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Data Center Product transformation

Coo Zhaoyongzhi, the capital online, said in an interview that the capital had not built its own data center online, but that their cloud platform had been modularized. In the era of cloud computing, whether it systems, or data center infrastructure, modularity, standardization are the most basic requirements. The reporter also clearly remembers, when Schneider Electric's APC has just introduced the modular ups, many people in the industry are skeptical, even depending on the modular ups as "heterogeneous." But more than 10 years on, modular UPS has become a default choice for many data centers. From non-standard to standardized, ...

The mainstream trend of global data Center product transformation and development

March 29, 2014, Shenzhen Cloud base and China's first prefabricated modular data center officially opened.   The first phase of the data center project from September 2013 to January 2014 the entire project completed smoothly, less than 4 months, one of the most talked about is a "fast" word, and this "fast" word just highly summarizes the advantages of prefabricated modular data center. Factory prefabrication feasible prefabricated modular data centers follow modular data center design and construction ideas, while modular deployments are no doubt the mainstream way of data center building today;

The ten essential hardware of modern data center

Adding components can elevate your data center to a new level, not only to improve security, but also to improve your overall service level. There is no substitute for quality. Even if the cost of control does not shrink the quality of the data center, customers expect the data center to be fully functional at all times, with iron-general security and superior performance.   Adding these 10 hardware will provide you and your customers with excellent service and outstanding security. The ten essential hardware of modern data center 1. Blade Server Deployment Blade Server can save more empty ...

Facebook Data Center Practice analysis, OCP main work results

Editor's note: Data Center 2013: Hardware refactoring and Software definition report has a big impact. We have been paying close attention to the launch of the Data Center 2014 technical Report. In a communication with the author of the report, Zhang Guangbin, a senior expert in the data center, who is currently in business, he says it will take some time to launch. Fortunately, today's big number nets, Zhangguangbin just issued a good fifth chapter, mainly introduces Facebook's data center practice, the establishment of Open Computing Project (OCP) and its main work results. Special share. The following is the text: confidentiality is the data ...

Analysis of security architecture of cloud computing data center

The purpose of the data center is to make better use of data, data mining and data efficiency. The application of cloud computing technology in the data center is an inevitable trend. It is important to study the information security architecture of cloud computing data Center for the benefit from data center to be supported by a relatively safe and stable environment. I. Cloud computing Overview (i) cloud computing technology ranked first among the top ten most strategic technologies and trends for most organizations, Gartner, a world-renowned market research consultancy. Cloud computing refers to the delivery of IT infrastructure ...

Prefabricated modular data center transforms machine room construction into customization

Shenzhen Yantian Port Data center of the actual construction cycle of only 3.5 months, although the construction speed, low cost, but the quality is not discounted. All of this is due to the building of a new data center built by factory Prefabrication.   Can the growing popularity of prefabricated modular data centers abroad withstand the test of Chinese users? Let the designers and builders of the Yantian port data center tell you in person. 3721.html ">2014 year March 29, Shenzhen Cloud base and China's first prefabricated modular data center was officially opened. The first phase of the data center project from 201 ...

The trend of new generation data center is becoming clear

As the physical carrier of an enterprise, data center plays a more and more important role in the operation of the enterprise. Most companies are trying to consolidate resources into fewer data centers, and demand for data center servers and storage, power, data center physical space, and data center management is growing rapidly. As it architectures are undergoing a shift from "network-centric" to "data-centric," How to efficiently manage data center data, easily access data, while ensuring data security becomes all data ...

Uncover the mysteries behind Iceland's biggest data center

A few weeks ago, I saw this article on the news website of the Swedish Swedish wire. This article describes how several northern towns in Sweden are promoting and publicizing themselves as the ideal venue for building data centres. The article points out that an unnamed "US internet company (widely regarded as Facebook) intends to build a large data center near the center of Luleå Town in Sweden." "Almost at this time, Google has announced the start of building its data center in Hamina, Finland." Also almost at this time, I received a V ...

The evolution of large data center networks: Meeting the T-Class age

The achievements of modern science and technology make human organs in space has been greatly extended, if the telephone is the extension of human sound, television is the extension of human vision, then the large data center network is the human Brain unlimited extension, large data center switch is the brain nervous system as a high-speed road.   The normal nervous system is one of the hallmarks of a person's health, and similarly, large bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability of the network system is the basic guarantee for human to enter the cloud era. Data center is the inevitable outcome of internet development to a certain stage. Relevant data show that with the advent of the cloud computing era, network flow ...

Wave Group and Transportation Department Highway Science Research Institute to build "modern logistics large Data Application Laboratory"

The development of the society, the prosperity of the market, let the transportation become more and more busy. In the face of tens of thousands of flights, ships and vehicles every day, the face of tens of thousands of passengers, goods, how to make people travel more convenient? How to make the transportation of goods more efficient? These problems are being paid attention to both inside and outside the industry. The emergence of large data technology undoubtedly provides us with an updated and more effective way to solve the above problems. Large data is hailed as the cloud computing, the Internet after the IT industry another important technological changes, using its transport industry accumulated massive data ...

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