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Microsoft Shenwey: Cloud computing creates new ideas for software development

ZDNet to top network software Channel News (text/Shanghui) Microsoft's vice president and chief cloud computing strategist, Shenwey, said in an exclusive interview with ZDNet that in the era of cloud computing, software developers need new ideas in architecture design and profit patterns, and programmers in the application development process Consider which part of the application needs to be seamlessly migrated from the private cloud to the public cloud in the future. When it comes to partnering strategies, Shenwey says Microsoft will encourage existing partner channels to better sell cloud-related services or new models in the era of cloud computing. When Microsoft's business ...

Microsoft tells us that cloud computing must be core to application

The past 2013 New Year for Microsoft is a annual, innovative strategy is increasingly clear, more exciting products, solutions and services released in succession, and began to enter the Chinese market. 1 16.89 co-Li Shuyan with partners: Microsoft's 2012 financial year earnings show its performance is higher than the global average growth rate.   How do you evaluate the overall performance of Microsoft fiscal year 2012? Shenwey: The overall performance of Microsoft's fiscal year 2012 is really excellent, and the advantages of marketing and strategic expansion are also very prominent. ...

Microsoft Vahétorossian: Small Business life too short cloud is dose

99% of China's enterprises are SMEs, they are the main body of China's economy, very active, rapid development. However, an unavoidable problem is that China's new small and medium-sized enterprises life cycle is very short, only 3, 4 years. Microsoft's SME Specialist, Vahétorossian, is looking to give Chinese SMEs a good dose of medicine. Recently, Microsoft Global Small and Medium market solution and partner Business Company vice President Vahétorossian in Beijing received CNET Science and technology Information Network interview. Vah&

Empire restarts: Can Nadra save Microsoft?

In the past 10 years, the most powerful force in the history of science and technology has fallen (although profitability remains strong). Some blame Microsoft's woes on Bill Gates, the founder, but most of them point to his successor, Ballmer. "Vanity Fair" special editor Besseny Macklin (Bethany McLean) recently published a "Empire restart" long article, opened a variety of insider stories of Microsoft, including the collapse of the gates and the relationship between Bauer, Mr Ballmer is not to be seen, the third CEO sa ...

Microsoft moves dynamics ERP to Azure cloud Platform

Microsoft is now migrating its Dynamics ERP (Enterprise resource Plan) application software to the Azure Cloud Platform, the company announced at the Atlanta Fusion (convergence) Conference recently.   This belated move means a major change in the way Microsoft sells dynamics: Dynamics has historically been sold through partners in the form of an internally deployable version and a managed version. Microsoft said in a statement that the next major version of Dynamics would run on Azure, and that customers "could be based on their own ...

Microsoft Shen: Behind cloud computing is the brutal global industry shuffle

Dr. Shen, from Microsoft headquarters, with the mayor of Seattle to visit Chongqing and attend the Chongqing Yun Bo, Microsoft Headquarters Senior Engineer, Microsoft Global Chinese Association president, Microsoft Asia Human Resources Vice Chairman, Global Cloud computing experts. During his visit to Chongqing, Dr. Shen agreed to interview the Chongqing Times on behalf of Microsoft headquarters.   This is also the first time that Microsoft headquarters in Chongqing publicly talked about the company in the cloud era of the global layout and strategic positioning of China. The global Cloud Era "background" social networks, smartphones, interactive televisions, decision engines, and the advent of every new technology means ...

Microsoft: "Cloud + END" layout Strategy cloud Computing

The emergence of cloud computing is not groundless, but it service development to a phase of the inevitable outcome.   Microsoft, the world's largest software supplier, has a natural impact on its traditional profit model, and Microsoft has opted for a transition, and the strategic positioning has become the primary factor in Microsoft's response to Internet giants ' competition in the era of cloud computing.   Microsoft Cloud Computing Positioning "cloud + END" in the era of cloud computing, the public's IT giants have to find their own development direction and business model, Microsoft also strive for its own positioning. Amazo ...

Microsoft Greater China CEO Leung: How Microsoft from the window to the cloud

As the only it company with a full product line from the enterprise to the consumer level, Microsoft has ranked cloud computing as the primary key factor in keeping the company growing and successful. From a technical point of view, Microsoft sees cloud computing as a huge transformation and transformation that parallels the 70 's microprocessor, the 80 graphical user interface and the 90 Internet. As the only it company with a full product line from enterprise to consumer level, Microsoft, in its 2010 report, ranked cloud computing as the primary key factor in ensuring sustained growth and success for the company (the other two are strong production ...).

Zhang: Microsoft "lost Years" is the biggest regret

Absrtact: Microsoft Asia Pacific Research Group Original chairman, Baidu President Zhang. September 8, the Mid-Autumn festival, a reunion day. But Zhang chose to break up with Microsoft on this day.    In the afternoon of Mid-Autumn festival, Microsoft China confirmed Microsoft Asia Pacific Research Group chairman Zhang Microsoft Asia Pacific Research Group chairman, Baidu President Zhang. September 8, the Mid-Autumn festival, a reunion day.   But Zhang chose to break up with Microsoft on this day. On the afternoon of the Mid-Autumn festival, Microsoft China confirmed that Microsoft Asia Pacific Research Group chairman Zhang will resign from Microsoft. ...

Microsoft public Cloud officially in China Business: not afraid of any opponents

On the morning of March 27, Microsoft China announced yesterday afternoon that the Microsoft Azure Public cloud service, which was run by the century Internet, was officially commercial. This is the first official commercial international public cloud service platform in China. Open business, which means that any company can now pay to use the service, and no longer through the Microsoft China selection. Microsoft Public Cloud services currently has more than 3,000 experience customers in China, and more than 160 users are paying or are about to pay for the service. At yesterday's press conference, Microsoft China said it would issue 2000 more ...

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