Buddha and a guan gong. Echoed by the company's main entrance is a golden tripod, like the tourist attractions, there is water, the bottom is a gold silver coins. Golden Tripod hangs Above "Jiuxian manifesto" ...

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