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NEC Cluster high availability solution to meet the reliable operation of medical core system

Can you imagine the consequences of a patient's medical information system interruption in the course of medical treatment? Stable system, efficient service in the medical profession is particularly important in addition to the timely release of patient pain, and even return to life. Whether in the registration, medical treatment, hospitalization, fees and other processes, any point of the system failure will trigger a ripple effect. In a critical business system that requires continuous operation, the business stop caused by failures such as server downtime will result in immeasurable loss. In the form of the new medical reform, the information process of healthcare industry is advancing rapidly, more and more hospitals are speeding up ...

Research on the massive medical data storage platform based on Hadoop

Research on the massive medical data storage platform based on Hadoop Wang with the rapid development of medical information, medical data emerges rapidly. However, the existing medical data storage platform is not able to meet the growing demand for massive data. Therefore, it is particularly important to study and develop an effective storage platform to manage and store these massive medical data. Cloud computing provides a low-cost, fault-tolerant, highly scalable and availability solution for the current dilemma of storage analysis of medical data. Based on distributed computing technology ...

The general trend, open source operating system is forced out

After Microsoft abandoned XP, not only China, but also many countries feel that since Microsoft is so absolute, it is not as clean as to push the country's open source operating system. In this way, not only can strengthen their own strength, but also can occupy a place in the operating system market.   Why not? South Korea says it will adopt local Open-source software 2020 years ago.   The South Korean government is so strong because it has a strong background in scientific research and development to support. 1, domestic Tmax is kingly Korean government this time so strong, with the national Science and technology development ...

4 reasons companies embrace open source

When developers think of open source, they only associate "free" with nothing else.   Because in general, people don't pay much attention to technologies that make them free to use and have little license restrictions. Now, when companies think of open source, they immediately think of "business agility."   In the face of today's rapidly changing market, enterprises pay more and more attention to "business flexibility", and put it in the first place in the development of enterprises. The relevant IT industry people say, using open source technology, can quickly and effectively develop new applications, but also to save costs, which makes Xu ...

Five aspects that open source should not be neglected

It is hard to imagine any company that has not used open source software in an environment where Linux is running on printers and Web servers, and business employees are running the Android operating system on a variety of mobile devices. According to Black Duck software, an open-source management tool provider, there are Ibedovan different open source projects in the industry, and the number of open source projects continues to grow, and black Duck software has the world's largest Ohloh open source software directory. At the same time, according to SAP ...

Robot doctor Watson How to change the world?

Watson is the artificial intelligence system developed by the DEEPQA planning team, led by IBM's lead researcher David Ferrucci, since 2007, and it is the culmination of more than 20 IBM researchers ' four years of effort, with IBM founder Thomas? J. Watson's surname is named. Thanks to the efforts of scientists, Watson has the ability to understand natural language and answer questions accurately. In 2011, Watson defeated the top prize winner Brad Ruttel and the winning streak record holder in an American veteran variety show "Crisis edge".

Boulatruelle: Three key positioning of the portal network to break the curse of industry monopoly

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall One, why to locate many stationmaster thinks SEO just rank and flow of work, it is no wonder that many peers will feel since a low salary is because SEO is worthless. Only do the ranking and flow of seoer in fact, the final analysis is only a technician, you rank and flow to do a good job, lack of macro marketing strategy, you are just a better technician. Selling technology is not worth much, and VCs are willing to pursue a whole set of business models and operational strategies, rather than ranking technology. And the business model ...

Lin interview: Qin Jian talk about how personal SEO transformation to do products

Intermediary Trading SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Qin Jian, graduated from the Guangdong Medical College, 2007 began to contact the website. Practice Send SEO, through the practice to analyze the phenomenon, in a lot of practice accumulated rich experience, SEO has its own unique insights. has been 09 Webmaster Network (ADMIN5) held the SEO contest (Valley Hundred Excellent) Baidu first, Google second, good at optimizing the company's website Baidu rankings, while Baidu bid, Google AdWord ...

China's nine major investment hotspots in the next ten years

A research report shows that the Olympic Games will be the next 7 years through China's economic growth is a main line, each year for the Chinese economy to bring 0.3% growth, 7 years down to the Chinese economy, the cumulative contribution will reach 1.38 trillion yuan. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the cost of hosting the 2008 Olympic Games will be 280 billion yuan, no more than 300 billion yuan, by the central government and Beijing two levels of fiscal expenditure, the specific allocation is as follows: 13 billion yuan for the actual operation of the Olympic Games, 17 billion yuan for the construction of Olympic venues, 71.3 billion yuan spent on environmental improvement, there is a big ...

Expectations for Cisco: Implementing virtual Servers in routers

Today's Cisco is struggling to deliver on its promise to enable iOS (Internet operating system), and, at least until now, the corresponding development results are already running in its ISR (integrated multi-service router). These routers are able to run Third-party applications created using Cisco's SDK, which is the first step in Cisco's attempt to use virtualization technology to replace a network infrastructure server. Although iOS is not as open as the Windows system (Cisco already supports Linux and the system itself is open), it can still allow users to have third parties ...

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