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Fairchild Chocolate Two production date agent admits modified

A "two-date"-The production date of two, or even more than 1 years-is an imported chocolate label for Swiss production.  Consumer Zhao in Hangzhou, a large supermarket chain (hereinafter referred to as "supermarket chain") found the kind of chocolate. "This is very clear, the naked eye can see that the date has been modified." "The 2 boxes of chocolates that Zhao bought on the last day of 2012 are imported from Switzerland, the name is" Fei Rui. " One box is assorted sandwich chocolate, the other is the cream sandwich chocolate, the price is 136 yuan/box. Reporters in the assorted sandwich chocolate outside the packaging production date bar one eye can ...

Study says a genetically modified maize is carcinogenic

The study says a genetically engineered corn-cancer product from more than half of Monsanto's mice ate two years after the death of Europe or the ban, according to the new observer of France 20th reported, a group of French scientists, after two years of experiments on mice, found that rats fed by genetically modified corn were generally suffering from tumors,  and the symptoms of multiple organ failure. The results are in the journal Food Chemical Toxicology.  The study stressed that this was the first time in a laboratory rat who ate only genetically modified grains for more than two years, often in mice that lasted only 90 days. ...

Diablo 3 Rune Name fully modified

May 27, a player in the "Diablo 3" official forum, the developer renamed the Game Rune, Blizzard Community Manager Bashiok in the reply confirmed that Blizzard did completely modify the "Diablo 3" in the name of the rune, and explained in detail the reason.  The following is the original translation.  Player: Previously heard that "Diablo 3" developers modified the game's rune system, the final version of the game in the Rune and the demo version of the Rune is not the same. Blizzard Bashiok: Part of the story is right, but is that what I said? I'm confused. You have a right to ...

Analyze the function of Nginx filter module

4.1. Analysis of the Head filter function head Filter function consists of the following three basic components: 1. Decide whether to manipulate this reply 2. Manipulate this reply 3. Call the next filter function For example, here is a simple version of the "unmodified" header filter function. If the client's if-modfied-since head matches the last-modified header of the reply, the State is set to 304 not flushes. The head filter function has only one parameter ngx_http_re ...

Geomspace 0.9b release interactive geometry software

Geomspace interactive geometry software is suitable for different geometrical spaces. You can build your own universe using any size and any geometrical shape. You can choose Eucl ">idean, ellipse, hyperbola or minkowskii and other spaces." Geomspace 0.9b This version has been modified to save the function model, and the application crashes, when the mouse wheel rotates ...

Blonde technology sells 75% of real estate subsidiaries by 554 million

Blonde Technology (600143) announced in the evening of Monday, the company will be 554 million Yuan transfer subsidiary Changsha Sunart Real Estate 75% Equity, the transferee for the Guangzhou Integrity Investment Management Co.  Shi Min, the company's controlling shareholder, holds a 51% per cent stake in Guangzhou Chengxin Investment Management Co., which constitutes a major related transaction.  By the end of last year, Changsha Sunart real estate net worth is 461 million, net profit is 30.7666 million yuan, the whole equity appraisal result is 739 million yuan. The purpose of this transaction is to focus on modified plastics and chemical new materials main business, to raise funds to accelerate ...

Win7 Run as administrator how to set up

Right-click Computer on the desktop, select Manage under Local Users and Groups, click Users, and then select the user who needs permission, if the user name is not modified, the administration right click Administration, select Properties under General , remove the small tick before the account is disabled, then make sure you can then right-click the software or shortcut and select "Run as Administrator" if you right-click without "Run as Administrator", the program can right-click, select "Properties", and "compatible ..."

"Educational background" is a matter of social honesty

For the overseas diploma, the recent turmoil is really twists AH: "Fight against the Emperor" ark son questioned the "wage Emperor" tang June's education is false, and then triggered a lot of celebrities "ego human Flesh", modified their resume information online.   Relevant web site technicians said that within a few days, the site has a number of stars to modify the entry, the content of the revision is mainly 0. It is undeniable that the "Education gate" event. Starting from the date of the explosion, it was a stir in the Internet. With Tang June and Fang's response, the "Education gate" incident has been constantly upgraded. Although this ...

Awit dbackup 0.0.15 releases a backup system

Allworldit Dbackup is a backup system that creates a separate compressed package for each directory, making it easier to search. It makes backups easier to search through so you can see the files in the directory hierarchy. It only backs up the changed directories, which makes it very handy. Features: Use XZ, Bzip2,.gzip, compression backup directory hierarchy differential backup, only backup modified files RSync friendly virtual machine support can not backup some files AW ...

John the Ripper 1.7.8-jumbo-5 release password cracking tool

John the Ripper 1.7.8-jumbo-5 This version has been added to "-encode" the support option (currently for Utf-8,iso-8859-1,koi8-r and CP1251) with new and more character encodings. Original sha-224,sha-256,sha-384, and SHA-512 hash support has been added. The makefile has been modified so that it can be used properly on Solaris. John the Ripper is a quick password break ...

Defeated by Microsoft "Talons" "Galgun" skirt under the view of all banned

(Compiling/Katy Fish) According to overseas media reports, Japanese developer Alchemist released the latest patch on "Girls Shot" (Galgun) this month 18th to repair "obvious" errors in Lens perspectives.  After the patch is updated, all the "skirts" in the game are banned, including the visual angle of the character model, or a white screen that blocks the sensitive part of the exposure. The concrete effect please see before and after contrast chart (the left is modified before, the right is modified): "Female shooting" is a first person orbital shooting game, because of the game ...

The commercial cultivation of transgenic crops should be cautious

During this year's "two sessions", a joint letter from the hundreds scholar to the NPC Standing Committee and all the delegates on the "immediate cessation of the commercialization of genetically modified rice and maize" has aroused the concern of the Chinese economic Times reporter that "countries such as the EU and Japan have a very cautious and negative attitude towards genetically modified food,  If China is to staple the genetically modified foods that are widely and hotly contested, it could endanger national and national security. All this originated in November 2009, genetically modified rice strains Huafu 1th and BT Shanyou 63, and the transfer of phytase gene maize obtained by the State-related institutions.

PS How to modify picture size

Open Photoshop to open the picture you need to modify click on the "Image" menu, click "Image Size" after entering a dialog box, will show the size of the picture, just change to the size you want it can be modified in the original proportion of the changes. If you want to reset the long width, click on the constraint below to cancel the constraint. After setting, click OK.

Interceptor 1.2.8 releases KDE 4 system log monitoring

Interceptor is a notification tool for KDE 4 system log monitoring and management. Interceptor 1.2.8 Some errors have been modified. Download Address: Installation instructions: Tar XJF <your path>/ INTERCEPTOR-1.2.8.TAR.BZ2CD Inter ...

j661 0.50.2 publishes a generic CDs

The j661 project provides a common CDs (or ARINC661 server), performs ARINC661 standards, prototypes ARINC661 concepts and architectures, and facilitates reuse between ARINC661 specifications and projects. The architecture of CDs is designed to determine the behavior of the server and can be easily modified or extended. This is the implementation of a modular plug-in architecture that allows customization without changing the Server core. j661 0.50.2 This release resolves a a661_mutua in 0.50.1 Beta 2 ...

"Rocky Hero Biography" public new role Evy skills replacement Video

(Compile/Small Hee) South Korea Nexon Company's popular action Morpg "Rocky hero Biography" recently officially unveiled the latest Role Wizard Evy replacement of new skills after the video.  This video exposes the Evy magic and melee weapons video of two different natures.  First, the magic attack through the spirit of concentration to reflect, relative to other characters, Evy defensive force is weak, so using magical force to protect body is also one of the important points. In addition, according to 1st in the experience of the server test, the Evy of the action and combat capabilities have been beautified and modified to make its action ...

php modify the file name function

In the php tutorial there is a function to change the filename, rename ($ o, $ n), $ o is the old filename, and $ n is the new filename to be modified. Now let's look at an example of a filename that is named "? Php session_start (); if ($ submit ==" submit ") {if (file_exists ($ old_name)) {if (rename ($ old_name, $ new_name )) // ...

How does the Ubuntu system modify the default boot system?

How does the Ubuntu system modify the default boot system? It's really simple! The code is as follows: sudo cp/boot/grub/menu.lst/boot/grub/menu.lst_backupsudo Gedit/boot/grub/menu.lst finds default 0 and changes 0 to the location of your other system, In item X, it is modified to X-1 (starting from 0).

Example of changing content 123 in one file to 456 in Linux

Today we are going to introduce Linux to the example of a file in 123 to 456, this method is more widely used, especially for the contents of the file changes, the following is a detailed understanding of the two methods of modification: Modified Method 1 #sed ' s/123/456/g ' file.txt > #mv-F file.txt Example: [root@localhost conf]# sed ' s/123/45 ...

j661 0.50.1 official release of General CDs

j661 0.50.1 This version is the same as the j661 0.50.1 Beta3 version, only from the beta version to the official version. J661 provides a common CDs (or ARINC661 server) to facilitate further understanding of the concepts and architectures of ARINC661 standards and to facilitate reuse between ARINC661 specifications and projects. The CDS architecture is designed to facilitate the definition of server performance and can be easily modified and extended. This is accomplished by running the modular plug-in architecture and without changing ...

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