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Protection system uses database encryption to realize data security

Data encryption, database encryption technology Status quo and future trends? Can the product solutions in this area meet the needs of industry and enterprise users? Firewall is not a problem all of the anti-intrusion network security technology represented by the firewall is not equal to all information security. In the vast majority of information systems, the core data and data are stored in the way of the database, no encrypted database is like a locked file cabinet, for those with ulterior motives, plagiarism, tampering is a breeze. Therefore, the security of database should not be neglected. Database encryption system is to enhance the common relational database ...

The current situation and promotion of database marketing in Chinese enterprises

Reporter: Recently cctv in 3.15 bursts SMS spamming news, everybody is very concerned, this kind of short message marketing is the database marketing? Miss Wang: This is a great misunderstanding of database marketing. If the bulk of the message is the database marketing, then the street disorderly posting of small ads, and junk cards, is advertising. Haha in fact, the bulk of the message between the database marketing and advertising, can be said to be the lowest level of database marketing form, not our advocacy database marketing. We are very grateful to CCTV exposure SMS spam, database Marketing to healthy development ...

Analysis of database security and development based on cloud computing

Cloud services and cloud computing any web-based applications and services provided by cloud computing can become cloud services. Cloud services This model can significantly improve the interests of smaller companies and enterprises, compared with the company-specific ERP, the use of cloud services such a model can achieve centralized resource allocation and resource management, but also better meet the needs of users, to achieve procurement configuration, to avoid waste of resources. The company's professional and technical personnel will be regularly maintained and maintained, can significantly reduce costs.   The reliability, expansibility and stability of the system are improved remarkably. The advantages of cloud services are low cost and similar to China ...

Five Points of database security

& ">nbsp; For Telecom Enterprises, database security is very important. Just imagine the problem with the recharge system? What happens to the system when a mobile phone user checks the bill at the end of the month? The following is a telecom enterprise database operators in the database security aspects of some of the experience, as well as the star-Chen database security experts to give suggestions, hope to have some inspiration and reference. Database version ...

Newsql database manufacturer Nuggets industry Big Data

When it comes to big data, many people first think of internet companies, such as Google, Baidu and Alibaba. Internet companies in the large data analysis has indeed walked in the forefront of the industry, its aura also obscured the industry's big data shine. IDC defines big data with "4 V": volume represents greater capacity, produced represents a variety of data, velocity represents faster processing speed, and value means that large data can create more value. Tianjin Nanda General Data Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the General) chief technical Officer Vounie said, such as ...

Big Data hits traditional database Hadoop dream

The big data age has come and has quietly influenced our lives. According to a recent study by IDC, 1 million new links are shared every 20 minutes on Facebook and 10 million user reviews are released.   Facebook and all other Internet sites, Internet applications, have gradually become the entire data collection, analysis, processing and value-added architecture. In China, social networks are also in full swing. Sina Vice President Wang Gaofei has said that Sina Weibo has registered more than 300 million users, users on average daily release more than 100 million micro bonnet ...

SAP announces new strategy for database and mobile business in 2015

According to foreign media reports, enterprise management software supplier SAP announced the HANA database platform and database provider Sybase's recent plans and long-term planning, demonstrating its commitment to become a leading database provider. SAP outlines bold new strategies for databases and mobile services, hoping to gain a foothold in these areas. SAP gives its market position to be both a leader and a good partner. SAP Executive board member Vishal Sikka at a press conference in Tuesday outlining the company's vision and blueprint for the 2015. ...

Discussion on database security problem based on cloud computing service

1, introduction of cloud computing using virtualization technology, users do not need to understand its specific operating mechanism, but simply through the network to connect to the cloud computing services to obtain their own services needed to achieve a greater degree of network resource sharing. Peng, a Chinese grid computing and cloud computing expert, defines cloud computing as follows: "Cloud computing tasks are distributed across a pool of computer-intensive resources, enabling applications to gain computing power, storage space and various software services as needed." Cloud computing is the further development of distributed computing, parallel processing and grid computing, which is based on the Internet.

Teradata promote global database technology change

Teradata drives Global database technology change the smartest database software, the most intelligent analysis of China, Suzhou-the world's leading data analysis solutions manufacturer Teradata (Teradata Corporation, NYSE: TDC) Recently announced in the global issue of Teradata database 14 databases, the database has more than 80 new features and 60 new built-in analysis functions, to provide customers with transformative database technology, support breakthroughs ...

How to Choose Cloud Database

Would you like to run the database server on the IaaS cloud? Or should it be converted to a PAAs selection? The choice of a database as a service may sound tempting, such as Cloudant's nosql but how to weigh it? Developers and application designers have a lot of options for deploying databases in the cloud, and it's hard to make the best decisions. Regardless of which cloud database you choose, you need to measure a variety of factors, including cost, availability, scalability, and performance support. The current code may be difficult to select from the platform, the Service (PaaS) database, or even the relational database ...

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