Machine Learning Model

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Privacy and machine learning

In machine learning applications, privacy should be considered an ally, not an enemy. With the improvement of technology. Differential privacy is likely to be an effective regularization tool that produces a better behavioral model. For machine learning researchers, even if they don't understand the knowledge of privacy protection, they can protect the training data in machine learning through the PATE framework.

Machine Learning Algorithm Overview: Random Forest & Logistic Regression

In any machine learning model, there are two sources of error: bias and variance. To better illustrate these two concepts, assume that a machine learning model has been created and the actual output of the data is known, trained with different parts of the same data, and as a result the machine learning model produces different parts of the data.

The trend of machine learning and the future of artificial intelligence

Each company is now a data company that can use machine learning to deploy smart applications in the cloud to a certain extent, thanks to three machine learning trends: data flywheels, algorithmic economy, and smart cloud hosting.

Technical debt in machine learning

When the machine learning model no longer continues to learn, and you finally patch the output of the machine learning model, a correction cascade is generated. As the patch builds up, you end up creating a thick layer of heuristics on top of the machine learning model called the correction cascade.

Deep learning yesterday, today and tomorrow

Since 2006, a topic called deep learning in the field of machine learning has begun to receive widespread attention in the academic world. Today it has become a boom in Internet big data and artificial intelligence.

Use machine learning to predict the price of a listing on Airbnb

Recently, Airbnb machine learning infrastructure has been improved, making the cost of deploying new machine learning models into production environments much lower. For example, our ML Infra team built a common feature library that allows users to apply more high-quality, filtered, reusable features to their models.

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