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Empire restarts: Can Nadra save Microsoft?

In the past 10 years, the most powerful force in the history of science and technology has fallen (although profitability remains strong). Some blame Microsoft's woes on Bill Gates, the founder, but most of them point to his successor, Ballmer. "Vanity Fair" special editor Besseny Macklin (Bethany McLean) recently published a "Empire restart" long article, opened a variety of insider stories of Microsoft, including the collapse of the gates and the relationship between Bauer, Mr Ballmer is not to be seen, the third CEO sa ...

Microsoft Vahétorossian: Small Business life too short cloud is dose

99% of China's enterprises are SMEs, they are the main body of China's economy, very active, rapid development. However, an unavoidable problem is that China's new small and medium-sized enterprises life cycle is very short, only 3, 4 years. Microsoft's SME Specialist, Vahétorossian, is looking to give Chinese SMEs a good dose of medicine. Recently, Microsoft Global Small and Medium market solution and partner Business Company vice President Vahétorossian in Beijing received CNET Science and technology Information Network interview. Vah&

Microsoft transformed into a cloud computing technology company

Absrtact: Today's Microsoft, has been from the gates era a successful software company, quietly realized two times growth, transformation into a cloud computing technology company. 2012, belongs to Microsoft. Windows Phone and Windows 8 have been listed, let Microsoft in the global economy is not today's Microsoft, has been from the gates era a successful software company, quietly realized two times growth, transformation into a cloud computing technology company. 2012, belongs to Microsoft. Windows Phone and Windows 8 have been listed successively, allowing Microsoft to be in full ...

Microsoft CEO Satya Low-key visit to China: Salute to innovators

Microsoft CEO Satia Nadra (Tencent Technology map) Tencent technology Louboutin Pool September 25 reported yesterday afternoon, Microsoft chief executive Satia Nadra officially arrived in China, this is the shoulder of Microsoft's mission to transform the CEO of the first visit to China. According to Tencent technology to understand that the Sati Asia · The first leg of Nadra's trip to China will meet with the Creative Cup and award-winning Chinese students, and will unveil Microsoft's new World in Microsoft's building, leading to nearly 200 Chinese cloud industries ...

Microsoft: Cloud computing promotes China's job growth and is committed to being the best cloud partner

The industry is heartened by the news that cloud computing can bring huge jobs to developing countries such as China and India. Recently, IDC published a cloud-related research report, which shows that cloud computing will create nearly 14 million new jobs around the world by 2015. The IDC study predicts that the new revenue generated by cloud computing's IT innovations will reach $1.1 trillion trillion in 2015, combined with the efficiency gains from cloud computing, which will significantly boost institutional reinvestment and increase jobs. The picture is president of Microsoft Global International Business ...

It innovation changes life Microsoft Cloud Landing China case

Microsoft China has released a 2010-2011-year corporate citizenship report. The report focuses on a review of the 2011 fiscal year, Microsoft China's efforts in innovative talent training, the promotion of software industry development, cloud computing innovation, and the company's internal commitment to employee incentives, high standards and integrity management. Microsoft believes that with the advent of the cloud computing era, it innovation can help society and government cope with many social challenges, including improving health care, improving education, achieving energy self-sufficiency, tackling climate change, and making public services more accessible, transparent and responsive to public demand ...

Microsoft Cloud Computing: The Microsoft Cloud Service System

Enterprise Data Center The evolution of cloud computing data centers is becoming a trend only considering that server virtualization has not been able to meet current enterprise it needs. Microsoft has always wanted to build the entire cloud computing system for all companies, looking at Microsoft's cloud computing system, which is broadly divided into Microsoft cloud Services and Microsoft Cloud Computing solutions, Microsoft Cloud Services system, Microsoft Cloud Services system mainly includes Windows Azure, Office 365, Skype Drive and Live service. Windows ...

Microsoft cuts Nokia encounters "cultural Clash"

Abstract: Nokia will be like family members to send off their loved ones, Microsoft is overbearing, not to communicate with you. Yesterday is the 7th day of receiving the Microsoft Redundancy Compensation Scheme, Nokia employee Li (alias) still cannot accept, he is organizing the company's employee signature, hope to get "Nokia will be like family farewell relatives, Microsoft is overbearing high-handed, do not communicate with you at all."   "Yesterday is the 7th day of receiving the Microsoft Redundancy Compensation Scheme, Nokia employee Li (alias) is still unable to accept, he is organizing the company employee signature, hope to have the opportunity to consult with Microsoft Company." But from other companies and recruiting public ...

Entering China's public cloud market Microsoft in action

Cloud computing world is never calm, let alone the Chinese cloud computing market such a huge blue ocean. Since 2013, China's cloud computing market has been in a state of peat peat. March 26, Microsoft China announced the business of the Windows Azure Public cloud service, which is operated by the century interconnection. It was a year or two ago when Amazon, Microsoft and IBM announced their foray into China's public cloud market, and the first public cloud service platform, which was run locally by international manufacturers, was commercialized.   Microsoft launched the first shot of the 2014 China Cloud War! Chinese public ...

Microsoft Azure is the Chinese public cloud field market

The economic Observer reporter Zhang Amazon AWS (Amazon Public Cloud products) in China's Landing, but let Microsoft China Azure Division general manager Zhi Jiqing long sigh. "We put AWS in a very mythical position and expectations are too high," he said. "Mr Ching has been asked countless times what the impact of AWS's entry into China on Microsoft is," What kind of business does an international company do around the world, and whether it can be solidly landed in China? So when the character of a myth really becomes a real person, I know at least I can mano and fight it. ”...

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