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15 major frameworks for machine learning

Machine learning engineers are part of the team that develops products and builds algorithms and ensures that they work reliably, quickly, and on a scale.

What is machine learning? Why is it so important?

Machine learning is a multi-disciplinary subject that has emerged in the past 20 years and involves many disciplines such as probability theory, statistics, approximation theory, convex analysis, and computational complexity theory.

The past and present of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Machine Learning (ML) studies these patterns and encodes human decision processes into algorithms. These algorithms can be applied to several instances to arrive at meaningful conclusions.

Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning PAI - Improve Data Operational Efficiency

First of all, the three scenes are introduced. The first one is the story of diaper and beer sales. Wal-Mart stores put beer and diaper on sale and finds that the sales of beer will increase with the sales of diapers.

Important aspects of machine learning

Machine learning sounds like a wonderful concept, and it does, but there are some processes in machine learning that are not so automated. In fact, when designing a solution, many times manual operations are required.

Machine learning, deep learning and AI: What is the difference

The article is about machine learning, deep learning and AI: What is the difference? When it comes to new data processing techniques, we often hear many different terms. Some people say that they are using machine learning, while others call it artificial intelligence.

Machine learning = statistics on "new bottled old wine"

This paper raises objections to this view, thinking that machine learning ≠ data statistics, deep learning has made a significant contribution to our handling of complex unstructured data problems, and artificial intelligence should be appreciated.

Why machine learning is difficult to apply

Developing new machine learning algorithms and describing how they work and why work is a science is often not necessary when developing a learning system.

How to choose the most suitable machine learning algorithm for your regression problem

The performance of different machine learning algorithms depends on the size and structure of the data. Therefore, unless we use traditional trial and error experiments, we have no clear way to prove that a choice is right.

Ten truths you must know about machine learning

Machine learning means learning from data; AI is a buzzword. Machine learning is not like the hype of hype: by providing the appropriate training data to the appropriate learning algorithms, you can solve countless problems.

How to choose the appropriate machine learning algorithm

Machine learning is a combination of art and science. No machine learning algorithm can solve all the problems. There are several factors that can influence your decision to choose a machine learning algorithm.

The Future of Machine Learning - Deep Feature Fusion

The concept of machine learning was first born in science fiction, and its new features were quickly discovered and applied, but with the inevitable limitations.

A text illustrating the basic algorithm of machine learning

There are quite a lot of routines for machine learning, but if you have the right path and method, you still have a lot to follow. Here I recommend this blog from SAS's Li Hui, which explains how to choose machine learning.

Java developers must see! Machine learning development library selection!

Today, technology with deep learning and machine learning is one of the trends in the tech world, and companies want to hire some programmers with a good background in machine learning. This article will introduce some of the most popular and powerful Java-based machine learning libraries, and I hope to help you.

A simple machine learning small instance with javascript

While it may not be the development language of traditional choices for machine learning, JavaScript is proving to be able to do this—even though it currently cannot compete with the main machine learning language Python. Before we go any further, let's take a look at machine learning.

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