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How does AI redefine human meaning?

A few months ago, I traveled long distances to the forest Park in the IBM Research Lab in New York State, York, to get a glimpse of the future of artificial intelligence that was in the offing. This is the research and development of the supercomputer "Watson", and Watson was at the "Brink" in 2011 (jeopardy!) The show was the top of the game. The original Watson computer is still here-it is a computer system that is about the size of a bedroom, surrounded by 10 upright freezer-type machines. Technicians can pass the system ...

Hadoop White Paper (2): Introduction to Distributed Database HBase

HBase is a column-oriented distributed database. HBase is not a relational database, and its design goal is to solve the limitation of the theory and implementation of relational database in processing massive data. The traditional relational database was designed for the trading system in the 70 's to satisfy the data consistency (ACID), and did not consider the scalability of data scale expansion, and the reliability of single point system failure. Although after many years of technical development, has produced some to the relational database patching (parallel database), however is limited by the theory and the realization about ...

Microsoft New Generation database platform Showdown Big Data age

2012 is called the year of large data, more and more enterprises into the embrace of large data, the relevant manufacturers are also constantly introducing new products. According to the initial budget of the domestic relevant institutions, the future of China's large data potential market size is expected to reach nearly 2 trillion yuan. The IDC report also notes that the total amount of data created and replicated around the world in 2011 amounted to 1.8ZB, not only on the scale of the amount of data available in the physical universe known to humans, but also on the global amount of information every two years. This means that the opportunity for big data is already in the market. In order to grasp the market opportunity of big data, ...

Don't put everything in the same Hadoop database.

Those who recommend putting everything in the Hadoop database clearly forget some of the bitter lessons that have occurred in the history of the database. Although there is a proverb called "Elephants will never forget", I still doubt the meaning of this proverb. I know a special kind of elephant--their name is Hadoop, and these elephants don't seem to remember that they are to enterprise class.

Cloud Database security: Seven ask cloud service provider

What is the most important topic for the IT manager for the cloud database?     The answer is "safety." Before the advent of the cloud computing era, security has become one of the most topical topics in the database field, and see how many major data security vulnerabilities we've experienced.     and putting the data in the cloud means that the enterprise data center loses control of the data, which undoubtedly adds additional risk. But the cloud services provider says security is the most they focus on ...

Customer relationship Management in the consumer Web site continues to tap customers

1, the continuous customer mining customer selection and mining needs through the user's information database. Stan Rippe (Stan Rapp) (1989) The definition of database marketing is the ability of enterprises to use the great potential of today's computer and telecommunications technology to advance their customer-oriented marketing activities in a personalized, sustained, low-cost manner. Database marketing has the ability to analyze customer characteristics and purchase habits, and can be used to create catalogs and customer archives that match the global demographic database of Acorn and mosaic. So calculate ...

"Book pick" large data development of the first knowledge of Hadoop

This paper is an excerpt from the book "The Authoritative Guide to Hadoop", published by Tsinghua University Press, which is the author of Tom White, the School of Data Science and engineering, East China Normal University. This book begins with the origins of Hadoop, and integrates theory and practice to introduce Hadoop as an ideal tool for high-performance processing of massive datasets. The book consists of 16 chapters, 3 appendices, covering topics including: Haddoop;mapreduce;hadoop Distributed file system; Hadoop I/O, MapReduce application Open ...

DEDECMS System it Plato lectures content

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall DEDECMS system it Plato's lecture content dedecms System application skill, by our Dedecms the developer to lecture, the master lectures really very good, hoped some friends and has seen the all to see, I put the IT Plato lectures content, the purpose of convenience we have not seen the webmaster, I hope everyone likes! Thank you! If convenient, all the QQ Group window open for full screen, that originally I today is to comprehensively tell Dede some intermediate application ...

What is structured data? What is semi-structured data?

Relative to structured data (the data is stored in the database, it is possible to use two-dimensional table structure to express the implementation data logically, the data that is not convenient to use the database two-dimensional logical table to represent is called unstructured data, including all format Office documents, text, picture, XML, HTML, various kinds of reports, images and audio/   Video information and so on. An unstructured database is a database with a variable field length and a record of each field that can be made up of repeatable or repeatable child fields, not only to handle structured data (such as numbers, symbols, etc.), but also ...

An in-depth interpretation of Oracle Exadata Technology

"IT168 Technical Documentation" Since Oracle and HP launched Exadata, I have been very concerned about this product, and previously wrote an Oracle database machine introduced it.   Last year, Oracle and Sun merged to launch Oracle Exadata V2, which has several changes compared to previous generations: first, using sun hardware; second, it claims to support OLTP applications; third, Oracle 11g R2 offers more new features. Exadata S ...

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