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Jaksta for Mac 1.20 release download and video conversion tool

Jaksta is a download and video conversion tool that allows you to download and convert web video, audio, and MP3 to your Mac in a simple way. Just open the Jaksta, then hit the video or song in the browser, while Jaksta save a copy to your Mac hard drive and convert it to a variety of popular device formats. It supports most websites, including YouTube and ">f ...

Kigo M4V Accept for Mac 2.3.4 Release Media conversion Tool

Kigo m4v ">converter is a media conversion tool, The M4V or MOV format that uses the fast record technique for conversion encoding is not protected. It can also be used to convert any video on your itunes library. It supports the extraction of audio from M4V files, supports batch conversions, and is a general-purpose application (based on Intel and PPC Mac ...).

Macsome audiobook Accept for Mac 1.5.4 Release audio book Conversion tool

Macsome audiobook ">converter for Mac is a conversion tool for converting any audio books for MP3 or AAC that can be played on itunes. The conversion rate is 5 times times faster than normal playback, supports DRM-protected files, and retains the function of ID tags. Macsome Audiobook Accept ...

IFixit uncoupling Mac Pro-finally took off the coat, "garbage can" inside the universe

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > on the last day of 2013, IFixit brought us the annual finale, from Apple's annual blockbuster Mac Pro, fortunately as a computer host, Mac Pro is not a device that is not going to be installed like HTC one, so we don't have to worry about the expensive Mac Pro being "rubbish ..."

The big-Mac plot to debut in Nanjing is over 20 billion yuan

The land market in the near future cold, these two blocks of the listing has a certain "test water" meaning Tangwen two pieces of land to sell the initial price as high as 20.034 billion yuan, whether the plot area or the sale of the floor, yesterday in Nanjing this year, the 12th announcement of the land, the beginning is "King" level  With the listing of these two major plots, the construction of "Nanjing Waitan" may start.  Industry insiders said that although the Nanjing land market in the recent cold, but the two large plots of the listing has a certain "test water" significance. Nanjing Land and Resources Bureau yesterday issued the "2010 12th" Transfer announcement ...

Dos2unix 5.3.1 Publish Dos/mac file Conversion Text Format command

Dos2unix is a command that converts a file under Dos/mac to a UNIX text file format. Dos2unix version 5.3.1 supports translations in Spanish, the ownership of files is maintained in the old file mode (Unix only), Dos2unix and Unix2dos are now sharing the same language files and the source code has been cleaned up. Download Address: Dos2unix-5.3.1.tar.gz& ...

To teach you how to crack a telecom-sealed route

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall to teach you how to crack the telecommunication seal route recently ISP has more and more ways to seal the road, further infringing on the interests of users.   ISP providers use a single, "Network Vanguard" monitoring software shield route.   I found a way to crack, we can try. "Network Vanguard" is the use of a variety of methods to detect whether users use a shared way to access the Internet, so as to limit, the following I cracked: First, check the same IP address of the packet is different ...

KID3 2.0 Release Conversion MP3 Label tool

KID3 can edit a valid path of the ID3V1 tag and all ID3v2 frames, in MP3 files and ogg/vorbis tags and flac files. It is easy to make a conversion between ID3v1 and ID3v2, set multiple file tags to the same values, generate the name of the file. Can be from, ">musicbrainz and other ...

Pdfmasher 0.1.1 Publish PDF file Conversion tool

Pdfmasher a PDF file conversion tool that converts ebook text containing HTML files to PDF files. Support for most "> E-book reader PDF files, but it is a real tool for reading files, you can control the font size of the document, and can replace different focus. The disadvantage of other PDF files in E-book readers is unsupported annotations. Unlike other tools that convert to ...

The understanding of the Insider: How to use the business thinking to play good O2O this deck

It may sound strange to run a O2O store with the idea of a business online store.   But in another perspective, the offline retail store as an electric business site, from free WiFi, electronic price tag, shop optimization, shopping guide pad, to inventory data integration, user ID through, CRM system, micro-credit marketing, etc., it is not difficult to find that the logic behind the operation is interlinked. Qi brother has been acquainted with a long time a director of electrical business Y, others in the speculation O2O, he was patiently pondering some of the deep logic behind the operation, and finally realized a truth: If the offline retail store as a ...

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