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Microsoft plans to provide cloud computing services to customers as simply as possible

While Microsoft has not yet made clear how to incorporate Windows Azure pricing into corporate customers who have signed a long-term contract with the company, Microsoft executives say Microsoft intends to make it easier for these customers to take advantage of Microsoft's new cloud computing services as soon as this week. At Microsoft's Global partners conference last week, Microsoft said Azure would be officially commercially available in November and would set a price policy for cloud-based applications and development platforms. Microsoft also said that Azure would be part of Microsoft's product package through volume licensing contracts ...

Empire restarts: Can Nadra save Microsoft?

In the past 10 years, the most powerful force in the history of science and technology has fallen (although profitability remains strong). Some blame Microsoft's woes on Bill Gates, the founder, but most of them point to his successor, Ballmer. "Vanity Fair" special editor Besseny Macklin (Bethany McLean) recently published a "Empire restart" long article, opened a variety of insider stories of Microsoft, including the collapse of the gates and the relationship between Bauer, Mr Ballmer is not to be seen, the third CEO sa ...

Microsoft signs largest cloud service agreement in India

Microsoft announced yesterday that it had signed an agreement with the "All India Council for Science and Technology Education" (all India Council for technical Education), the largest cloud service agreement ever signed by the company to date, to about 10,000 http :// "> Technology University Deployment Microsoft live@edu Service, will cover 75,000 ...

Microsoft: Cloud computing promotes China's job growth and is committed to being the best cloud partner

The industry is heartened by the news that cloud computing can bring huge jobs to developing countries such as China and India. Recently, IDC published a cloud-related research report, which shows that cloud computing will create nearly 14 million new jobs around the world by 2015. The IDC study predicts that the new revenue generated by cloud computing's IT innovations will reach $1.1 trillion trillion in 2015, combined with the efficiency gains from cloud computing, which will significantly boost institutional reinvestment and increase jobs. The picture is president of Microsoft Global International Business ...

Microsoft Greater China CEO Leung: How Microsoft from the window to the cloud

As the only it company with a full product line from the enterprise to the consumer level, Microsoft has ranked cloud computing as the primary key factor in keeping the company growing and successful. From a technical point of view, Microsoft sees cloud computing as a huge transformation and transformation that parallels the 70 's microprocessor, the 80 graphical user interface and the 90 Internet. As the only it company with a full product line from enterprise to consumer level, Microsoft, in its 2010 report, ranked cloud computing as the primary key factor in ensuring sustained growth and success for the company (the other two are strong production ...).

Cloud Computing Guide: Management, architecture, security, networking, and services

One, the charm of the management of cloud computing is that users can start using their ID card and credit card, but that's the problem. Such a simple service is bound to bring many challenges to the unprepared IT department.   We've been through this many times before: the benefits of a technology that are easy to use end up being an unexpected management challenge, such as virtualization, which causes virtual machines to become fragmented, new security risks to smartphones, and instant messaging that triggers corporate governance problems. This article is intended to show IT managers how to maximize cloud computing ...

Entering China's public cloud market Microsoft in action

Cloud computing world is never calm, let alone the Chinese cloud computing market such a huge blue ocean. Since 2013, China's cloud computing market has been in a state of peat peat. March 26, Microsoft China announced the business of the Windows Azure Public cloud service, which is operated by the century interconnection. It was a year or two ago when Amazon, Microsoft and IBM announced their foray into China's public cloud market, and the first public cloud service platform, which was run locally by international manufacturers, was commercialized.   Microsoft launched the first shot of the 2014 China Cloud War! Chinese public ...

Windows Azure Cloud serves the first anniversary of China's operations, and see how Microsoft "Teng Yun"

April 2--Microsoft China announced the launch of Microsoft's "Lingyun plan" for small and midsize enterprises and start-ups, April 1, when the Windows Azure cloud service, operated by the century, officially entered the first anniversary of China's commercial operations,       It will provide Microsoft Azure public cloud services, software and development tools worth 100 million RMB to 100 start-up companies. The Windows Azure cloud service operated by the century is the only international public that has landed in China ...

Microsoft and the Century interconnection cooperation: public cloud and traditional IDC docking

January 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Information technology joint national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Land and Resources, the Electricity Regulatory Commission, the Energy Bureau jointly issued guidance on the Construction of Data Center (hereinafter referred to as "opinion"). "Views" pointed out that for the established data centers, encourage enterprises to use cloud computing, green energy-saving and other advanced technologies for integration, transformation and upgrading. In November 2012, Microsoft announced that with the domestic IDC century interconnection cooperation, the public cloud in the domestic landing. Although prior to the publication of the opinion, cooperation between the two sides can be used as an application of the "opinion" to promote the data center cloud computing business ...

Lenovo, Microsoft to push personal cloud services mobile internet strategy to improve

Lenovo has said more than once that Apple should be used as a catch-up target. However, it is almost impossible for any it giant to look to challenge Apple through a single product. It is clear that Lenovo is aware of this. Lenovo's introduction of personal cloud means Lenovo began to focus on the interaction of products, the promotion of value and meaning the newspaper reporter Tanggang Lenovo and Microsoft recently reached a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, both sides announced that the future two companies will be in small and medium-sized enterprises and individual consumers and other specific customer markets, jointly develop service products and "cloud services" business. Lenovo said that the public ...

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