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Three questions about how Windows Server cloud performance improves

Server08 R2 is the cloud mainstream operating system 2012, the development of cloud computing has begun to descend slowly, after all, the ultimate goal of cloud computing is to bring profits to the business, to bring convenience to people's lives, illusory things even if the outline of the perfect will be eliminated.   In 2012, cloud computing has begun to solve the real problem for users, the major IT vendors have launched their own cloud solutions, it can be said that the next step of cloud computing will usher in a real test, but also the cloud is ushered in a rapid landing opportunities. ...

Image server architecture evolution

Now almost any application, such as a website, a web app and a mobile app, needs a picture display function, which is very important for the picture function from the bottom up. Must have a forward-looking planning picture server, picture upload and download speed is of crucial importance, of course, this is not to say that it is to engage in a very NB architecture, at least with some scalability and stability. Although all kinds of architecture design, I am here to talk about some of my personal ideas. For the picture server IO is undoubtedly the most serious resource consumption, for web applications need to picture service ...

High-density server and micro-server as data center purchasing hotspot

"Tenkine Server channel March 4 message" cloud Computing's impact on the server market is obvious, the server white card suppliers with the rise of the Chinese cloud services market, more users are no longer using traditional server supplier products, more flexible high-density server and micro-server customization program to become the first choice for data center users. In 2013, 14% of the server shipped to the cloud applications, and in 2014 increased to more than 20%, the number of direct procurement servers in the enterprise decreased. In the future, the proportion of enterprise servers in the overall market will be less and less. Have the investigation organization forecast ...

The magic of mimicry computer to let hackers not to start

Abstract: Design inspiration from the mimicry of the Octopus Subversion traditional computer infrastructure under the joint support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal government, at the end of September, more than 10 units from the PLA Information Engineering University, China Electronics Technology Group 32nd Institute, Fudan and Chiao Tung, etc. were inspired by the mimicry Octopus Subversion traditional computer Under the joint support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal government, at the end of September, the new concept was developed by the PLA Information Engineering University, the 32nd Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, Fudan, and more than 10 units of more than 500 researchers.

Design inspired by mimicry octopus subversion of traditional computer infrastructure

Inspired by the mimicry of the octopus. The basic architecture of the traditional computer under the joint support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal government, at the end of September, the PLA Information Engineering University, the 32nd Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, Fudan, and more than 10 units more than 500 researchers research and development. New concept of highly efficient computer architecture and system Research open "in Shanghai through acceptance." The mimicry of computer technology, first proposed by Chinese scientists, becomes a reality. In the face of the new term "mimicry computer", many people feel strange and curious, what is it different from the traditional computer? Reporter visited ...

Server owners want to sue Mobile company: said the innocent was sealed

Every reporter Zhongchunhui from Shanghai moved recently to the local computer room, so that tens of thousands of servers were sealed, which led to many Web sites were closed, leading to a large part of the server does not involve obscene content of the servers also involved. December 1, Shanghai lawyers to the "daily economic news" that will represent "innocent" server owners, the prosecution of mobile companies infringement, is currently organizing the collection of materials. It is reported that this group of clients mainly from the last month was frequently exposed in Shanghai mobile Nu River Computer room users, they questioned the server hosting units in the absence of notification, did not produce legal provisions ...

How the data center server connects to the deployment

Due to the morphological differences of the data Center server (rack server, "> Blade Server"), the wiring of server cabinets and network cabinets in pod is also different.   This article describes the characteristics and differences of several data center cabling methods for EOR, MOR, Tor, and blade servers. The data center plane layout usually uses the rectangular structure, in order to guarantee the refrigeration effect, usually will 10 to 20 ...

Peanut shells! I play personal server

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest owners buy cloud host technology Hall Many novice asked the question, many may be too simple, we are unwilling to answer, or lazy answer, because the simpler the more difficult to explain the problem. The reason to write this is to let someone who has just contacted a Windows server or a friend who has been using it for some time but still baffled by the peanut, the win SERVER, the DNS, the domain name, the IP, the port and its mapping, to IIS ...

The "Seven Swords" piece of server security maintenance skill

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Do you have vital data on your computer and do not want them to fall into the hands of the wicked? Of course, they are entirely possible. And, in recent years, servers have been more exposed than ever. More and more viruses, malicious hackers, and commercial spies are targeting servers.   Obviously, the server security problem is not to be ignored. It is not possible to talk about all the computer security issues in just one post. After all, about this ...

Server purchase experience talking about the era of single core and multi-nuclear crossover

Server market on a wide range of products, all the Chinese and foreign servers for large, medium and small users to launch a high middle and low full range of servers, especially in the low-end areas, the same level of server homogenization serious. And the major manufacturers in order to more prominent products hot: began in the service, the program to carry out guise, packaging, making similar products in the user to buy server products are more and more confused. & ">nbsp ...

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