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Office 365 is coming to China! Microsoft cracked public Cloud qualification puzzle

October 31 Exclusive News, the reporter learned from reliable sources, Microsoft in the "Public cloud qualification" has made breakthrough progress, will be implemented in China next month public cloud Landing project. This means that Microsoft products, including Office 365, will soon meet with Chinese users. Microsoft's approach is simple, by partnering with "the largest Internet infrastructure service provider in the country", it solves the problem of operating licences, and then, by partnering with telecoms operators, buys the servers and rents the operators ' cabinets and bandwidth, which is equivalent to building up its own "data center" at home. O ...

Office 365: Simplify IT management for small and midsize enterprises

Now, in this information age, small and medium-sized enterprises in economic growth, technological innovation, increase employment and so on, more and more play an important role. According to the latest standard of small and medium-sized enterprises and the second economic census data, the current small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for a large proportion of China's companies, a full account of 99.7%, of which small enterprises accounted for 97.3%, not only so small and medium enterprises have created 60% of GDP, 59% of the tax and 60% import and export However, in the rapid development of the same time, the challenges will follow, SMEs should be how to deal with the evolving business ...

Microsoft Office 365 or validate cloud strategy effectiveness

Microsoft Office 365 marks the root of Microsoft's access to cloud computing and will face some substantial risks. Microsoft CEO Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) and his management team have recently advertised a "comprehensive" strategy for the cloud. The strategy predicts that desktop based software will be a gradual change to the online subscription service, the enterprise will eventually pay a certain monthly fee, the Microsoft server Storage enterprise data, publishing applications. In theory, cloud strategy helps businesses reduce their demand for servers and other IT infrastructures;

Article 10 tells you why Office 365 is about Microsoft's future

"Office 365 cloud computing services are critical to Microsoft's future development." "U.S. It Web site eWEEK reported that if the service can be successful, it can effectively defend against Google Apps attack, and let Microsoft become a top cloud computing company after a series of testing, evaluation, June 28, Microsoft CEO Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) officially released Office 365. The release of the product, whether the enterprise is large or small, can be paid in a certain ...

Most advanced cloud computing Microsoft Office 365 simple Trial

Microsoft announced for the first time in October that the next generation of cloud computing Office software products Office 365, including office, SharePoint online, Exchange online and Lync Online components,   and provides a public beta version for enterprise users in several countries and regions. After you install Office 365, you can access the Web version of Outlook and SharePoint and download Lync 2010 clients by logging on to the Office 365 panel ...

Please note the following 10 things before using Office 365

The current market has a lot of hype about Microsoft Office 365, and vendors, customers or businesses have different views. Office 365 is a Microsoft Cloud version of Office that allows users to create an account via the Internet, payment, download application installation, and then use the CD without using the process.  If enterprise users think that using Office 365 is the right step for the company, then there are 10 things managers need to follow. 1. What is Cloud? Cloud ...

Microsoft releases Office 365 cloud Office software suite

Beijing time June 29 Morning News, Microsoft today officially released Office 365 cloud Computing Office software suite, which contains the full version of Office 2010. It is Microsoft's first offering of cloud office services, intended to compete with Google's Google Apps for corporate and government users. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, announced today in a press conference in New York that Office 365 will be Ballmer today in 40 markets worldwide. Small business can choose everyone ...

Microsoft Shenwey: Cloud computing creates new ideas for software development

ZDNet to top network software Channel News (text/Shanghui) Microsoft's vice president and chief cloud computing strategist, Shenwey, said in an exclusive interview with ZDNet that in the era of cloud computing, software developers need new ideas in architecture design and profit patterns, and programmers in the application development process Consider which part of the application needs to be seamlessly migrated from the private cloud to the public cloud in the future. When it comes to partnering strategies, Shenwey says Microsoft will encourage existing partner channels to better sell cloud-related services or new models in the era of cloud computing. When Microsoft's business ...

Microsoft Office 365 cloud services value-added sales strategy

Microsoft officially announced Office 365 on October 20, 2010, Microsoft's Next Generation cloud computing product, including office SharePoint >online, Exchange online and Lync Online components, and provides real-time upgrade services for these components. Office 365 is on June 28.

Microsoft: Cloud computing promotes China's job growth and is committed to being the best cloud partner

The industry is heartened by the news that cloud computing can bring huge jobs to developing countries such as China and India. Recently, IDC published a cloud-related research report, which shows that cloud computing will create nearly 14 million new jobs around the world by 2015. The IDC study predicts that the new revenue generated by cloud computing's IT innovations will reach $1.1 trillion trillion in 2015, combined with the efficiency gains from cloud computing, which will significantly boost institutional reinvestment and increase jobs. The picture is president of Microsoft Global International Business ...

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